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  1. Pathetic support, pathetic organisation. Just announce the merger and be done with it.
  2. Sad to see the demise of once competitive clubs like Morton and Falkirk, languishing in pointless obscurity forever more. Shree nil.
  3. Great 3 piece documentary, even my missus was hooked and she fucking hates the NFL.
  4. The Kuechly one is tough, unbelievable player but we've seen the images of him taking these hits and the aftermath. Wish him all the best.
  5. Yeah, he was finalist last year and I think McDaniels demands for the organisation were too much for the Haslams to swallow. We've now got a guy who was a QB coach 2 years ago and has never had to organise a coaching staff and run a team... Jarvis Landry has deleted all his IG pics after posting a trivial message. It's too Cleveland to contemplate right now.
  6. The guys who do Out Of The Park Baseball have merged with the guys who did Front Office Football and it's in the pipe. Small team who've been on it for a couple years and want to do it right. If the interface is like OOTP Baseball it will be amazing.
  7. McDaniel in Cleveland right now. He's got Haslam over a barrel and I hope he takes him to the cleaners.
  8. Oh boy... Anyway, I stuck a fiver on Seahawks at 28s for the big bowl outright.
  9. Cleveland in no rush now. Josh McDaniels come on down. Bring your crash helmet too.
  10. The game is fucked for the vast majority of clubs and it has been for decades. I have no problem with Saints doing this.
  11. So here we are again. Complete nuke to the Browns hierarchy with HC Kitchens gone yesterday and 2 year GM John Dorsey out a few moments ago. Speculation that a deal done with a new HC that didnt want to work with Dorsey. Further speculation it's McDaniels from the Pats.
  12. Congrats Dee4life on winning. I never thought at the start of the season that Kenyon Drake would be the guy who would put my brave lads to the sword but there you go!
  13. New coaching staff with Cincy of course, Belichick hasn't had a chance to spy on them yet so it makes perfect sense. The guy doing it sat down in the cleveland press box directly in front of a Bengals scout and was wearing a Bruins hat which caught the scouts eye [emoji23]
  14. Time this dreadful Bill's team was eradicated from wildcard contention. Mon the.. nah I cant say it.
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