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  1. On similar lines, there was a tie at home to Aberdeen in 2012 under Jim Jefferies in the same competition that we lost by the same score. I'm sure it was Scott Vernon, in the 94th minute, that got it and we'd absolutely played them off the park. I remember the team being afforded a standing ovation at full time as they'd played really well. There are many sore moments to mention, but the goal to knock us out of the UEFA Cup in Perth is the one for me, closely followed by Doumbe's winner for Celtic in 2007 cup final. To go out in the way we did against FH was hard to take, and if I remember right, we were looking at a trip to Germany in the next round. First time watching the team in a European competition for so many of us, so was hard to take. The 07 final has previously been mentioned, but we were looking decent for extra time and maybe even taking it to penalties. It was, however, an entirely forgettable spectacle that got the kind of goal that it probably deserved. That one seemed to feel worse than three years earlier, even taking into account the fact we never got the penalty at 1-0 we should have.
  2. From a Pars perspective, I'm obviously sorry to see Nisbet leave, but it was inevitable that it was going to happen. His game improved as last season went on and it's not just the goals - and all types that he was scoring - but, for me, it's his movement and link-up play that was just as impressive. As Grant mentioned further in the thread, he may need a wee bit of time to settle in to playing in the Premiership, which is natural, but I really believe he'll do well for Hibs. Give him the service and the lad will put the ball in the net. I hope his game will continue to improve there, and I'm sure it will. Fingers crossed he can keep progressing and potentially put himself in a position where he's being spoken about for the national side in the future. Good luck to him, and to Hibs (especially because of John Potter, top guy) for the season ahead.
  3. First game for me was May 1994, final day of the season against Clyde. We won 5-0, George O'Boyle got 4 and Andy Tod the other. Unfortunately, missed out on the title by a point, although I didn't really realise that at the time. 94/95 saw the start of me going home and away regularly with my old man. Still do now, which I probably value more these days than I did when I was wee. First Scotland game was at home to Belgium in 2001. 2-2 draw, with last minute equaliser for Belgium, after we had been 2 up and they went down to 10 men. First away game was in Brussels that campaign - a 2-0 defeat, hopes of going to the World Cup over. Joyful.
  4. Have to be pleased with that. A much needed and, in the end, well deserved three points. Let's gloss over the opening half an hour - we were more threatening in that time frame last time out at Morton - but, once we scored, we controlled the game. Dundee had plenty of the ball first half but did absolutely nothing with it, and even when they had a wee period of pressure second half, I wasn't concerned overly that they'd come back into it. Can't fault any of the team tonight but I was especially pleased with the defensive performance. They won headers, won their tackles and made sure that Cammy Gill was well protected. The shape of the team was good and they were very organised. Going forward, I thought Dom Thomas was excellent and has a good turn of pace and delivery. Certainly not shy in looking to take the ball and try to create, which is pleasing, and Ryan Dow again showed how key a player he is from us. Marshall at the back stick is caught out but take nothing away from the delivery and the header. Dow's desire to meet that ball was great to see. As for Kevin Nisbet, he was my man of the match tonight. Not just for his goal, which was superbly taken and looked in as soon as it left his boot, but his all-round play was very good. Was unfortunate not to score more than one as well, and at least he's under contract beyond this season. Also a shout out for Gabby McGill, who I thought had a decent game up there with him. Dundee were much poorer than in either of the previous two matches we've played them. Indeed, if it wasn't for the much maligned Jack Hamilton, they could have been looking at a heftier defeat. Which wouldn't have flattered us. Big result but we need to make sure we're picking up something at Queens next week now too.
  5. Yup, took us top that result. Scotland played Georgia at home the following day.
  6. I thought that, for 25 minutes, we played pretty well yesterday. In that period, we took the game to Morton, were quite positive in our play, kept the ball well enough in the conditions, and got ourselves in front. But, thereafter, Morton came right back into it and we seemed to flatline; we couldn't get back to what we had been doing. As disappointing a goal as the equaliser was to concede, Scully had had to make a couple of decent saves prior, and I felt as though an equaliser was coming. The second goal was a good one - a cracking cross and excellent header. However, we didn't put enough pressure on the ball before it came in, and whoever was tracking McAlister completely lost his run. I thought Morton were quicker to press and close us down after the break, and we couldn't seem to find a way of responding. I can only recall a header flashed wide, which I think was probably not as close as it appeared from the far end, and a deflected Dow shot that we had other than Nisbet's free-kick, which was a quite superb strike. The third goal I think will have been covered; your goalkeeper has to deal with that. It's an error and kills the game off. I missed the Ayr match, but this was like against Alloa; started well, took the lead, then lost our way completely. Morton fought back well and ultimately deserved to win the game. The nature of goals we're conceding is a massive cause for concern. Teams don't seem to need to work too hard to score against us, and we can't keep relying on Nisbet producing something at the other end. On the positive side, I thought Dom Thomas, especially in the first half, looked quite bright and I think will add something to the team. But the fact we seem to lose our way when on top and getting in front, rather than capitalising, isn't good and our current form is a big concern.
  7. Have to be pleased with that yesterday, even if the second half was a bit of a non-event. The red card obviously aided us significantly, but we still had a job to do and we did it quite clinically. Delighted to see Lewis Martin get a goal; good run and decent finish (though the keeper should maybe do better), and a good reward for his consistent season so far. Nisbet's hat-trick goal though was just superb. Thistle, though, deary me. What on earth is O'Ware thinking? Just allow the shot - it's not as though it would definitely have resulted in a goal and, even if we did score, they'd have 80+ minutes with the full compliment to get back into it. Absolutely ridiculous. As soon as we got the second goal, it was game over. At no point did I sense any threat from them, and it was a case of how many we might get. Despite being down to 10 men, I thought they were really poor. Job done for us though and good to see Joe Thomson get more minutes. Pleasing reaction to last week, but a difficult game on Tuesday - if it's on - to try and build some momentum.
  8. Oooft. Woeful from Lazio in giving the ball away, but good finish that. That's some result for Celtic tbf. Good game to watch as a neutral I thought actually.
  9. Good result and performance yesterday. I'm another who has to take issue with the poster claiming we were "piss poor" - I thought we moved the ball about well, created chances and looked solid at the back. We've been showing improvements in each game in recent weeks, and I'm more than happy with that. The first half was better than the opening 45 on Tuesday; aside from El Bakhtaoui's chance, Queens offered little. We put together some nice moves at times, even if we didn't test McCrorie often enough, but Ashcroft and Nisbet were unlucky with efforts they had. In the second half, again I thought we looked bright early on and it was no surprise we scored. They had a decent spell of possession, and Dobbie's shot to nothing, for about 10-15 minutes after that but we were the ones looking a threat going forward. Btw, Ashcroft deserves credit IMO at the second - great ball winning ahead of Dobbie, sensibly then clearing his lines, which then led to the chance created for Nisbet. Very pleasing to see how solid we have been looking defensively, and I'd agree Ashcroft has been excellent recently. No failures in the team at all, and Kiltie, Ryan, Nisbet and Dow are forging a good understanding collectively. We look a real threat with those four in the side. Starting to gain a good bit of momentum now, and long may it continue.
  10. Haven't watched this in a long time, and now I remember why. Fiona Bruce is absolutely dreadful. Never mind some of the panel.
  11. We got exactly what we deserved yesterday - absolutely nothing. Arbroath handled the ball much better than we did, and had more of the few opportunities in the match. I felt, first half especially, they had some decent passages of play. From us though, that was a shocker. I only really recall two decent efforts at goal, and one of those was a set piece header right at the end. There was no energy, no width and nowhere near enough support to Nisbet. Too many long balls played which, from early on, was something that wasn't going to work. So of course we persisted with it. Cochrane showed some composure at least when he came on, but that's about the only plus I can take. I've not seen as many folk, at only 1-0 with 15 minutes to go, make for the exits. We could likely still be playing at not look like fashioning a good goalscoring chance. Our run of league games without a win is worrying. I'm generally not fussed about the Challenge Cup, but the manager needs a win from somewhere quickly.
  12. That first half was more enjoyable than anything we watched last season. Really excellent performance where we really went at Dundee with pace, directness and no shortage of quality. We could, and maybe should have been further ahead, but 2-0 at half time and I'd have been confident we'd go on to win. The first penalty changed things and I said to my pals that my worry was that we'd tire later on after producing such energy earlier. That seemed to happen and Nisbet, who again was superb, began to become more isolated. For the first penalty, with the rules as they are, I see why it's given. We should be doing better in trying to clear though. I didn't have a good view of the second, but watched it back and it's a brilliant tackle by Ashcroft. He recovers the situation so well so quite galling it was given. The ref though gave some bizarre decisions both ways outwith that; not his best day. Credit to Dundee, their HT subs had an impact and McGowan became more influential after the break. For us, Nisbet and Dow stood out IMO, and I thought Lewis McCann played as well as I've seen him. A shame we didn't get the win, and things to work on, but overall it was a decent game and a lot of positive stuff from the Pars.
  13. At least that's the season over. Interesting team selection to the say the least, particularly with Danny Devine at right back, and not all that much happened overall. Poor goal to concede and a shame it involved Gill and Morrison. I thought Higgy tried his best to make things happen but, other than that, meh. Glad that we won't have to see another 1-0 defeat until July at least tbh.
  14. Graham Bayne tae. Really liked him. Remember his absolute peach in a 3-0 hounding of St Johnstone in Perth? Not to mention his penalty in the Scottish Cup quarters at Aberdeen. Absolutely this. He was outstanding that season and it was just unfortunate that he made a mistake in that game. At half-time all was well too - we were 1-0 up, and St Mirren were behind at Motherwell. Horrible second half and journey home. Good to see highlights of the semi-final posted further back in the thread. We were a bit fortunate to get a replay as we were poor at Hampden, and ICT were very good, and we only started getting to grips with the replay after we equalised. Barry Nicholson's goal was, of course, majestic, but what about the pass from Gary Dempsey for Brewster's goal? Sublime. What a brilliant night that was. I even managed to get out of school early to catch the bus up from Kincardine for it. I never thought I'd see the Pars go to a Hampden cup final or play in Europe, so to know we had that to come at the age I was, was pretty special. Best player to play for both? Brewster. No question. I seem to recall him scoring a pretty good goal for ICT against us in a 0-2 defeat in what was their first game back in Inverness after the Pittodrie groundshare? That, and the loss we had at Pittodrie that season, were both utterly dismal performances from the Pars.
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