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  1. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    'Imagine' being the operative word in that sentence, as in reality there'd be no fucking point in tying down a Scottish football manager to a contract if he was free to go to any full-time club. You'd be writing off any chance of compensation if he succeeds while still having to settle the remainder of the contract if he's a dud.
  2. Seriously doubt it was more than £40k champ, thanks for playing anyway.
  3. How much real, actual legal tender money did Airdrie pay for Jonathan Page?
  4. Ayr vs Falkirk

    Falkirk. Ray ‘King Snake’ McKinnon Truly the gift that just keeps on giving.
  5. Ayr vs Falkirk

    If you’re anything to go by they’re too busy being a frothing, tear-stained mess instead.
  6. The City of Dundee Appreciation Thread

    We’ve added our name to the famous Scottish Cup trophy this side of the Titanic sinking and the Tsar of Russia being killed by a firing squad, which puts us permanently ahead of Dundee FC on that front.
  7. Uefa plans third European club competition from 2021

    Except for the slight and inconvenient fact that FIFA has got nothing to do with it whatsoever - which had you just read the fucking thread title you'd already know. So that's the 'bring back the good old European trophies that were so popular' and 'this is big, bad FIFA's fault again' dealt with - are there any more old man yelling at a cloud hot-takes out there?
  8. Uefa plans third European club competition from 2021

    No, which is why it was ditched for being rubbish.
  9. The City of Dundee Appreciation Thread

    By doing everyone a favour and merging into one shite football team instead.
  10. Prague

    Has anyone visited the Vinohradský pivovar? It got mentioned in the Guardian this week as part of a typical click piece on good places to have a beer abroad; it's the first that the place has come to my attention. I'll be visiting Prague over the Christmas period and wouldn't mind visiting somewhere different alongside the likes of U Sudu and U Slovanské Lipy.
  11. The effort should be spent on building a massive effigy of the snake and his hangers-on, to be burnt during act one, scene one of the hounding they're going to receive on October 20. There will be no quit moving on for King Snake. He will be made to loathe crossing paths with The Famous on every occasion between now and when he's back doing the taxi runs in Lochee for a living.
  12. Indeed; safe to say that this has turned into an absolute disaster of a thread for them. Connah's Quay.
  13. Pretty sure that getting sworded and totally humiliated on your own midden by a bunch of plumbers and fishermen isn't an example of 'doing what they want'. Thanks for playing anyway chump.
  14. The New Raith Rovers Thread

    If you coach Clyde to the bottom of the national leagues and relegate more teams than just about any manager in Scottish football - which Duffy has - then having 25 years experience of league coaching is not a stand-alone achievement. He's been effective in patches and a joke figure in first team management for other spells in that time: he's a slaphead version of John Hughes. He was never universally disliked: there were many who were deeply underwhelmed by his appointment and our season at this level showed continued, major flaws in his management at times. He had however goodwill from many fans because of his playing career and the fact that he had to build a playing squad from scratch which accounted for at least some of the jobbers he brought in. By about the time of reaching the League Cup semi-final he has gained respite from even his most consistent critics - including yours truly - but he rapidly frittered that away by treating reaching the play-offs as the pjnnacle of all footballing achievement and pretending that he was managing the equivalent of a village social club without the resources to do any better. You could count on him doing a steady lower midtable job with a midtable budget at that level but was incapable of pushing his ambitions at the club any further and so was rightly binned. Duffy is good at some parts of the job - coaching young centre-backs in particular, also drilling defensive organisation over a longer period of time - but limited in others. If some of the most frequent complaints about Barry Smith involved shoe horning players out of position to fit a formation he was beholden to, Duffy will offer more of the same. He loves a 4-4-2 with sand-dancer wingers and so his teams are often reduced to shelling the ball over the heads of the central midfield due to a lack of presence there. If you're looking for a manager who will change things during the course of a game then he is incapable of doing that as well and will routinely not even bother to try anything more than like for like substitutions to no effect. Raith's squad doesn't strike me as an obvious fit for Duffy's approach but you could do considerably worse. Appointing Nacho Novo for one would be tremendous comedy value.
  15. Uefa nations league

    Italy should have a star removed from their badge every time they field that midden Zaza on a football pitch.