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  1. A room full of university students in class is just as viable a place for transmission as the same group in a pub. You'd think that after multiple waves of infection and multiple gormless failures by governments to accept this reality, that we really wouldn't be having this debate.
  2. That'll be why schoolchildren make up a huge number of current cases, because Covid knows only to infect when they're on the bevvy.
  3. It's almost as if being parachuted straight into one of the top cars on the grid, before whisking yourself away to the most dominant car in the history of the sport, would explain those numbers. Schumacher's car was nowhere near the fastest on the grid in seven of his first nine seasons. The most significant feature of Hamilton's career has been exceptional management when it comes to getting the right seat at the right time. That's not meant to be a criticism but it simply explains why the likes of Alonso have ended up with only a fraction of the success. He burned bridges when he shouldn't have done and then picked project teams that failed to deliver on their promises to him. It's also arguable that Hamilton and his entourage have deliberately cleared the stables of any rival in the same car after that Alonso season which cost both of them in the end. There can't really be too many other explanations for why Bottas has been able to stink the place out for so long - that's all part of the sport as well.
  4. If you think that someone needs to have a logically consistent reason to make a racist remark then you're either a fuckwit or an apologist. Given your previous form on other threads I'd put you in the former camp, but you're sure digging a fucking enormous hole for yourself.
  5. Alternatively, the single Ayr fan who allegedly made a racist comment at the game is just a thick fuckwit. Much like the one dishing out this apologist drivel.
  6. What's the explanation for Hamilton stinking the place out quite so badly? Their squad at the start of the season was a bit of a mystery but they looked to have done some good business on paper at the close of the transfer window. The change of manager hasn't made much difference either so they're more likely than Dunfermline to linger in real trouble IMO. Though if Dunfermline could sack Grant and appoint another John Potter level comedy manager then that'd be greatly appreciated.
  7. These sides have produced some utterly brutal matches to watch over the past few years, and that's before Gus McPherson's brand of ultra-negative shitfesting was given time to bed in as well. Not expecting a classic then.
  8. £150 million Kane with a double assist on the third goal.
  9. The country's true hubs of activity get the rail service they deserve. The City of Greater Greenock has 13 stations.
  10. Bit fortunate not to lose that game in the second half, although Ayr were pretty brutal too. We are something else though. There's just no plan for what we want to do with the ball in the opposition's half. Our wing-backs need to provide the width but McPherson just picks two random jobbers out of a tombola to play there every week. There are enough effective players in that squad to cause teams problems but he has no idea how to put them on the park together.
  11. This is throwing stones from an enormous smashed up greenhouse given Morton's laughable online system, but did Ayr borrow their setup from the clowns at Ryanair? Requiring a new account registration with password, plus a marketing menu, plus a 'donation to Ayr United' (minter) menu is overkill. Just get to the fucking payment window. As for our prehistoric tussle in the dugout, my main concern is that Duffy respects the value of set-pieces, while we have been leaking ridiculously cheap goals from all kinds of them this season, and then complain about not getting the result that we 'deserve' from a tight game. Duffyball could easily bag two or three soft as shite goals from us unless they get their finger out. On the other hand, I've also seen Duffy being outwitted by McPherson so badly that he ended up playing a 'narrow' 3-5-2 at Hampden when 2-0 down to somehow chase the game, so there's a chance that he'll end up in a similar predicament today.
  12. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/sep/24/a-bit-of-a-mistery-why-england-covid-cases-are-going-down-despite-ease-of-restrictions The Guardian and the shan modellers trying to work out why they've taken such a thumping L with their 'Reckless Freedom Day!!!111!!' pish. A lesson to remember the next time Sage get out the Old Man Danger calculator to try to shut down everyday life.
  13. It was only a matter of time before a discussion of serious concerns and why oh why must the education sector face the crushing burden of school provision descended into a Richard Dawkins tribute act tbh. The reality is that truly strident secularists are a minority within Scottish society and a non-event in Scottish politics. Until that changes, denominational schools are going nowhere.
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