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  1. The plus side for us is that we have got most of our defensive business sorted before pre-season training began. Above all, we have managed to keep Strapp and probably replaced Hamilton with an equivalent level keeper in Schwake. With continuity in the spine of the team as well, we seem well-organised and have a solid base to build from. I'm therefore less concerned about relegation than this time last season when we were highly likely to stink the place out (which we did until Sir Douglas' arrival). On the other hand, we are still short of the required quality in midfield and are desperate for a proper centre forward: we're currently much weaker there from last season without Reilly/Ugwu as options. I expect us to add players for both roles - if they're quality additions then I think we could finish top 4, if they're dung, then we could easily struggle around 8th/9th instead. I'd expect us to most likely get someone in between given our budget, and so a 7th placed finish for about the 12th time in the past thirty years looks most likely as well. Dundee (by default really) Partick Inverness Arbroath Raith Queens Park Morton Ayr Cove Hamilton It's clear that Hamilton are in a complete mess but their team always impressed against us last season and I wouldn't rule out even a full team of regens from them holding their own. Like last season I don't expect any team to get cut adrift at the bottom.
  2. A joint bid within a reasonable travel area is far better for almost everyone than a white elephant like the Athens Olympics.
  3. A strategy that worked out so well for Falkirk and Dunfermline. We can certainly hope so. And for this as well.
  4. You're 100% correct, but as we're not in a court of law with lawyers and all their ridiculous pedantry running the show, we can in fact call a spade a spade here and recognise that is, in fact, a form of industrial action. Just because it isn't balloted IA according to the rules does not change that reality.
  5. July 9th Greenock Morton v 'Falkirk' (check details of these obscure minnows - Ed.) Hibernian v Clyde
  6. Fraud watch: Ricciardo is currently running 14th out of 15 runners on a set of fucking soft tyres. Stroll started from the back and is 20 seconds ahead of him. He should just be sacked this weekend.
  7. What an utterly bizarre decision, when they could have chucked on a set of hard tyres while Sainz and Leclerc were slowing each other down.
  8. Absolutely pathetic from 'Lando' and McLaren.
  9. An organised withdrawal of goodwill is industrial action and that's exactly what's going on here. It's what the police are also planning to do in response to their pay offer.
  10. So what? Football is a global sport and so the population of the host nation of a tournament is completely irrelevant. Which is why India has hosted zero World Cups. There's also no sensible metric by which Indonesia is among the top 20 economies either. World class stadiums, highly efficient transport networks, hotels, security? I highly doubt that it does. The valid objections to Qatar hosting a tournament do not magically disappear because you think that Indonesia is a 'big' country and so has a valid claim to hosting the World Cup. It is not South Korea in 2002 and will need another couple of decades to make a good fist of that.
  11. Erm no there has been industrial action by Scotrail employees. It's just industrial action short of a strike - which people in the UK bizarrely view as the only possible form of significant industrial action. No serious analysis of labour disputes would agree with that. All the Scotrail drivers have done is the modern equivalent of the classic slow-down tactics in a factory dispute. They don't have to hold a formal vote and declare that they will only work at 50% of the intensity they did before, for everyone to be fully aware that the employee behaviour is linked explicitly to an ongoing industrial dispute. Given that strikes are almost always hopeless failures I'd say that the Scotrail drivers have played their cards better than many other groups. But the idea that the public should pay for this with a nonsense non-service for months on end remains risible.
  12. On what grounds? Qatar is obviously a very poor choice in its own right but the fact that we're discussing bids from Indonesia, Egypt or Cameroon/Nigeria as somehow much better is baffling. The key arguments against Qatar (completely unsuitable climate for June/July sport; political authoritarianism/human rights violations; infrastructure problems) all exist to varying degrees in each of those cases. The final point against (substantial bribery to push a winning bid over the line) would be a racing certainty to accompany them as well.
  13. 'No industrial action on Scotrail' claim, while the service has been a complete nick for months in direct causation to the unions stalling over a pay deal = not actually legit.
  14. I didn't know until recently that 30-35 year term mortgages were a thing, never mind being a popular choice in the FTB market. Presumably those terms have been promoted after the financial crash to try and keep the housing bubble going, and so here we are with the 'logical' extension.
  15. Hopefully they deign to cut the grass and put some lines on it this time before Golspie embark on the journey down.
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