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  1. Kabia should be punted to the bench for his waste of skin performance on Saturday. We cannot afford to carry him in any away game this season.
  2. Well you have lost that wager, because hospitality was at most 50% full at Cappielow on Saturday.
  3. Morton were both statistically and actually the worst side in the league when that manager took over and turned it around immediately. There's really no inherent reason why a slump in form last season is relevant anyway. There has been a significant turnover of squad and the manager had the ability to ship out more players if he thought it was a genuine problem. It's a lot of special pleading for what are just a couple of common or garden 'dung results'.
  4. Imrie took over a side that was stinking out the bottom of the league last Christmas under Gus McPherson and the turnaround was instant. I'm not convinced that either Raith's squad issues and the scale of the turnaround needed are as significant as made out on here though.
  5. 'Impressive' would be withholding ticket sales as leverage until their club board stops being an utter clowncar organisation. Or indeed emptying that board and taking ownership directly as other fanbases have done. Gurning about how shite their club is in May, gormlessly signing up for season tickets in June, giving it the big licks in July about how big they are and then getting put back in their box again in August is not impressive. They get the crap football club that they deserve.
  6. If he spent less time working on 'being a character' and more time practicing his heading then his team wouldn't have lost yesterday.
  7. You might want to go back and check how the rest of the world actually responded to a regional European conflict and the West's current fixation with it.
  8. ^^^ rinse and repeat Indeed they are. But in the specific cases highlighted by AI, the Ukrainian victims were victims of their own military's deployment and (almost certainly) their own government's political calculations. As well as Russian military aggression. They were consulted by none of the above three agents that they would be used as human shields in a conflict zone. For some bizarre reason, a human rights NGO highlighting this is viewed a shocking breach instead of 'doing their job'.
  9. Just read the fucking report for yourself instead of demanding that others spoon-feed its contents to you as a desperate wagon-circling tactic.
  10. Did you actually read the Amnesty report? The Ukrainian military forces being highlighted were not positioned on the front line but instead miles within the Ukrainian zone of control. There was therefore zero prospect of Russians suddenly waltzing through to 'take the areas uncontested'. There was however the distinct prospect of the Russian military using missiles to target enemy personnel behind the frontlines - just like the HIMARS strikes on personnel and infrastructure in the Russian zone of control. That's how a military conflict works. The Ukrainian forces were therefore quite clearly putting civilian lives at heightened and completely unnecessary risk in their deployment strategy. And the Russians have done this too with their tactics - which the same report explicitly condemns. Why you think that you know better about this than a highly respected, expert NGO that has worked in hundreds of utterly brutal conflict zones is a mystery. But you just keep digging anyway.
  11. What, because urban areas are universally comprised of school, medical centre; medical centre, school aye? Have you ever been to a city before M8? No, all Amnesty have done is to report violations of the humanitatian code of war. It has reported substantial violations on the Russian side; and it has also now reported verifiable breaches on the Ukrainian side. They do not cancel each other out. So what is your actual problem with a highly respected NGO doing its job? You're certainly not clever enough to dispute any of the factual arguments made by Amnesty chump. And you're not even clever enough to avoid making a complete fool of yourself on here. I'd stop digging if I were you.
  12. Couldn't agree more. There's an organisation that already provides car-sharing in Glasgow that has received a good press, but I don't know whether their deal stands up to the alternatives yet: https://www.co-wheels.org.uk/glasgow It has to be the way forward and perhaps this price shock will have the silver lining of breaking old habits of personal ownership.
  13. Yep, your mewling about Amnesty's report without addressing any of the clear violations flagged by it is indeed a textbook example of that. Have you even read the report?
  14. Tier 4 is already a national conference - so we can just change the name and your horseshit outfit still wouldn't be in it.
  15. Scottish football quite rightly took a look at the nick of its top flight and elevated several, correct clubs into it. Hopefully they'll do the same after the next world war and punt Queens' Park, Livingston, Cove and FC Edinburgh (for a start) to the bottom rung of the entire pyramid.
  16. Why is it necessary to set up in a school or medical centre miles behind the front line, in order to effectively 'defend' their homeland? Be extremely specific. Good to see that Western defence of freedom being exposed as a sham, as soon as a NGO does its job in investigating and reporting violations in a conflict zone.
  17. Both Ukrainian and Russian forces are deliberately putting civilians at risk of harm, in breach of the humanitarian codes of war. It's really not a difficult concept to grasp, but here we are.
  18. What's the mood like among German football fans/media about this ridiculous procession of a setup year after year? You hear in the UK that everyone is happy to look past Bayern's dominance to aim at other targets, but it's hard to scrutinise whether that's just utter bullshit.
  19. It's not the 1980s anymore though and CSKA Sofia are an absolute nick of an outfit, just like the rest of Bulgarian football now. Two farmers' leagues scrambling for relevance then.
  20. Pint of Overtone Pink Cashmere pale ale earlier. The price...
  21. Shocked to see that literally none of the Irish pub league fanboys on this thread have popped up to provide a suitably mewling apology.
  22. The West's chosen 'good guys' showing their true colours when someone has the temerity to apply objective analysis to their military's antics: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/aug/05/zelenskiy-and-envoys-attack-amnesty-report-on-endangering-civilians-in-russia-crossfire The Amnesty report did not engage in moral equivalence and explicitly highlighted multiple cases of Russian targeting of civilian areas where there were no Ukrainian military present. It also directly condemned the Russian military's conduct since the beginning of the conflict. Yet even this is not enough because Any Scrutiny Of Ukraine Is Now Fascism.
  23. We signed Reilly on 30 August last year based on the Tele's reporting. While it would have been better to have a target added to the squad now it's standard to wait until the end of the window to 'complete' the squad. The greater concern I have is whether the quality is there in the players that we already have - especially in midfield. Tomorrow should be an acid test for the team and I'm looking forward to it. Couldn't call a result as I haven't seen us play for a month, but I think Cove's promotion bounce should make them slight favourites.
  24. Clubs outside of the top flight also just received a taxpayer-funded and non-repayable grant during the pandemic - in addition to all of the SPFL using furlough. That grant was risible enough: it is completely ridiculous to call for more money now.
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