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  1. No doubt some penny pinching going on to save up for the pending class action lawsuit.
  2. Cormack has backed himself into keeping Glass longer than is necessary.
  3. This game was probably over before it started to be honest. You cant compete with the level of injury disruption we've had. There are some fucking enormous decisions ahead and the remainder of what is now likely a dead rubber season is going to be painful.
  4. Browns absolutely fucked with injuries and play again in 4 days [emoji23]
  5. Blown coverages every week. Joe Woods had no excuses this year.
  6. Mayfield's shoulder ligaments must be disintegrated by now.
  7. Mayfield is fucked on any obvious passing downs. The tackles are 4th and 5th choice guys who are playing like turnstiles.
  8. Who would have guessed the Chargers are actually shite when not getting nonsense 4th down PI calls to bail them out.
  9. Browns down both LT and RT this week. Chubb and Landry out. D seems to have dodged a bullet with those game injuries last week and Clowney is back.
  10. Comically bad stuff. Worth a watch for all neutrals on Sportscene.
  11. James Brown is decent if you keep the ball away from him. Hugely limited and still out of his depth even in a temporary covering role.
  12. So frustrating. Dreading the injury report tomorrow too, we were already down bodies.
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