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  1. Furious or greeting, it's always one or the other.
  2. But was he in a pub on the drink!!!111!! as well though? Right now there's only half of the components of a good old-fashioned, Scottish tabloid firestorm in this one.
  3. The referee in the Inter game is woefully inconsistent: one minute the slightest physical contact in a challenge results in a foul, the next somebody gets barged out the way and it's deemed legit.
  4. Only in Scotland btw does every weekend of decent weather lead to the police chasing people up and down the country to stop them from breaking tragic, Presbyterian by-laws or to tell them to go elsewhere within a free country - with a significant section of the population braying for more where that came from. It's a truly pathetic mindset when compared to the rest of Europe.
  5. How do you suggest 'strict enforcement' of an alcohol ban all over the country actually works? Because if you're signalling that Loch Lomond alone will see a crackdown then they're just going to turn round and choose the next spot over the road instead, which would have the added effect of exacerbating the traffic problems that locals are whinging about now.
  6. It isn't a question for 'the authorities' (i.e. some gammon-led village council) or local residents at all. Choosing to live somewhere does not give you the right to gatekeep public access as and when you choose. They should console themselves in the knowledge that when cheap and relatively safe flights abroad are back up and running again their village will rarely have to experience the prospect of large crowds again: until then, they just have to suck it up as a knock-on effect of the pandemic. If the police are out in force to deter drinking and wild camping there then they'd also by logical extension have to do so in every other part of the country that was heavily visited by visitors, tourists, campers etc. over the weekend. Not to mention literally gate-keeping at Kelvingrove Park as well because that's also been added to the list of areas that the police now have to control access to in this bizarre, Helen Lovejoy paradigm we're living under. Which doesn't leave too many of them around to deal with your bog-standard thefts, stabbings etc. which also take place in Scotland every weekend, nice weather or not. It's a question of prioritising police time and resources and trying to gatekeep on behalf of NIMBY locals all over the country should be at the very bottom of that list.
  7. Which is understandable but what about all the (many, many more) people with chronic or acute illnesses who can't get the required treatment for months on end because every NHS hospital is bricking itself about the risk of spreading Covid? This trade-off is nowhere near acceptable for those other patients, who aren't going to go away unless they do so 'before their time' because of the knock-on effects of obsessing about the pandemic.
  8. For a second seed like ourselves the success point in this cup involves getting into the last 16: which means getting at least 8 points and a good GD in 2nd place or winning the group. The first route almost certainly won't be happening for any team in this group unlike the absolute joke efforts that Ross County etc. ended up with. So the only chance of progression will come from topping the group, which of course will be a skoosh given that the top seeds will have been playing at a higher competitive for two months before we even get started. Throw in the lack of even decent gate receipts to compensate for the low chance of progression and it's pretty much the worst possible outcome from our perspective.
  9. I really don't think that's the case at all tbh; just because these beliefs have an enhanced visible presence online doesn't mean that they're actually a central component to the everyday thinking and behaviour of all but a few nutjobs.
  10. So how many people will the gated community of Luss let in out of the sheer goodness of their hearts, which parts of Scotland have they selected for the remainder of the scum visitors to go to and in what alternative universe is this information to be mass communicated before people actually set out to travel? The people of Millport did no such thing: it was Calmac instead who had a meltdown about social distancing at the piers. Meaning that some of the islanders had their own tantrum about not being able to access the island because the ferries were suspended. I don't see how your arbitrary 'that's plenty' barrier system would prove any more sensible or indeed practical than that tbh, as well as wasting police resources that should be going elsewhere.
  11. I'm pretty sure that half of Scotland did not actually descend on one wee tinpot village and that in fact the rest of the country's resorts/tourist attractions had an equally busy weekend as well. In fact I believe that CalMac were suspending the ferries to Millport of all places because of the volume of people trying to access the island and the social distancing issues caused by that. If locals can't stand day-trippers coming to their area then they really shouldn't have chosen to live next to one of the country's most famous lochs within half an hour's drive of its largest urban conurbation in the first place. The police have got better and more legitimate things to do with their time than maintain the delusion of their rural idyll.
  12. Groups B-D in the teuchter section underline just how badly lopsided this regional format is right now, as you'd have to seriously underperform to not grab at least one of the best runners-up spots from them as a seeded club. The other should come from Group F so the rest of the teams should be counting on having to win their group to progress.
  13. Just because you paid to live next to an attraction/amenity does not mean that you get to use the polis to gatekeep public access to it. This isn't some post-Soviet kleptocracy.
  14. BBC Alba completely missed our de facto title-clinching goal at Stranraer back in the 14/15 season first time round because their chief cameraman was too busy admiring Ross Forbes after he dispatched a typically excellent ball into the box. Which is understandable to an extent but still, do your actual fucking job m8.
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