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  1. Aye hold on while we divert testing capacity from care homes to mass test thousands of grotty weans on a daily basis to try and distinguish between their latest cold of the winter and the 'rona.
  2. The kicker of course is that if you're a key worker whose child is now self-isolating after their spell in the infection factory then you have to take time off work for childcare; whereas if schools had been punted into blended/remote learning in the first place then those children could be catered for in hubs with far fewer students, close contacts and therefore less chance of having to self isolate. The desperation of snippy parents with bullshit jobs to just get their sprogs out the house is causing key workers to actually lose hours due to childcare related absence. Just let that sink in.
  3. I've had pheasant lots of times in countries like the Czech Republic. It's delicious. They don't let aristocratic fuckwits own the vast majority of their land though in the expectation that a trickle of food will go to the plebs on the open market. They confiscated their land, divided it up among smallholders and expelled/gulaged the reactionary scum decades ago. Would you say that this is a solution to the Scottish land problem?
  4. You forgot to mention the mobile guillotines that will accompany this.
  5. I see she's now taking up the sisterhood cause by wondering why oh why there aren't any women at the UK government briefings. Can't think of anyone she might have in mind to get some extra media attention!
  6. The choice that someone makes is it entirely up to them. The justification that was given for it was simplistic, moralising pish and so is fair game to be called on. And it would require a 99% fatality rate from Covid to make you the voice of authority on this forum btw.
  7. All of the above seems completely overblown. I don't think that the changes make much sense but is five days of some shan three household bubble going on really going to lead to a three month lockdown? I don't see how you came up with that, never mind your claim about the most violent festive period ever and A and Es being overwhelmed.
  8. Wait, what - you think that there is a useful scientific message behind the statement that a virus 'likes shinier surfaces better than rough ones'? Shinier? Fucking hell we are truly through the looking glass now.
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/25/sicily-asks-cuba-to-send-medics-as-italy-fights-second-covid-wave A full-blown minter for first world, capitalist Italy, as their beloved free market somehow doesn't create enough doctors and nurses to meet demand and so they have to go to an isolated Carribbean island for hauners instead.
  10. Given the Clownshoes' track record they'll no doubt uncover multiple super-spread outbreaks linked to wrapping paper in January. The sooner that gibbering imbecile is hauled in front of an enquiry and emptied from a position of public prominence, the better.
  11. £27 flight on easyJet from Glasgow to Pula at the start of July, which was too ridiculously good to turn down. My current thinking is to do some travelling via Bosnia, Montenegro, Kosovo and back to Albania but we'll see how things are in the summer. Being 'restricted' just to Croatia after a vaccine/test would be no bother as well.
  12. Why let those No-voting, ITV Border watching bumpkins have the fun? Slap-bang in the middle of George Square, the size of the Stalingrad victory monument thank you very much.
  13. BB&R's Speyside blend is on Amazon for just over £20 at the moment so I decided to add to the growing stockpile.
  14. Lower league clubs do not commit to long term contracts and those who do in the middle of a pandemic fully deserve to be punished for their imprudence. The majority of clubs would have been better off going into cold storage instead of building a new squad to contest a shorter league without credible revenue streams. Oh and they deserve f**k all money from the government, given that live music venues and countless other places have been shut all along and aren't trying to guilt-trip their customers into paying £14 a fortnight to watch a streamed alternative instead.
  15. This is why the idea of test cases is not a bad idea: you trial entry and scale it up at each particular ground to make sure that bottlenecks don't occur just as hospitality had to demonstrate their protocols worked to the council and regular visits by the police. Starting with 300 and keeping it that way regardless of stadium size/design doesn't make any sense though. Football clubs in the lower leagues were utterly foolish to start their campaigns to begin with and top flight ones had no reasonable expectation that more than a fraction - 20% - would get into games this season either. The clubs showed zero interest in what the fans wanted when making their purely commercial decisions so should have their guilt-tripping about their community role filed in the bin now and for years to come.
  16. That may be an argument for the top flight playing on but not for the vast majority of the SPFL, never mind the East of Scotland league and other tier 7 leagues lolloping along with some ridiculous 'professional sport' exemption and no functioning business model.
  17. As opposed to the celebration of a fictional character who breaks into the house and leaves mysterious presents for little children, aye? Seems legit. To be absolutely clear modern Hogmanay is generally shite. It is however the traditional and more important Scottish festive holiday that your grandparents and great-grandparents celebrated: as opposed to Christmas Day when they would go to work/football/the pub as usual. That's why Scotland has an extra holiday in January to recover as well. Next we'll be importing Thanksgiving into this pantheon of generic shite, over-commercialised nonsense that we're supposed to celebrate on an annual basis.
  18. Who the hell bothers with Hogmanay any more. Don't think I've seen a light on in this street beyond 12.30 on Hogmanay in years nor do I know anyone who hosts any sort of gatheringor party. A long dead tradition in these parts. Sounds like you just don't what day it is anymore tbh as that's not the reality whether you like Hogmanay or not.
  19. Because nothing says 'good chance for an early night' quite like an endless stream of shite, uncoordinated fireworks going off from midnight.
  20. If you were doing Hogmanay correctly then you'd also be getting food and presents after the bells champ. Swing and a miss.
  21. No more or less shite than Christmas that governments are in thrall to at the moment. At least New Year is traditionally the more important Scottish holiday of the two. The reality is that you could have fifteen households mixing over fifteen days and there wouldn't be too much of an impact - if you decided to first close down non-essential workplaces and the infection factory schools from December 11 and don't reopen them until the middle of January. It is the government's desire to keep the schools open 'as normal' that guarantees that the virus will be firing between households and then back onto the community by early January. A five day mixing window with literally no firebreak before or afterwards is yet again one of the worst possible decisions. The only upside is that it provoked a frothing meltdown from Devi Sridhar on the news last night, who is now bemoaning why oh why people don't wait until April 2021 to celebrate anything when there is a <1% fatality virus pottering around and oh you'd better do everything outdoors again. She must have bunked off to South Africa or somewhere on the fly when Zoom took over from physical meetings. Funnily enough Sridhar and the gang still aren't willing to put their beloved schools policy in similar cold storage: if the vaccine is coming over the horizon after all then they can just catch up on their education over the summer of 2021 instead.
  22. Here's the American take prior to their no doubt disastrous Thanksgiving holiday: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/why-even-a-small-thanksgiving-is-dangerous/ Just as well the weans don't get Covid or else we'd be in serious trouble!
  23. You don't need to support an East of Scotland club to point out that you're talking pish though. Inverclyde is not and never has been in tier 4. Its rates of infection are generally lower than Falkirk's: though you keep telling yourself that it's the hospital to blame when rates in Stirling and Clackmannanshire are also skyrocketing. There's zero evidence that live streaming a game has any impact on the mental health of fans. How many were consulted on this decision to start the leagues in the first place? The decisions taken in Scottish football from top to bottom demonstrate the true value of fans: they're the begging bowl that clubs turn to and not much more. An argument that quite clearly doesn't apply to the east of Scotland though.
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