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  1. Tommy Wright applauding the chanting was surely the nail on the coffin to unshoogle the peg. We were right in the corner so seen the handball fairly close and was pretty blatant. I really wanted Ross to take it but fair play to Dario for squeezing it under the keeper. The defending today was great. Signified by the 2 MOM awards for both centre halfs.
  2. Really solid performance from us today. Good to see Tait back on form today and Ross looking more comfortable in that central role. Great to have serious competition for places now 2ith injuries and suspensions clearing up. Also a clean sheet!
  3. Frustrating game. Just misplaced passes all over the place. Hoping Matthews is fit for the full 90 next week and Dick/Bene are closer to fitness. Glad to see Frankie back playing and that 90mins will do him good.
  4. Hopefully see Matthews on at some point as the midfield has looked disjointed with him. I like Varian but Poplatnik should be starting. He is better bringing people into the game and is a more intelligent player.
  5. Given where the defender was I have no idea how that shot still got away. Unlucky tho
  6. Offt. Glad he got a goal tho with going a few games without.
  7. So was the loan move made with the knowledge he would be out one way or another?
  8. Checking bbc site they said 19 for Killie Edit even tho the had the full time score the table hadn't updated
  9. Massive result for us. Dunfermlines last minute equaliser really helps us out as well just 2 points behind Killie.
  10. He's done alot of good running and won some good fouls.
  11. Maybe have Varian off first. The way he is playing and being on a booking makes me uncomfortable. Do you put Ross on and let Dario play through the middle or a straight swap up top
  12. Think Abroath definitely slightly better side after we scored the first, McKennas runs in particular causing alot of problems.
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