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  1. TBF Shaun Rooney was involved in more goals tonight than Drey was in 2 years!
  2. Premier sport was a bit basic but I liked the lack of meaningless stats. On stat that counts was in the top corner!
  3. 3-0 win against an Edinburgh team in LC semis? That's so last century!
  4. Worked for Premier Player only option & it says 1st 2 months are £6.99! Thanks guys!
  5. I've tried that SALE promo code many times but just get this code is invalid or expired. Seen others use it but don't know what's going wrong.
  6. TBF the decision to rip off more OF fans must have made us a decent amount for those 3 games before lockdown.
  7. Stupid foul, iirc the 1st one was a bit harsh but can't do that on a yellow.
  8. I thought they might have got a points deduction, but giving Motherwell 6 points always seemed bizarre.
  9. So almost half the time a keeper would make a save, but i feel Clark wouldn't save this very often. I believe he's better that he's showing but its been 18 months+. We cant wait for him to get better, I'd have dropped him after Rangers. Alan Mannus used to make goal saving stops & few howlers. Clarks howlers is higher & so many 'could fo better' goals.
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