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  1. When the wife asks you to fold the weans clothes.
  2. Cheers, that's the bit I was looking for in my emails but Gmail is pish for searching folders.
  3. I'm having a mare, could be an age thing. I've bought a season ticket, is there a dedicated link to watch the home games on ie. a separate portal to sign in? Or is it just the normal saints tv sign in page?
  4. They waited until AFTER the draft before bringing in the last GM [emoji23] At this point they're more dysfunctional than the fucking Browns.
  5. Fife Saint

    Week 6

    Still trying digest that Browns performance. Completely outclassed. Baker has to knock out some non division wins now then get at least one win vs the Steelers or Ravens later in the year or I can envisage Stefanski not fucking about and getting someone else in through the draft.
  6. I was getting a horrible buzz on the away feed so switched to the home feed which was very good. Particularly enjoyed the seething host who had a heads gone every 4 mins or so.
  7. I'm kidding, though for the record I am a paragon of virtue when it comes to illegal streaming methods [emoji41]
  8. Fife Saint

    Week 6

    I think the Colts retests came back negative so they're good to go. Huge game with the Browns and Steelers. Browns missing an entire secondary and a few others. I've got the fear.
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