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  1. I guess if Hearts were able to get European groups for 3-4 years they may be able to separate from the rest. Still unlikely to win every game against the others to challenge though.
  2. Have we found a bit of fight when things go against us? Last season we collapsed straight away when referees decisions or goals went against us.
  3. Celtic Rangers Hearts Aberdeen Dundee Utd Livingston Hibs Kilmarnock St Mirren Ross County Motherwell St Johnstone
  4. I take it we aren't using Curtis Sport for programmes anymore since not available online? Was always good as they sell out all the time & can get one there.
  5. I may be missing something but on the app I want to filter by price but wont get rid of the filter after selecting?
  6. I dont think our squad is better than it was last season & would be delighted if we got 11th again. Think our signing policy is the exact opposite from last season? Young players who had never played a game to passed it veterans.
  7. The cups are one of the best aspects of our game, if reasonable teams stop trying to win them then we may as well stop. They way I see it is Quarter Finals is a reasonably attainable aim for all Premiership teams outside those 2 for both cups (depending on draw, luck etc. ) The more Quarter & Semi finals you get to the more chance you have to get to a final & winning something as I guess it's rare for a team to have 1 cup run & win.
  8. In other news, are the women's team now actually part of the club now?
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