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  1. Yeah he does come over as a really likeable guy. I'm glad he did improve as a result of the loan but for me this isn't his level. Sure he won't be short on offers when he goes at the end of the season.
  2. Random question but anyone else just getting random shite about Prince Phillip? Seems to just be mirroring whats on BBC 1
  3. The view we are getting is terrible. You think someone was doing it on their phone and can we ask the commentary team to move out of the toilet for the 2nd half. We have been very solid so far and when we have been breaking have looked dangerous. Great free kick from Vaughan, it's great to see him back and scoring. Hopefully get through the rest of thr game with no more injuries.
  4. Anyone been watching Invincible? It's an adaptation from a Robert Kirkman comic series (he of walking dead fame) about a young superhero. I seen the trailer a few months and immediately wanted to see the finished show. The animation and style looks great and the VA cast is just ridiculous (Steven Yuen, JK Simmons, Mark Hamill etc) If you like the boys and similar shows you will love this.
  5. Lass called Suzy Lu has a gaming channel tho more for playthroughs rather than online gaming I think.
  6. Really shows how well Hendry can control a game when our midfield is setup so be so flexible in positions in that formation. Il hold my hands up and admit that seeing the formation the last couple of games other than putting 2 up top I couldn't see the reasoning. After playing our strongest midfield giving them the freedom to interchange and keep Dunfermline guessing was fantastic to see. If that is what the long term plan was from McGlynn when we started using it then well played. Hopefully the likes of Tait and Armstrong are able to easily adapt to it as well.
  7. I mean we don't know what level he is at as he hasn't played any first team games other than at Kelty. All being well we won't need to use him at all but gives us the extra body if needed.
  8. We now have a bit of momentum after 2 back to back wins. The question now is what do we consider as our strongest lineup and formation to play. I honestly think we go back to our original formation with 2 wingers. Know we changed it and got us the 2 wins but I think we need that width in this game. For me I'd go Macdonald Tumilty Bene Frankie Macdonald Hendry Matthews Vaughan Armstrong Kennedy Duku Think Duku just shades a start after his much improved performance in 2nd half against Morton. We need someone who can hold the ball up. Vaughan is getting back on form and definitely looked one of the more creative outlets last few games he has come on. Though got a feeling he might settle for having Spencer in there, who let's be fair has had a pretty good season so far. I was really hoping Abrahams would of kicked on and at least gave us some competition out wide with us pace but the only thing he has done is pick up needless bookings.
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