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  1. I would not be surprised at all if Inverclyde fell back to the donkey in a red rosette brigade, who are once again putting up a candidate who has stood and lost narrowly in the last two elections by shrieking about cuts to the local hospital (both exaggerated and of course irrelevant to this GE). A stupid, wee, jumped up dauphin with an Oxbridge politics degree who clearly believes that he has earned a divine right to a spot on the political gravy train, it would be nauseating to see him slither in at last. I think people have forgotten just how monumental the swing was to the SNP in west-central Scottish seats in 2015 and there's likely to be further regression from that ridiculous showing soon, not least given these are usually lower turnout areas even in a spring election. Current good guy majority is <400. The new Gammons to get about 350 seats with a net loss for Labour and no overall change for the busted flush party IMO. SNP to get 40 seats which will be spun as a disastrous showing, not least because the party has managed expectations quite poorly throughout the campaign. Though nowhere near as bad as that fraud Swinson, who let's not forget spnt the first three weeks claiming that she'd be Prime Minister on Friday. Her getting emptied would almost make the next five years of Dickensian shithousery seem bearable, but I'd expect the strong Britnat coalition in ED to bail a floundering sister out.
  2. Queen of the South were winless in the league until we provided all three points at Palmerston in September; Partick were without a home league point until we contrived to lose to ten men against them at Firhill last month. So you're not even the biggest clowncar outfit bearing gifts in this division: patent denied. There should be no more excuses and endless spraying of bullshit from GMFC about this game - they simply need to get the job done and win for a change. The return of the dreaded flat back four however does not inspire me with confidence.
  3. The gutless nature of the two cheap goals that we conceded was annoying, but that feeling was compounded by the delusional club Twitter claiming that we were unlucky to not get at least a point from a match that we controlled: all of which is utterly deluded bollocks. Siegriest being a flapping mess at cross balls certainly kept us with a chance of drawing level but that was about it throughout. That match was a free hit in terms of our league campaign but if the club is seriously drinking the Kool Aid about performance levels then we’re seriously fucked. Some objective scrutiny of the dung on display is required to both get better results from our four crucial games coming up and to drastically improve on this rabble during the transfer window. That barely 700 folk turned up in the home end says it all about the yawning disconnect between what the club and what the fanbase thinks are acceptable right now.
  4. Given that <1% of all goalkeeper saves would have been legal under the 'new' [revised but now enforced] rule over the last few decades it is really not reasonable to ask goalkeepers to devise an entirely new technique in the space of a few months. Sorry, I don't see 'bad timing' provided as a mitigating circumstance for foul play under this rule or anywhere else on the park. If only he had spent more time working on it then perhaps he wouldn't have been breaching the rules etc. The only reason why a penalty was not given is because there is and can be no consistency in applying such a nonsense rule in the first place. Right, so let's stop applying minute calculations for levels of the sport beneath VAR coverage, where any such decision rests on the arbitrary judgment of some two-bob donkey of an official. Problem solved!
  5. What, just magically 'learn' an entirely different technique for saving penalties over the summer? Aye no bother then - bearing in mind that several professional players at this level still struggle to execute basic throw ins or corner after decades of practice. And even in that mealy mouthed comparison above you admit that Forster was breaching the rules as well. The issue is therefore quite clearly one of consistency - of which there is going to be none, ever, under these nonsense rules - rather than missing technique. The penalty retake would in all likelihood have made no difference to the outcome in this particular match, but for people to claim that it is was a just decision and really the fault of the goalkeeper is truly laughable.
  6. Referee clearly had Dunfermline on his coupon today.
  7. If by 'my scientific knowledge' you mean 'my knowledge of an obvious scientific consensus' then sure. In the same way that you don't actually have to be an expert astronomer to know that the Earth revolves around the Sun, you also don't need to have conducted your own double-blind tests to know that people are absolute fucking morons when it comes to discerning reliable differences in taste. And needless to say that recent pages have only underlined this fact, as the gullible idiots currently scurrying around the country trying to find bottles of fizzy juice at £2 a pop can't actually agree on its worth to their truly moronic 'cause'. You hate to see it happen.
  8. Really don't think our away record is too significant, given that our performances have, for the most part, been just as mediocre at home as away this season. I would have fancied our chances of ending that freak record with a draw this weekend, but Cadden picking up a hamstring injury at Brora now means that we'll be going back to a pretty one-dimensional attack. 2-1 Dunfermline.
  9. A comfortable enough victory, our final ball being a bit better would have led to a proper bodying but Brora had decent enough spells before half time and after their consolation goal.
  10. If they were stupid enough to rate the current Championship of then the First Division of barely fifteen years previously would look like Serie A in the 1990s by comparison, as anyone who has actually watched this division has observed an objective decline in quality.
  11. There's more to see and do in Wick than there is in your stupid wee bumpkin village, that's for sure. Get doon.
  12. It's a stupid wee Junior ground for a stupid wee Junior level team; the sooner that they get flushed out of the national game for good, the better.
  13. Imagine the shan, electronic turnstiles we’ve got now trying to deal with that crowd. Think we might scrape our way to a draw here tbh - Hopkin will certainly relish playing the plucky, home underdog card again after his similar and laughable approach towards Brora fucking Rangers last week.
  14. While this is largely correct - the 'indie' revival of the 2000s died on its arse a full decade ago and has been replaced by another wave of beige, singer songwriter drivel*- there are still different strategies to deal with this other than 'copying and pasting the same names in a different order', which was Ellis' M.O. anyway even when T in the Park could have had its pick of headline acts fifteen years ago. There are some very large bands that have survived the mass cull and are releasing new stuff - Elbow for example, though I'm not personally a fan, would be far more credible headliners. There are also plenty of throwback acts on the tour circuit right now who aren't vapid mum-rock pish like Keane: I see that OCS are doing four nights at the Barrowlands instead next year; Supergrass and Primal Scream are also sold out multiple nights at the same venue. The Doves sold out SWG3 this summer and would be an excellent addition if they're doing the rounds again. So while it's definitely harder to put a good lineup together right now, a respected organiser could appeal to the larger captive market that T in the Park used to have. The main issue is that Ellis is not respected nor interested in doing so. * a category which Sam Fender also falls into btw
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