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  1. Czechs get 3 points & we would need a 4 goal swing to overtake them. Chances are we'll finish bottom now, even if we're 3rd GD will probably be against us. Probably want Czechs to best Croatia & make the last game a 3rd place play-off.
  2. I find the World Cup trophy a bit ugly. Just a hunk of gold roughly shaped with green bits for no reason. European cup is clearly the best.
  3. Can someone remind me what did the SFA do to Rangers in 2012? SPL/SPFL I understand they feel that they didn’t bully teams enough to let the new company into the top league.
  4. It will be Ibrox. The media will want Sevco to have a chance of revenge on the diddies who stopped them winning a Cup that they didn't want to win anyway. Are we not due to 2 home games pre split against them so won’t be Ibrox till week 12 at the earliest.
  5. I noticed over the weekend that Levein now thinks Brechin were harshly dealt with!
  6. Anyone else get an email from Ayr United about season tickets?
  7. Having looked at the teams conference seems as possible as current Europa
  8. We are guaranteed 2 ties, win 1 of them for group football.
  9. I know, think they’ll win just won’t root for them.
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