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  1. I think we're lucky that the league is pretty poor this year & we are not cut off at the bottom as we could have been in another season. Bad summer has cost us big time, need experienced defenders in January.
  2. I must admit the draw for the playoffs was a little surprise. I know 3 of the teams will join iceland in league A but not sure why the highest ranked team (Bulgaria I think) arent automatically in League C.
  3. What is the obsession with Marvin Bartley as a guest?
  4. Everton's top 10 signings? Wtf is that to do with Scottish football!
  5. 2 of those macots are facing forward too, utter scum!
  6. What would have happened if we didnt move to McDiarmid & the taylor report came along? I suppose we'd have something like old St Mirren park with seats on the enclosure & news stands behind the goals.
  7. Nick Dasovic is too good to be a cult, same with Golac imo.
  8. Thanks for your replies, now confirmed on SPFL site as 2972.
  9. Anyone know the attendance? doesnt seem t be listed anywhere.
  10. Linesman is surely not in the right position to see any contact?
  11. Caught up yesterday with Peter Grant saying that the Scotland players knew nothing about Kazakstan. Isnt that the management teams job to let the players know what they need to know?
  12. I think Drey Wright will help the defence more that O'Halloran does, he did a lot of covering back last season & had a good partnership with Foster.
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