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  1. Random Matches You Are Going To...

    I'm going to Berlin next week & taking in Union Berlin-Paderborn. Anyone been? Any advice?
  2. Off The Ball - Is it good?

    Joe Miller FFS! Surely Arcade Fires Rebellion (Lies) will be one of his tunes.
  3. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    Willie Miller said something like Sinclair could have been killed by the bottle! Also he turned off the 99 champions League final? After last week they revealed John Robertson doesnt like music, I don't know which ones of these weirdos are worse.
  4. A View From The Terrace.

    Craig Fowler is younger than I thought. McGuigan is a bit wierder looking . Telfer is much cooler. Skeds hair is higher but closest to what I thought.
  5. A View From The Terrace.

    I thought it was very good. Needs refined but very little old firm & more lower leagues than Sportsound have managed all season.
  6. St Johnstone vs Hibernian

    Saw the penalty on alba, it's given against Craig isn't it? I mean Craig doesn't touch him but it's can't be anything else.
  7. I actually think we don't foul enough, we've committed less fouls than any team (Inc Celtic) this season. They'll have had far more possession than us too.
  8. Think Zander Clark might have saved both goals, both good hits but a taller keeper would have saved them. Jason Kerr dealt with Cosgrove fairly easily.
  9. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    I've seen some people suggest we are dirty hammer thowers despite the fact we've given away the least fouls of any team in the league.
  10. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    The only question is what minute Blair Alston scores in!
  11. Sportsound Watch 14/15

    I was shocked that Peter Houston seems to be the only one that knows a reckless challenge is a yellow card.
  12. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Since the Dundee fans are here, do you think our game will be moved to next round day 2nd march rather than midweek?
  13. Assault or Accidental?

    A reckless challenge is only a yellow card, dangerous is a red. Its hard to tell if deliberate. I don't think you should judge an incident on its outcome but red card would be merited
  14. Given he scored 5 against us last time it was nice of Celtic not to play Forrest tonight.
  15. TBF once it got going it's been much better.