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  1. It's not really luck at this stage to take the Michael Fish forecasting skills of Neil Ferguson, the 'Warwick model' and all the other proven busted flushes and just automatically divide them by ten to get a realistic measurement of the impact. The real question of judgment rests with Nicola Sturgeon and the wider smug Scottish public health lobby in particular, who rejected the clear evidence from South Africa that a short term, glorified cold was on the cards. To what extent this was personal arrogance and what part was racist chauvinism should be established by a public inquiry. They'll wrap it up after covering 2020 decisions though.
  2. But enough about cancelling Edinburgh's Hogmanay, scuppering 75% of Glasgow's Celtic Connections (because live events can't just click their fingers to restart on a government green light), ongoing vaccine passports for Championship football games and mask mandates for triple vaccinated adults but not for (surprise again!) the non-vaccinated weans - what is your point about Westminster policy?
  3. The same Brexit-voting clown who forecast approximately 14.6 billion deaths from Covid in March 2020? Your latest judgment will be placed in an appropriate bin then.
  4. Gavin Reilly is currently channeling Beppe Signori in front of goal (limited time offer only) and his strike partner Gozie Ugwu will give Motherwell's defence a physical contest. No obvious stars in the outfield line-up. For any result we'll be relying on Jack Hamilton to put his shot-stopping ability to good use, as opposed to his comparable skill at 'chucking crosses into the net' throughout his career. He has been generally excellent this season but has had a few hapless wobbles too - he wouldn't be playing at Championship level if he didn't.
  5. The Gray report isn't expected until midweek, which is why yesterday's story suggests that they're running out of ammunition before then. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a final story being kept for when Johnson inevitably denies all responsibility.
  6. One of the local restaurant/bars has reopened after their self-imposed Covid break and doubled down as a 'dog-friendly eatery'. Makes sense to try and pull all of the assorted weirdos to your business at the same time I guess. And keeps all the losers safely out of sight for the vast majority too.
  7. In what bizarre alternative universe could Cal Mac operate its main ferry terminal from Tobermory? More utter nonsense.
  8. It's just one injustice after another for P and B's equivalent of Rosa Parks. Stay strong. x
  9. Misread your post earlier. The answer is almost certainly (Gormless) 'Gordon S'. The forum's resident, right-on ambulance chaser, who thankfully no longer seems to be posting.
  10. Horrendous that I caught a glorified cold, in winter, from a child of all sources. Would never have happened like this in 2019!
  11. Yep. Metallic is the after-taste I'd go for - as if they took the 'made from girders' line from another Scottish drinks company and actually ran with it.
  12. She makes some decent points, but it is talking utter, utter shite here: Well no, the reason why the margins get squeezed is because the fundamental cost price of a kilo of rice, a bag of apples etc. was never significantly lower than the sale price of a value range product. Now that the cost is higher than the original sale price, the latter increases in lockstep well above wider inflation. There's no moustache-twirling conspiracy required to explain this. The UK has in fact enjoyed remarkably low prices for supermarket staples for years. You simply didn't get a kilo of rice for 39p or pasta for 19p equivalent elsewhere - even in multinational chains like Lidl that flog the same stuff.
  13. ^^^ Liverpool-esque levels of self-pity.
  14. I'll just skip over the rest of this wild and borderline creepy post to point out that the 'precious' description was referring to you alone. As in the sheer hypocrisy of you throwing employee protections that you've been engaging in mock outrage about completely overboard, as soon as you want a better setup for your precious daughter. (emph. - italics only). And then attacking staff for not turning up and working because they're not doing so in the precise way that you demand. Quite why you're trying to get up on your cross about 'sprog' would be mystifying, if it weren't for your general clown running across a minefield display for the past wee while.
  15. I'll take "Things a client state allows" for £500.
  16. That should be brought back for the free kick and booking for Murphy's dive.
  17. This 'blackmailing' is a really weak sauce story considering the long history of brutal government enforcement of party discipline. If that's all the ammunition available right now then he can certainly hang on to the report. Unless the report hammers him then there will need to be another party/lying to the Commons story to empty him soon.
  18. I see the pundits have been talked down to Cove 'hanging on', after the Brazil 1970 showing by Hibs in their half-time 'analysis' mysteriously fizzled out.
  19. While it's true that a PU is too strongly flavoured to be the ideal refreshment pint, a lighter 10° Czech lager does it far better than Tennents. Harviestoun's Schiehallion also does it far better than Tennents and you don't even have leave the country for that. Tennents is shite.
  20. A rather generous assessment of Hibs IMO.
  21. Hibs do not deserve to be in front.
  22. Completely inevitable once the world's shittest public health 'expert' pinned her colours to their gormless vaccine passport. Literally a 100% fail rate: https://www.scotsman.com/health/covid-scotland-cafes-gyms-and-indoor-venues-should-be-added-to-wider-vaccine-passport-scheme-would-reduce-pressure-on-nhs-says-devi-sridhar-3436591
  23. Tom Tugendhat on C4 news claiming that the plucky Brits' anti-tank weapons will "allow Ukraine to fight for itself" and claiming that Ukraine will turn into a partisan hotbed after the Russians sweep in. Utterly demented. The world's shittest Rambo.
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