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  1. I would expect to see Comrie and Bowman battling for the right back/right wing back role. Martin can also play there if needed and apparently Murray can play anywhere along the back.
  2. There seems to have been a bit of a bidding war for him which can only be a good thing.
  3. I don't think they will either, however they should think about it very carefully. I like Stevie, but I don't have faith in him as a manager.
  4. As soon as we are (hopefully) safe we should open up applications for the job. There is no harm in seeing who applies, I don't hold out much hope for Crawford to turn things around next season if he remains in charge.
  5. Agreed, get Crawford punted and bring a proper manager in.
  6. If we are signing another midfielder I'm assuming Beadling will be moving back to centre half.
  7. Fair play to Clarke and Aird scoring, however Utd were awful overall. Deserved victory, and we were missing Beadling, Higgingbotham and Williamson.
  8. I don't see much difference in quality between Durnan and Morris, except Durnan is a far better goal threat.
  9. I think it more depends on how long his new deal is with Ayr.
  10. Robinson, Longridge, Ashcroft, Durnan and Williamson looks decent enough to me as a starting defence. I think we are forgetting Beadling as well who will be in midfield providing protection to the back four but he can also cover at centre half if needed.
  11. We'll miss his work-rate, but we won't miss his lack of goals and poor decision making.
  12. I was listening to the Roker Report podcast with the new Sunderland owners and it was mentioned that, in the past few seaosns, the youth players were annoyed at being denied the opportunity to go out on loan. With Jack Ross now manager, and Potter a good mate of his, unearthing another Beadling or two on loan could be an option. I think AJ also said he has been speaking to Leeds Utd as well.
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