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  1. I dont think there will be a 2k restriction to May 2022, that isn't remotely acceptable.
  2. Nothing game changing though.
  3. Nah, it be waved away like it was.
  4. I'm not having that as a pen.
  5. Commodore 64 Atari 1040st Atari Lynx Ps1 Ps2 PsP Ps4 HP Pavilion Gaming I5 1650ti
  6. Good to see the chat from St Mirren has bloomed again in it's usual seasonal cycle. Full of shit in June then it slowly tapers away when the trophies are being handed out.
  7. Always had it as effectively the corridor between and around the M8 and M80. Ayr isn't imo.
  8. NW England is seeing some trends emerge..
  9. Jason Kerr selected in SPFL Premiership team of the year. Sitting on his arse on Monday...
  10. I thought a few rogue buddies would have swallowed Radford's powerbait but not you guys smh.
  11. He got offered remuneration fit for a second string St Johnstone player and explored other glamorous options in Turin, Barnsley and Paisley. No harm in that.
  12. Isn't it the case that we didnt try try hard to keep him? That's kinda the whole point. Clive has done you proper.
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