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  1. Erm yes, what with the galaxy brains representing the other side of that perspective, who just don't get a chance to govern us.
  2. The entire point of a public health testing process is for the final sample to be biased towards positive cases: that's how you maximise detection and possible transmission in the community. A 5% positivity rate under the testing regime is not the same as a 5% rate twelve months ago. So long as this is accounted for, there is no problem. The issue is not with people taking regular tests but rather how that data is interpreted by the diddy dentist and gormless politicians who still buy into his shite.
  3. Didn't know Kalvin Orsi qualified for the Spanish national team tbh.
  4. The Polish team could do with some pomoc right now.
  5. Aye it's ruined this game right enough. Enjoy getting horsed by Clach then.
  6. Why would France want to do that, when they're 99% certain to go through anyway and could dump the holders out with a heavy defeat?
  7. If the Hungarian government was fiddling the books then they would hardly end up with 'the highest death rate from Covid' champ.
  8. Just 100 cases a day in Hungary and no knicker-drenched Sridhar or Gurdasani figures to stop normality returning. Looks like they'll enjoy their evening.
  9. Yet another fraudulent display of management from Deschamps.
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