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  1. I'd heard that the GGW was boring shite tbh but would be happy to be corrected on that from experience. The appeal of the RRW to me is that it covers a part of the country (i.e. Loch Tay) that is just too out of the way to justify visiting without a car. I might see if I can rope a few others into doing it as well when lockdown ends. Doesn't look too dramatic in terms of the route, though the West Highland Way isn't wall to wall scenes for large parts of the route either. The Kintyre Way looks fun but that would probably be better done over two or more trips, as getting over to Tarbert is easy enough from the Clyde Riviera.
  2. That's mind-boggling distance wise but I suppose so long as the land in between isn't too high then the mountains of Arran would still appear above them on the horizon. Not sure about the effects of lockdown but usually when the skies are clear (rare enough for Greenock) then there'd be some sort of haze or sea mist in the Firth of Clyde obscuring the visibility out there. Hopefully this crystal clear, cold air will hang around though as it makes a welcome change to sideways rain and gloom.
  3. Re: ITV news, their 6:30 effort is tabloid-level garbage but their 10 version has been much, much more ready to skewer the government's handling of Brexit and the pandemic than the simpering nonsense on the BBC at the same time. There's the issue of Peston of course but the BBC had original ownership of the clown as well. The only thing close to a legitimate 'public interest' provided by the BBC is the teuchter channel which would not be commercially viable. The trad music offering is good as well but that could be folded into BBC Scotland instead of the utter, utter garbage that the latter focuses on. That aside, there is still absolutely zero justification for compelling people to buy a TV licence when that regressive tax could be binned and the funds provided through a mix of advertising and (progressive) tax revenue instead.
  4. Erm, all vaccination targets are subject to availability and delivery schedules. They still are now. That Freeman specifically mentioned those caveats in the statement is irrelevant then. I'm sure the SG rushed out a statement then to instantly correct the media about its gross misrepresentation of what it would deliver by the end of January. What's that? They did nothing of the sort because they were happy to get big licks for an optimistic 'nearly a fifth of us will be vaccinated soon, stick to the rools for noo!' message? Well when you fall hideously short of that mark, you have no cause to greet about the media coverage afterwards. The SG's narrative in November was not warped by anyone or anything: that was what it wanted to push at that time and so that is what they're going to be judged on now as well. And that's before we even deal with the 900k doses that they tried to shift the goalposts with after the New Year, of which they'll be wanting a parade for administering half by the end of this month.
  5. Went for a hike across the upland bounds of the Clyde Riviera today and the visibility was so good that you could see Ailsa Craig no bother from the Blood Moss trig point (about 200m ASL). There's about 45 miles between the two points. Truly God's country.
  6. The only people obsessed with a 'race with England' are SG fanboys peddling their 'aye but care homes' myth. I'm more interested in why the SG has fallen well short of The Failed Statelet's numbers on all fronts. It's hardly worth even dignifying that mewling about Israel. And given that the population are being told to sit in their fucking homes indefinitely while the government chucks endless piles of money on a bonfire to pay for lockdown support, it absolutely should be a race to full vaccination. A single day fewer of this horseshit is worth any minister losing their job in the process because they weren't focused on that goal.
  7. I like how in your account the fault lies with the shameful press and 'adversarial' politicians for demanding targets as part of the political culture; as if the entire vaccine rollout statement in November wasn't designed for political benefit by the SG as well. Nobody put a gun to Freeman's head and told her to claim that they'd vaccinate 1 million people by the end of January. That's what she said and that's what she ought to be held accountable to. The SNP government as much as its Westminster counterpart is all for setting and pointing to targets that it can easily hit. They do not deserve sympathy then for making an arse of it instead and their subsequent attempts to shift the goalposts should be called out.
  8. The idea of continuing to Kinlochleven did sound mental. Having a shorter day going over Rannoch Moor is sensible to account for bad weather as well. Slightly OT but has anyone also tried doing the Rob Roy Way? I'm looking into doing it over four days (stopping at Callender, Killin, Kenmore and finishing at Pitllochry) but I'm not 100% convinced that itinerary would work in practice.
  9. Would the weekly figure for the past 7 days somehow look any less utterly shit?
  10. Tried putting together an espresso martini with Patron Cafe tequila, coffee liqueur, hot coffee and ice.
  11. Except that you've already fallen hook, line and sinker for the SG's 'we meant that we would have jabbed 1 million people but supplies!!!11!!' crock of shit excuse, so that's not actually true though.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jan/23/brexit-hit-firms-advised-government-officials-set-up-shop-in-eu The UK Government clearly trying to challenge Celtic for the banter years crown at the moment.
  13. A shot of Jagermeister in a glass of Heineken was my go-to drink while being a student in the Netherlands, because the student bar in town sold both for one Euro each. The Jager was sold as a test tube shot though, so it was a choice of either tanning it or spiking the beer. Being Heineken the addition marginally improved the flavour if anything.
  14. As proven by the pallet burners having already reached 90% of care homes earlier in the month and also being well ahead of Freeman's tinpot efforts by overall population: http://www.carehome.co.uk/news/amp/article/id/1640532/pm-brings-in-army-as-england-lags-behind-scotland-and-ni-with-care-home-vaccination Scotland's rollout excels in no category and is trundling along the bottom overall with the fucking clowncar Welsh ministry - it of the 17 different lockdown policies in the autumn infamy. Heads should roll unless this is resolved by the end of the month, but with the minister responsible pottering into retirement anyway I somehow can't see her shaking things up.
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