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  1. Not sure that you've considered the shape of the Venn diagram featuring loser Covid marshals and rabid poppy fascists tbh.
  2. The idea that social distancing has been markedly more stringent in Inverclyde compared to anywhere else in the Central Belt because it was hit badly in March is utterly laughable. That's up there with Leitch's 'only east Asians have the cultural grounds with which to wear masks in a pandemic', which was responsible for turbo-charging the outbreak during the spring. The man is a clown and shouldn't be left unsupervised with a box of crayons never mind the nation's pandemic response.
  3. He said 'Championship' not the tinpot seaside leagues where your club resides.
  4. We're really not tbh. East Germans literally couldn't travel to the West without a specific permit which is why they flooded into Hungary in a bunch of knackered Trabants to cross the border there in 1989. Travel and working between Gammonland UK and the EU is still going to be quite straightforward but less so than the previous arrangements for no valid reason. Meanwhile on the external frontier of the EU huge amounts of money are being paid to corrupt governments and on walls/decrepit refugee camps/violent enforcement to keep immigration to a premium ever since Hungary and the other Eurogammons took hold of the agenda after the 2016 influx. When it comes to migration the UK and the bulk of Europe run similar regimes of arbitrary cruelty and privilege.
  5. Dunfermline like most clubs at this level weren't exactly known for their break-even budgeting before the Nisbet sale though. That could well just be plugging a gap from last season's accounts before you even consider the impact of binning the final quarter of the season. It's also very unwise to draw conclusions from streaming income after seven months of almost no football at this level. The real test will of be in January, February etc. when home and away fans are being asked to pay another £12 or whatever Dunfermline are charging when they could watch better football on their existing TV subscriptions instead. I obviously don't think that's what SD is doing here but the point is that losing more than £250k is readily done by half the division in a normal season at this level - with the caveats around this one in particular, losses could be much higher than that.
  6. Are Trump and his idiot base really going to accept the absolute loser status that a genuine landslide defeat would slap on his orange forehead for all time? I think we've got a 5% chance of the US going into full banana republic territory here. Even having already packed the Supreme Court with nutters, the stakes seem dangerously high for a lot of nutters with guns over there.
  7. Just booked up for four nights on Skye in April, with free cancellation obviously before then depending on restrictions. Would probably add another night somewhere along the Kyle line and do that on the way back as well.
  8. Where else did you expect Hell to be located? He's probably got a second house in Larkhall though.
  9. Now had it and thought it was quite good as well. It perhaps needed a wee bit more salt to get the full sweet-sour-salty combination: like a Margarita in a can. Gose beers like this are usually worth looking out for though. A Negra Modelo and one of the Ola Dubhs for the CL this evening.
  10. That simplified and streamlined system is working out well I see.
  11. Well a March-style 'lockdown' might work in terms of bringing down cases a bit - though given the season there'd be a question mark even about that - but the costs are too disastrous to attempt again. What's coming down the chute now wouldn't even do that: closing nail bars and letting pubs sell coffee and soft drinks only while you're still cramming weans into schools at full capacity at level four is not a credible public health intervention. It's just a government cherry-picking what it wants to keep going without any credible basis for those restrictions. The case rates will carry on regardless and we will - once again - get the worst of all outcomes.
  12. People support lockdowns because they still believe that they will 'solve the problem' and reckon it will punish other people's behaviour far more than themselves. When the reality hits that they are in it for the long haul and their own special pleading interests get binned as well they will change their tune. Even if you were a government minister in favour of a lockdown you'd be unwise to bank on that public support IMO.
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