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  1. Changed when we moved to McDiarmid in 1989. Why are Celtic consistently not announcing crowds?
  2. I think Kane does kick the ball rather than the unit that was lying on it
  3. What do Arbroath get for winning MITB? Dundee’s final place? Surely you wait till 89 mins of the final?
  4. Tommy Wrights team (& Saints in general) rarely start the season well. Always felt he wanted the team to peak come March/April/May & we would generally end the season well.
  5. I guess you could have some that don’t need a cameraman. Just a static camera covering the box/goal line? Maybe start by just having it for TV games but that may mean mainly 2 clubs.
  6. I think we are going to need at least 3 more per match for var?
  7. At McDiarmid today there were two cameras. 1 main & one north. Nothing in Ormond stand.
  8. I may be judging by the replays you get on Sportscene. 1 main & 1 behind 1 goal. Live games & the Alba game has more but 1 of Albas seems to just watch the dugouts.
  9. I’m not sure how games with 2 cameras can have VAR? This is most games. So more cameras or only var for TV games?
  10. McCart was stupid but it’s one of those refs bottle especially after a dubious 1st yellow. From the 1 replay I thought the ball stayed in. Maybe the 1st one was still on his mind.
  11. 0-0 ht must be a banker every week for us. Haven’t conceded in 1st half all season & only an own goal for us.
  12. Seems so far away. They’ll surely not still be playing Ralston by then?
  13. The 4 favourites progress to the semis! Hibs please! I guess some Hibs fans might prefer Celtic?
  14. Is he the guy who’s been on Sportsound recently? Heard Rory mentioned but didn’t know who it was.
  15. Isn’t it weird that we think of having a split in all combinations apart from 16+. Think the main problem isn’t just OF but clubs giving up games against Aberdeen, Hearts etc for Inverness & Hamilton..
  16. Looking forward to Arbroath getting promoted. Who do they think they are? Should stay in their lane.
  17. Part of the foreign tv deal is that our 2 biggest clubs sell their games themselves. maybe if we can stop them then we can get a little more?
  18. It’s fairly clear that only teams that have won doubles get to represent Scotland in Europe!
  19. Let’s not ask any lower league teams, it’s not like they get a vote.
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