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  1. They directly contribute to dragging it to the bottom in the first place by shorting targeted firms. That is how it works.
  2. What absolute nonsense. Private equity firms using their collective financial clout to short companies can send people out of work at perfectly viable businesses or send them to the wall entirely - so much for their pensions then. That is the direct cost of the massive economic volatility that these vultures are seeking to exploit.
  3. Positively balmy on the vastly superior Clyde Riviera though.
  4. That sounds monumentally shite in just about every possible way.
  5. Erm no, the government is going to have to find the means to 'pay' for its unprecedented intervention in the economy during this shutdown: another bout of austerity is coming down the chute and the NHS is simply too large a portion of public spending to get away scot-free. The government's own pandemic advisory group recommended to the COBRA committee that schools should be closed as part of a wider strategy to delay the spread of the virus on February 26. This was based on the updated Imperial College report. The government made up some utter bullshit excuses about key workers being forced to take time off for childcare and the weans going back to their grannies and spreading the virus as reasons why schools shouldn't close yet. Until March 16 of course, when those issues had magically disappeared - despite a near exponential growth in transmission in that fortnight - and so the government announced that schools would be closed after all but not until two days later. That is not a policy U turn led by medical reasons: it is political decision-making at its most incompetent.
  6. They wouldn't be relegated as a result of the season not being completed. They'd be relegated as a result of being utter fucking shite in the sum of the matches played so far - around 75% of the expected total - after which point the leagues could no longer continue. That's not a legitimate grievance at all: that's just tough luck for a club that in all likelihood would have been relegated at the end of the full campaign anyway. If people want to know what a legitimate grievance for a football club looks like then they should look into how Scottish football restarted last time in the aftermath of the Second World War.
  7. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/amp.ft.com/content/38a81588-6508-11ea-b3f3-fe4680ea68b5
  8. It’s not even remotely a 50-50 split though. What has contributed to greater transmission until now: a minority being in a public space on two nice weekends or the government ignoring its own pandemic advisory group and keeping schools open until just two weeks ago? What is putting a greater strain on the NHS right now: those same actions by the general public or the fact that the government didn’t get enough testing kits despite two months’ advance warning, so almost all NHS staff have to self isolate for 14 days even if they’ve only got a cold? And it’s also worth remembering that the government itself repeatedly told the general public until three weeks ago that there was little chance of the virus spreading during outdoor activities so the Cheltenham Festival and all the football (including an Old Firm game) could still go ahead. I’m not surprised in the slightest then that the government is not getting 100% compliance on its latest back of a fag packet policy then.
  9. Can think of one opponent that they did surrender to (and died as a result).
  10. A can of Drygate’s Bearface lager (pretty decent, probably too bitter for a session but a good first pint) earlier, with Harviestoun’s 1297 IPA now and Slow Jazz cherry saison to come. Then a few Havana Clubs to round off a vintage evening.
  11. You did better at putting an island ferry together than Ferguson's Shipyards.
  12. Looks like Jakey McCall's on a second bottle of Scottish Leader.
  13. Indeed I was, clocking up my 9k run for the day*: have a Charles for your assistance. *
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