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  1. It seems pretty obvious that we'll finish this season this year then play a summer season next year.
  2. Is there any point in the post split fixtures if it's closed doors? Get to 33, play the playoffs & cup?
  3. Every keeper has howlers but there are so many other goals that fall into the 'could have done better' category.
  4. The last time we got relegated the contract said we each team needed to be on a minumum of 4 times, so a random game against Dundee was shown towards the end of the season even though we had been down for ages.
  5. I'm sure its 6 games for 10 of the clubs but only 4 for 2 certain clubs.
  6. Alan Moore's legendary hat trick of headers!
  7. Trains now showing buses except the 12:13 via Kilmarnock.
  8. First time I went there was the other game in the promotion season. 2-2 draw where we got 2 late penalties, Don McVicar (I think) scored then missed to deny us both points. Might have been Mark Treanor now I think about it.
  9. Didnt realise the 12:13 changed at killie, just knew it wasnt a bus. For those getting train from Perth, cheaper to buy ticket to Glasgow then Glasgow to Ayr.
  10. Which train are you getting? I'm getting the 9:14 & getting to Ayr about 12:30, no bus/kilmarnock.
  11. Looks like it'll be cold the next couple of nights, would be a shame if the undersoil heating was to break down.
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