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  1. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    I suggest that you consult both a dictionary and a spellchecker before thumping out another tear-drenched response. Better luck next time chump.
  2. Worst Town In Scotland

    Oooft, deal with this please mods.
  3. Atmosphere at games.

    People said that through rose-tinted nostalgia when trying to get the club to bring away fans back into the Cowshed. Which they did. The atmosphere is exactly the same as it was before though, other than for a handful of people exchanging shit #bantz across a pathetic piece of tarpaulin.
  4. Atmosphere at games.

    Singing football songs in a pub, generally speaking, is OFTW behaviour; Tartan Army-esque pish that has no place in Scottish league football.
  5. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    Erm no, because JJ knew the budget that would be at his disposal when he accepted a job in the middle of the season. The fact that he has gone on to make a complete and utter c**t of his job, failing to meet both his expectations and his own bluster, is 100% his fault alone. No amount of deflection in the world is getting away from that. Thanks for playing anyway chump.
  6. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    ^^^ word salad
  7. Ton v Pars - 26/01

    The unstoppable force of Dunfermline gifting us wins at Cappielow meets the immovable object and managerial fraud in the home dugout.
  8. Can't be as big a club as you think you are then if the likes of Elgin and Berwick can sustain national level football and you diddies can't.
  9. As the hounding towards the end of the game showed, one cup defeat is worth five or six crap league results in pushing that fraud of a manager towards the sea where he belongs, so there was progress of a sort yesterday. Disappointed that due to the Johansson-esque incompetence of Scotrail as well that there wasn't time to grab a red pudding supper though.
  10. Mebbe if Scottish football’s first and worst franchise club now decides to merge with Auchinleck as well then they might come close to ending their 109 years of trophyless permadiddy hurt.
  11. The worst embarrassment in the history of the Scottish Cup inflicted on the little people. Absolutely delicious.
  12. They didn’t though. Thanks for playing anyway champ.