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  1. Yeah it was McCart I'm sure, great block.
  2. Still more than the number of Celtic fans who appear to be online in the last 24 hours for some reason. Must be localised wifi issues.
  3. I just get a white screen which looks like it is constantly refreshing when I view match stream in Saints tv, kn demand videos work fine. Any ideas? Tried different browsers but same result..
  4. The polis have turned a blind eye in both instances clearly, I dont think it's a legal issue. I think all individuals have acted wrongly but I have a degree of understanding why. To suggest that this incident is not more egregious is nonsense. There have literally been a couple hundred fold more breaches of the law, whether pursued or not, in the instance today. Again, both were wrong and all concerned should be jailed and flogged. Cretins.
  5. Glad you recognise it, now give me a cuddle [emoji3059]
  6. I'm not commenting on what's happening at Ibrox and whether it's right or wrong but it's not remotely comparable to what happened at Mcdiarmid last sunday night.
  7. Hell of a deal if you snag him for a year or two. In his prime and working well in the rotated system. I wonder what kind of dosh he's after though. I feel like the end is nigh for May.
  8. They are rife out my way in Kirky, a few well stocked lochs, the canal and the Kelvin are obvious hunting grounds.
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