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  1. Our performance in the 1st half has been brilliant. Connelly is particularly is running riot. Poplantik has been digging in with some good pressure and challenges and bringing others into play. Hamiltons number 20 is really a handful but they just can't get the support for him.
  2. P.C


    Just started with the new He-Man show on Netflix. Really not what I was expecting but interesting so far.
  3. It's like one of those magic eye pics that you stare at long enough and see the face of Craig Winter. Good idea in concept but delivery not so keen on.
  4. Well yeah we haven't replaced Hendry so we need another experienced body. I want to see more of Coulson especially but need the depth.
  5. Yeah just needing a body until we get one of them defenders back from injury. Be curious to see who the midfielder is and hoping the other trialist is a striker.
  6. 21 looks like Henry Nash who was with Stoke. Hes only 17 tho
  7. Now have a mental picture of him screaming "witness me!" As he rockets in screamers from 30 yards for an Australian Sunday league side.
  8. Yeah at first glance I liked it. Still unsure on the lion print on the side. Think if it was a little smaller and more subtle it would of been better.
  9. Poor deliveries let us down tonight. Should of been able to make more of it with the amount of balls into the box.
  10. Hoping our pre season has a shitload of set piece delivery training.
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