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  1. So easy. Marking non existent there.
  2. Nothing sticking in midfield. Missing Matthews there.
  3. Definitely makes things interesting.
  4. 9 fucking minutes. Jesus that was hard going but some goalkeeping performance
  5. P.C


    Demon Slayer now on Netflix. Great show
  6. Il take a look out the window later and let you know.
  7. f**k sake just needed that into the box.
  8. Hope you are trolling mate otherwise Mcdonald wants a word.
  9. In glad to see Mcdonald looking a bit more like himself getting forward and getting crosses in.
  10. The pitch isn't helping for the general play. The amount of bobbling and slipping, been a decent game tho.
  11. True professional there not letting anything like emotion get in the way of reading that phone book.
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