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  1. It's a new company with f**k all corporate profile. Not a huge surprise.
  2. He really was an incredible goalie. Even when gazza put Hendry on his arse at Wembley I was sure Goram would keep it out.
  3. There is a very distinct possibility that Watson gets NO suspension lolz.
  4. I like it - the sponsor text/space is nothing compared to some of the horrors we have been subjected to.
  5. The notion that I will pay 80-100 pm for Sky and Sports package to watch endless OF matches with fannies like Kris Boyd in them because i am starved of watching my own team on a shite stream is ludicrous.
  6. Realistically, do we need to be paying anyone 500k to have marketing agencies email them about potential deals?
  7. Watson settled 20 of the 24 allegations against him. The cynics amongst us may believe this was encouraged by the league and there may be a tradeoff of punishment which will inevitably come.
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