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  1. Hang on, is there someone openly admitting to supporting a provincial club and one of the OF in this thread?
  2. Amy should just focus on getting Richard's dinner on the table in time rather than spreading spurious allegations against Sir Tommy IMO.
  3. Darnold out with Mononucleosis. There will be a smoking crater in NE Ohio if the Browns f**k this one up.
  4. Fife Saint

    Week 1

    Just about calmed down enough to discuss the Brown.... Nah.
  5. He's lost it. Did I miss the rings that this guy won and warrant the diva status?
  6. He had horrific errors of judgement early on in his career but matured into one of the most Important individuals at this club in its finest period. Ando, we salute you.
  7. AB now unfollowed the Raiders and Derek Carr on Instagram. Tremendous entertainment when you're not on the hook for 30m.
  8. I was optimistic. Will they make it to week 1? [emoji23]
  9. There's a few teams have not set their draft class as keepers so I've extended the roster cut to Thursday 5th as there's some prime players currently going to Free Agency if I do it today. Check your Keepers and set before tomorrow evening please guys.
  10. I reckon week 3 or 4 is the point where the Raiders implode. They've brought it on themselves.
  11. He's well down the pecking order, particular with Holt in. Maybe wanting back home.
  12. Seriously though, who the f**k is Ally Roy?
  13. The owner guy is/was a total arsehole. I wouldn't imagine he's on good terms with many people.
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