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  1. no apologies needed we ALL know and love Danny....class player and a gentleman to boot.
  2. how about this lot for starters Scotty?
  3. Brand new boards put up recently😏
  4. The boards outside the ground just say Gretna FC with a small badge with 2008 on it. The locals refer to the team as Gretna.
  5. Addison been to Turkey for a hair transplant🐵
  6. Got to disagree with this. Playing in the South would mean more "local type" games, less travelling and winning most games encourages more people to come along and watch....the sponsors would reach more "local" people too which would please them. Re 100 at games? I think the core support is about 40 and only when there is a visit from some of the so called bigger teams who bring a few with them would it reach or get near that target. As for carrying on why not? but there is no way that they will return to the SFL unless they have the money to do so and get a squad that can compete with the top 6 teams in the league at the moment.There is something to be said for being a Big Fish in a small pond but the South League is no "push over".
  7. Don' think many, if any, of the South teams fancy promotion anyway...enjoy their comfort zone.
  8. Can't find the fixture list yet....how do you know who they are playing?
  9. see www.gretnafc2008fansite.com for an update.
  10. Stuart Rome will be interim manager until a new manager is appointed......hopefully soon.
  11. ...aye he will be a miss at Gretna...
  12. The team should travel Friday and stay overnight....nothing worse than a long cramped bus journey before a game and a 5am rise for some of our players....push the "boat" out Gretna.
  13. sponsoring a player home and away would have been and still is £100 ?....been that price for a few seasons...
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