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  1. Former Utd player Danny Griffin may be a little biased. Think the new commentator was a bit Alan Preston 'chance' anytime Saints got near the box but at least he raises his voice.
  2. Why don't they just make a decision now? Certain number of games played = PPG. Less than = null & void. Regardless of which teams in front.
  3. Isn't it the case that we don't get better international TV deals because Rangers & Celtic (mainly) already stream their games?
  4. Rangers Celtic Aberdeen Hibs Kilmarnock Motherwell St Johnstone Livingston Dundee United Ross County Hamilton St Mirren 5-10 could be anything. Bottom 2 are both pretty bad.
  5. Yes, maybe he sticks it in the top corner but assist is the correct choise.
  6. Surprised that no-one commented that last night they suggested Hearts performance would be challenging for Europe without acknowledging the lower level they play at now.
  7. I dont think 13/14 May cuts that ball back to Conway today.
  8. I always thought it was weird that footballers have to call their boss gaffer.
  9. I think we can all agree that if the league is called now that the only fair outcome is that the bottom team should be relegated?
  10. Is this a game, I'll say 2nd game coverage will start at 8:20!
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