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  1. I understand what you're saying but I dont think extension and furlough is outside the spirit of the legislation, given the industry troubles. HMRC had far larger fish to fry with little resource before the outbreak. That said, I trust the Directors judgement.
  2. A proposal released on the morning of a discussion is bound to be a great proposal imo.Edit- I see it has been leaked already
  3. Seems a bit off to me, Danny was asked about Roy McGregor saying it was against the spirit of the scheme. I dont think it was, most of these guys would gave picked up a contract at a club before the Covid impact, to varying lengths and values. They wont now due to the circumstances. The risks of a seasonal fixed term contract I suppose but I dont think it was against the spirit of the scheme. Have the SFA/SPFL announced any special measures in this regard for player registration windows etc, given the uncertainty?
  4. Hearts fans need to be careful here and not venture into the territory of embittered cretins that punters from the FK postcode tend to exhibit.
  5. There's a few commercial deer farms but you're right, for some reason there isn't great demand for venison which is crazy. Bulk of venison sales by game dealers will be collected from estates and are wild deer.
  6. I've been craving a proper FM style NFL management game for years and I've about given up hope on the OOTP development with Front Office Football. Draft Day Sports 2020 is quality and I'd recommend it. Especially if you've played Football Mogul in the past. Only annoying thing is that the face gens are random for all players and you start with Pat Mahomes looking like Scotty Pippen. Oddly appealing to go through the players on roster and adjust to reality though.
  7. Flacco deal good for all. Drew Lock must be playing it well behind the scenes in Denver.
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