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  1. That's not going to happen either because you're dogshite.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/dec/06/we-havent-had-a-rise-for-three-years-a-striking-rmt-train-guard-speaks-out Congratulations to everyone who had COVID KEY WORKER!!!!111!!!! on their bet builder. And this usual bullshit rears its head again. The overwhelming majority of operators do not want to operate trains with drivers only - because this would be an abysmal service that would also (more importantly for companies) lose money like a sieve through ticket avoidance. What is being removed is the premise that some guy gets a special job title for pushing a button to open a door, when a ticket inspector/sales assistant can provide most of the same assistance roles to the elderly, disabled, cats stuck up trees that they're pretending guards are tirelessly doing right now. Indeed we already know that guards are a redundant role because they haven't actually been required to operate the Strathclyde suburban network for decades with no litany of horrendous passenger maimings. It is this absolutely risible nonsense that needs to be binned or else none of them will have a job in the near future.
  3. But people have listed having all your mates around as the best part of it. You don't need a wedding to do that so I don't really see what they offer. You pretty much do need a wedding for anyone with a real circle of friends, that therefore includes some folk who work/live elsewhere, some with kids and everyone with other social engagements - and work - to juggle as well.
  4. Only for another twelve months, and then you'll both be festering in the seaside leagues, never to return.
  5. So to clarify your 'point' here, you think that engaging in a clearly disastrous energy war is okay for the future of western Europe because: a) you're personally not paying the price (wear multiple jumpers people!) and b) the price in government aid will - just like all other bills - be paid by subsequent generations rather than yourself. Typical boomer fuckwit then.
  6. There was a headwind and when the ball was punted very high up in both halves then it would catch in it much more. But Schwake's kicking is the problem, not a relatively benign Scottish winter. We had the same issue in the first half last week although our defensive issues weren't linked to that. In the second half today, Schwake's kicks were putting the pressure back on a defence that was already bizarrely rattled. I've got zero technical expertise but it's clear that he's not getting enough power to deal with the conditions - it'd be worth losing ten or fifteen yards in distance to make sure the ball gets beyond our defence in the first place.
  7. Nine in the league, ten if you count the Borders bumpkins in the cup last weekend.
  8. First half was good overall from us but missing the final ball to make our pressure count as much as it should have done. That's not to say it was one way traffic at all (it really wasn't), but Quitongo in particular was wasteful in the final third. A five minute period of corner, throw, corner bombardment should have produced more than we got from it too. Baird laid an egg for the equaliser straight after half time. How after three separate jostles with the forward can a centre back end up letting him inside and goal-side was wild - nothing other than a goal could be expected from that. Perhaps Arbroath would have been on top anyway but that didn't help. The 'wind' we were playing into in the second half was a gentle summer breeze by Gayfield (or Cappielow!) standards, but the defence seemed rattled and lacking any confidence to read even routine punts. Baird and Ambrose were treating high balls like a live hand grenade. Imrie's switch of the forwards did not work at all and probably made it worse. With McGrattan and King with Muirhead playing through the middle, I think we'd have held the ball much better and have been under less pressure than we were. That second half was the worst that we've played since Firhill - since then, it's now nine unbeaten and 21 points. A draw is an entirely creditable result for us at Gayfield. If we keep winning most of our home games and draw away games like this, we'll be in the correct play-offs.
  9. In what way is the prison service best informed to distinguish the appropriate gender for an inmate in a gendered prison system? Do they use one of those useless lie detector tests to sort it out for them? This claim also contradicts the entire premise of self-ID.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/dec/03/why-inheritance-is-the-dirty-secret-of-the-middle-classes-harder-to-talk-about-than-sex Get this taxed to f**k then.
  11. Except it's not irrelevant at all, when how they feel relates to their gender identity (or indeed any other characteristic that involves differentiation or protection). When the new starting assumption is that the feeling of the individual trumps all other evidence in society as a whole, it is implausible to believe that public bodies can evaluate on a truly dispassionate basis. Not least given the enormous bucket of shite that would get thrown over them by the hysterical wing of advocates. There's a growing body of evidence to suggest that they're unable to do so. The swing towards self-ID comes from a good place among most advocates for it, but there are also genuine issues that need ironed out. Pretending that it can be used only in certain circumstances but not influence others is wishful thinking.
  12. Exxon and Sleepy Joe Biden doing a sublime wallet inspector trick here on a vulnerable pensioner.
  13. They could always try driving in the rain for a change instead of hiding behind shitebag red flags. And bring back refueling/100% effort races rather than tedious 'car management' pish.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2022/dec/02/half-a-million-vulnerable-households-miss-out-on-help-with-energy-bills Aye - good luck getting the clownshoes at Scottish Power to a) pick up a phone and b) actually solve an issue before the first voucher expires in January!
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