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  1. He's not asking for a refund though, he's highlighting the potential issue of people asking for one.
  2. Guaranteed to come out for the second half with the same 11 on the pitch.
  3. Jordan and Martin are our best left backs since Woods. We robbed Bradford for Longridge, he was fine and that was about it.
  4. I'm expecting Crawford to roll out the props for the next photo. He can't top that one with Fon Williams without appearing in the next one wearing a track-suit complete with top hat and monocle.
  5. Naismith has been excellent since he’s been moved into midfield, he’s been everywhere.
  6. Did this rumour start because he was the hospitality speaker on Saturday?
  7. Good to see he his role involves hidden things, that's helpful: "Jackie is more there for the hidden stuff that people don`t see, things you have to deal with from a managerial point of view. "
  8. U12's go free with a donation, open to both home and away fans: https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Festive_Foodbank_Appeal&ID=11582
  9. Stephen Jordan and Danny Grainger are are far better than the left backs on that list.
  10. I like St Johnstone, a well run football club who we should be aspiring to emulate.
  11. I’m all for us punting Crawford and appointing a proper manager tbh, just open it up to applicants this time and see who applies.
  12. I can’t see Crawford surviving defeats to Ayr and United, which are likely. And if we do end up punting him then I would like us to actually open the job up to applicants this time rather than employing internally, the process last time was far too quick for it to have been thought out correctly.
  13. Given his relationship with Potter and being an ex-player (I use that lightly) there’s a chance he would say yes. And if you don’t ask, you don’t get. He probably would say no, but there are currently no premiership jobs available. He also hasn’t managed at that level and failed with Sunderland.
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