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  1. We posted our team line up and then deleted the tweet for some reason, if it’s correct then it looks like it’s Chris Hamilton at centre half alongside Benedictus which should be interesting.
  2. I thought we gifted them to Cowdenbeath years ago?
  3. We’re playing Buckie Thistle at home, you would assume this is a good time to experiment.
  4. We could have fielded Willie Miller at centre half today and defended better.
  5. Troy Parrott was playing for MK Dons last season.
  6. Aye, would be grateful for a link as well.
  7. A total gutting of the squad is what we need, including the coaches.
  8. I’m clinging onto the hope that they are going to announce Hughes is away and the appointment of a new manager at the same time.
  9. Did Hughes fail to mention to the players that this part was vital during the Thistle and Queens Park games?
  10. The board only have themselves to blame, they shouldn’t take the fans for granted.
  11. According to Alan Temple it doesn't look good: https://twitter.com/alanftemple/status/1522199923948666886?s=20&t=26m44J7k5_uZbnFODoAxnQ7ONVdm0m4enqjO8YkSk8g
  12. Kevin Rutkiewicz was in hospitality after the game and chose his words carefully during his interview, basically saying the players lacked character and questioned their mentality in front of a big crowd.
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