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  1. Looked better - how much of that is down to the shortcomings of Motherwell i'm not sure.
  2. The gurning orc of McGinn is quite the contrast to handsome Melker.
  3. NFL appealing the independent adjudication to the...NFL. NFLPA will likely take it to federal court and all the dirty mitigation they have on the owners will be in public view. Messy.
  4. They ridiculed him, he's a joke figure. A joke figure to Willie Miller and Co. That's the pinnacle of joke figures.
  5. Sportsound were ridiculing him when it happened, presumably did Porteous a favour by not bringing it up on Sportscene.
  6. Cammy Macpherson's 2nd contribution - couldn't do much about it to be fair.
  7. I'm now frantically deleting all the tweets where i called someone a c**t in case i get cancelled for being personal. Edit - mostly Tory MPs so i believe is allowed on twitter TOS
  8. At least we wont have to concern ourselves with his moon howling anti-vax patter any more.
  9. I can just about manage one season of acting with humility. Another feels beyond me.
  10. Hang on, he cant even bear weight on it yet? Jesus f**k.
  11. Right now I'd be surprised if they didn't stroll to a 2 or 3 goal victory.
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