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  1. Italian Football Thread

    When will the fixtures be announced for the forthcoming season? I'd like to go a match for the first time, though I suspect you'll now be fucked for getting a ticket at the Allainz anytime soon.
  2. England's Glorious Failure

    Which is what Souness has pointed out in what the English media think is an 'astonishing' attack on England's precious young roses. https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/world-cup-2018/graeme-souness-gives-blunt-assessment-of-england-and-points-out-two-players-who-are-to-blame-for-world-cup-exit-37110133.html
  3. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    We looked well behind in terms of our performance levels against Forfar last week; I suspect most teams are a similar position though so it's impossible to call tomorrow's game with much confidence either way.
  4. That'll be why he's spent the summer blubbering on social media about not having any income and its impact on 'some other players'' mental health then. Perhaps you could help poor wee Scott out by job sharing your Endemol CEO role with him, you fantasist loser.
  5. Watching Bob McHugh stink the place out up front against a pub team at the weekend shows what could happen if we continue to have injury problems. Fitness to key players could easily be the difference between finishing 3rd or 8th at the end of this season. Our organisation and our excellent midfield options should be enough to stop us from getting into any real trouble though.
  6. Early Season predictions

    The Famous were busy emptying a scumbag asset stripper from the club and stopping the club from doing a Rangers at the time; results on the park understandably took a backseat for two seasons while we saved our club. As opposed to the likes of Queen of the South and Ayr United who have spent literally decades slumming it in the seaside leagues with no such mitigating circumstances to account for it; that's just called 'being pish'.
  7. The Famous are by far the largest club McLaughlin played for in his career and he's massively bitter because he was i) shite ii) called shite by our discerning fanbase and iii) got emptied for being shite by Sir David Irons. Look at the list of permadiddy clubs that he has played for and relegations suffered since and who can really blame him for being resentful towards his betters.
  8. Early Season predictions

    Don't think you quite understand how a forum works then champ. Leaving your furious head thumping of the keyboard to one side, this is still complete and utter bollocks. Dobbie is quite clearly an element in your club's wage budget - money that you could be spending on your absolute shithouse of a squad is going to a washed-up forward instead. That's a choice that your club has made and it has proven to be an utter failure on every count. No amount of revisionism is going to change that fact. Not really, seeing as The Famous have spent fully 144 years effortlessly lording it over permaddidy outfits like yours. Get back in your box.
  9. Early Season predictions

    That's got absolutely nothing to do with the topic being discussed champ, which suggests that you're all out of blustering excuses for the Dobbie-led failure of your past two campaigns. Better luck next time. A hypothetical that doesn't actually exist in the real world. Signing Dobbie or any other player affects your wage budget as that's wages that could be going on having a good squad. Which is what I would take every single time over being a crap one-man band like Queen of the South have been since securing their bloated marquee signingTM. You quite clearly don't, given that several better teams in the division have swatted you aside with ease each season. And will do so again this time round. Unlucky.
  10. Early Season predictions

    All much better than what your rabble have managed to 'achieve' since spunking your budget on Dobbie two years ago. Gutted for you.
  11. F1 2018

    No according to Andrew Benson it was another breathtakingly aggressive move to cap Hamilton's Senna-esque charge up to, err, 6th without the safety cars.
  12. Early Season predictions

    In the last two seasons under a tactical dinosaur of a manager, Morton have still reached the promotion play-offs, a League Cup semi-final and the quarter finals of the Scottish Cup; Queen of the South and Stephen Dobbie have achieved absolutely nothing of note in the same period. Reaping the rewards indeed - in fact our League Cup run alone was worth several hundred thousand pounds to the club. Gutted for you.
  13. Early Season predictions

    Utterly delusional nonsense. Revisionism. You signed a player with the aim of helping you to win promotion, so resorting to 'at least he stopped us from getting relegated' is an admission of utter failure from the player and the club. Your manager can't build a solid defensive base to your team because he doesn't have the budget to do so. You seem to think that this has no rational explanation at all, when anyone with a functioning brain knows that spunking your money on Dobbie has had a clear and obvious impact on your ability to attract anyone other than absolute jobbers. That'll be why your average attendance have slumped by one third since your bloated marquee signing joined the club. Turns out that the people of Dumfries aren't actually buying into a one-man outfit that still can't muster a top half finish and gets easily papped out of the cups every single time. Thanks for playing anyway champ.