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  1. Fife Saint

    Week 2

    Burrow strip sacked into next season.
  2. Fife Saint

    Week 2

    The Browns back 7 is made up of last minute jobbers and second string players with the exception of Ward. Hoping Mack Wilson and Greedy are back soon and i would have loved to have seen Delpit in there but he's done for the year.
  3. Fife Saint

    Week 2

    Burrow looks like he's been playing this level for years. Cleveland D is hugely weakened but it's a concern. Going forward getting Chubb going and play action has to be how the Browns this. Edit- love to see the hex put on Burrow. 2 absolute howlers to kill the drive.
  4. It wouldn't be a surprise to me at all if the Bengals beat them. Wk17 last year was the lowest point of a low season. Bengals won it without a fight put up.
  5. Big10 votes to start a season.
  6. I'm thinking longer term. You've got a first overall QB in Cincy who had the best college season in history, Jackson is a phenomenon and the Steelers will move on from Ben shortly. There's also the unthinkable that Baker flops this season and a big decision needs made.
  7. Did I read you now play rescheduled Celtic game with all 3 previously registered GKs out?
  8. I watched the 10 minute highlight package and it didnt feel weird at all with the limited crowd.
  9. I've sat here for the last two years saying the Browns will be different this year. That's an improvement on the absolute mental turmoil of the previous years. I think Stefanski, Hunt and Chubb are going to shake it up and take the pressure off Mayfield by scheming up for the run and using two tight ends. My fear is that the Ravens look amazing, Burrown can transform the Bengals and the Steelers are still the Steelers. It's a really tough division and as we know things fall apart fast in Cleveland.
  10. Just when you thought the Browns had made it without a preseason scandal. Shit happens. We move on.
  11. Scheduled for Tuesday night on fleaflicker app mate.
  12. I managed about 0.8 secs of that before the voice made me recoil in pain and I closed it.
  13. I kept my daughter off last Monday after she was moaning about a sore throat. Pretty certain it was a ruse to sit and watch shite on telly all day but i would die of cringe if I had sent her in and it turned out she had the 'Rona.
  14. Anyone fancy a crack at Dynasty there is a slot available with an existing team on PnBs most hardcore dynasty league with IDP players. PM me
  15. Gap opened up on PnB Dynasty IDP league, if anyone is interested PM me and I'll do the necessary invite.
  16. I've given it as long as I can but we need a new owner for Dee4life's team. I'll post in the usual places but if anyone knows someone who fancies a crack at dynasty can you let me know?
  17. I'm going to shoot Ric in Dayz just to top off his weekend.
  18. Crushing defeat for the Fuddies. Dont know if you come back from that tbh.
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