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  1. 'Anglosphere' coverage over the past fortnight has been fixated on Russian joint exercises with Belarus - north of Ukraine, not in the east - and the prospect of a contemporary blitzkrieg aimed at Kiev. Not to mention the creation of a 'puppet' Ukrainian government, with candidates being openly labelled as such by Western governments. The West has insisted that Russian forces were behind the eastern Ukraine and Crimea occupations all along which means that they can hardly cry wolf about a merely presence now. So a mere 'intensification of hostilities' in a multi-year war zone in eastern Ukraine will quite rightly be filed in the bin as a non-issue by the public.
  2. Good to see the US respecting the sovereignty of a European state; https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/27/nord-stream-2-gas-pipeline-wont-open-if-russia-invades-ukraine-says-us There is no evidence of German leaders actually committing to scrap Nordstream 2 at all, but who cares about that when there's an imperialist bully state on the scene.
  3. When in reality it's 'ate far too many cakes' shaming, which should be encouraged at a societal level. A nation of puffing fatties that consequently couldn't run a fully functioning economy and health service for two fucking years prioritising concern about feelings is pretty wild.
  4. Speaking of pea-brained analysis: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/26/nato-allies-policy-russia-ukraine-analysis Yep, it's definitely those rotten European statesmen who have got Russia policy all wrong. As opposed to the rational and not at all tilting at windmills war rhetoric from the 'Anglosphere' - which, as Wintour concedes in a single line, does not tally with the view of Ukraine's own defence analysts! The revisionist take of Clinton as an opponent of NATO expansion in the 1990s (why no veto then?) and sage prophet of future conflict is beyond laughable. His White House oversaw the most negligent Russia policy in the long, post-Tsarist history of American stupidity on that topic.
  5. You were directly comparing conditions in Belarus to Ukraine, chump. The fact that you made a roaring c**t of your pea-brained 'analysis' is really not my problem tbh.
  6. Just over two months later, government forces now seem set to enter Tigray: Swarms of 'foreign made drones' (pick your supplier based on which non-Western bogeyman best fits - the government wasn't fussy) have been pointed to as a turning point in the conflict. The media seems obsessed with the shiny new drone technology though so I'm somewhat sceptical of that. Unusual take from FP compared to the rest of their coverage, which challenges the dominant narrative in the West: https://foreignpolicy.com/2021/12/28/ethiopia-tigray-abiy-tplf-war-biden-needs-to-correct-course/ Not sure what to make of it all tbh.
  7. Because Ukraine is a model of good governance and full political rights.
  8. An apt summary of all your tedious 'contributions' to this thread.
  9. That very much goes with the job description though. Johnson's shelf life looks unlikely to last beyond the May local elections. So long as there is further evidence that he is losing (which he is and has been for a few months), he will be toppled.
  10. *Citation needed* Past performance is also not a credible predictor of future outcomes, otherwise no politician would ever fall from power at a time not of their own choosing. Unless you're Uncle Joe Stalin or Enver Hoxha, every single leader's luck runs out.
  11. Well no, I'd much rather have progression in the Scottish Cup than one bog-standard league win with 15 games to go. A win on Friday night would continue our progress out of the danger zone but we are no longer in must-win territory. On current levels of performance we should see off any two of the other sides in the bottom half regardless and will have plenty of chances to do so.
  12. Or you could just 'resign' from the thread permanently this time and do everyone a favour. 'I don't like being contradicted so am now ignoring half the posts' is not a great strategy on a public forum.
  13. The Donbass and Black Earth agricultural zone were two of the lynchpins of the Soviet economy. It is driven primarily by strategic security interests but the economic value cannot be ignored.
  14. Auckland in the North Island has been one of the most locked down urban areas on the planet since March 2020. It's no surprise to see that your family are just as selective in their focus on restrictions (I'm alright Jack) as their gormless connection.
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