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  1. There's a realistic - and utterly hilarious - scenario emerging in which Arbroath and Morton would get to play out a mutually beneficial draw ala West Germany v Austria in the 1982 World Cup on the final day, with Ayr powerless to stop themselves being consigned to the play-off. Just let that sink in.
  2. On balance, a slightly better day's work then for both ourselves and Arbroath than Ayr. Before today's games I'd have given us about a 40% chance of finishing 9th (favourites). It's probably not far off 33-33-33* now. * 1% Alloa/Queens.
  3. That's probably what every other fanbase wants as well, it was hardly Brazil 1970 fayre under our previous two managers either The squad deserves a lot of credit though for battling away against the backdrop of a raging binfire behind the scenes, and our attacking options being beyond stinking. This season could quite easily have been a 2013/14 style calamity; after today, I think Ayr might just hilariously bail us out again like in 2009/10 instead.
  4. Would have quite happily taken draws all round before kickoff today, so no problem with that. Hearts being confirmed as champions before we play them next is a bonus as well.
  5. You clearly have problems with basic English comprehension, if you think that those in any way disprove the previous statements. We claim the right to set a referendum whenever the SP wants ≠ actually setting a second referendum in motion.
  6. Why would I need to provide a link? The SNP's record in government speaks for itself. 2016-2021: Majority support for a second referendum at Holyrood? Yes. Number of government bills for a second referendum - zero. The idea that this would have been any different had the SNP 65 seats instead of 63 is utterly ridiculous. We know the SNP's reasoning for not going for a referendum yet and it has absolutely, literally nothing to do with not having the numbers in Holyrood to support it. Swing and a miss then.
  7. The policy of Scottish independence retained majority support at Holyrood in 2016. It's remarkable how the SNP got anything done at all in government without its precious one-party majority, yet when it came to a second referendum this was suddenly impossible because Not Enough Support.
  8. How did support increase from 45% to 50% or higher today, if it's just not possible to change people's minds anymore? What is the backup plan if polls sit stubbornly around 50-50 instead of the fait accompli that Sturgeon wants before actually pulling the trigger? No political leader worth their salt would have any issues about launching a referendum campaign from a 45-55 starting point. If Sturgeon and the current SNP leadership don't want to take that gamble though, then they shouldn't be talking about a second referendum and hanging on every poll. Instead, they should be fighting a 'more powers to Holyrood' election that can be rinsed and repeated time and time again until all the SG has to do is change the letterhead and send a polite note to London telling them that it's done. That's the sure-fire route to success that they're looking for. The current strategy presents a significant risk of driving Scottish independence into a dismal cul-de-sac, held up indefinitely by the falling popularity of an SNP government and then a decade in opposition.
  9. The SNP won its majority in 2011 on a platform of holding a referendum and the subsequent SG began negotiations to set the date, question and other conventions shortly afterwards. They didn't huddle in a darkened room until John Curtice told them that they had 60% 'sustained' support because they weren't utter shitebags.
  10. There weren't any leads at all for Yes in 2011, yet a independence referendum was held and Yes came from miles behind to fundamentally shift the dynamic not Scottish politics in its favour. What's the backup plan if the sustained polling lead drops away or never gets to the level (reportedly 55-60%) that Sturgeon wants before calling one? This so-called leadership strategy of just following the public goes against the entire premise of the previous Yes campaign, which did not give a toss about comfortable opinion and punditry about its prospects. It got out there and changed people's minds for itself. That's not to say that a rerun should be held without doing any groundwork. The currency question in particular needs a better solution and clear examples prepared to show the public that the desired option is both attainable and would work at least in the short/medium term. That's a much more important task than Holyrood passing legislation which will likely be ignored and dragged through the courts.
  11. It doesn't matter if it's the same cohort of voters, when literally hundreds of thousands of their list votes are proven to be utterly useless time and time again by a bankrupt hoarding strategy of the SNP. Punt the Yoons into minor player mode by fixing this and the narrative is shifted, whether that's based on the vagaries of the electoral system or not. The reasons why this is unlikely to happen in this election have got nothing to do with Alba's crap plan not stacking up to the SNP's great strategy for how to deliver indyref2, because no such strategy exists. It's all personality politics.
  12. Golf sub-forum for this jakey pish.
  13. Not much memory left of celebrations taking place at Clownshoes Leitch's beloved Airdrie tbf.
  14. It also justifies Berwick's relegation from the national leagues and hopeful expulsion to the Northern League where they quite clearly belong.
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