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  1. I cant believe its been nearly 3 years since i started this thread, thinga hve moved really really quickly! now being faced with the cheekiest little shit known to man thats far too clever for her own good, but it is brilliant fun. wouldnt change it for anything in the world.
  2. anyone know where in Inverness/Nairn I will be able to get a traditional hot shave, starting a new job next week and am letting the facial vagina grow a little so I can get one done. Cheers
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skF1xARwf_8
  4. needing saome road advice please. saturday: elgin to aberdeen for works xmas do saunday: aberdeen to glasgow for courteeners gig monday: glasgow to elgin im considering sacking off the gig to be honest as i dont wanna risk the drive down and back up the a95. anyone near any of the roads to where im headed? if it stays as it is, ill be lucky to get to aberdeen!!
  5. mrs likes the look of the sportage, looks nice too.
  6. what model is it? need space for me, wife, bairn and dug cage in back!
  7. cheers for that, spotted a couple of 2 litre for good prices, just a case of shopping around i think
  8. was out with the hound earlier at lossie beach (dog, not wife) and you can see the cloud rolling in from the north east, we've got bout 7 inches here, i know mates in keith who have 12 inches (oh, the jealousy). we only moved up here this year, my wife (being from eng-gur-land) is not used to this, so think we're looking at buying a freelander or something of that sort!! knee jerk reaction, but not a bad idea!!
  9. needing some help here!! layla is now about 16 months and has her back teeth coming through, shes not eating a lot, and is waking at 2 am then 6 am screaming the walls down, only thing that stops it is milk. is there any way i can get her out of this? cheers
  10. aye, no far from it! loads of hoors outside all night!!
  11. probably gonnae get pelters for this but here goes: took her to paris, spent all morning in the louvre looking at fucking paintings (she loves art), proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower in front of a group of whooping yanks!! the only thing ive got that can redeem myself is that our hotel was opposite a sex shop!
  12. UtN's stovies are the baws!! i used bovril stock cubes instead and they were magic, loved by all!
  13. had chicken and bacon casserole last night, it was immense! not sure if i got it from here or other site, but can pop up the recipe if required. got my stovies in now, so will be waiting when i finish work! used bovril cubes, so well see how that turns out!
  14. I cant believe I have only just found this club! I bought one last weekend, its preparing my beef and ale stew as we speak, friday night stew and dumplings! any recipes and tips are greatly appreciated my fellow Slow Cookers!
  15. it's been a long long time since i posted in this thread! to all those who gave advice during the pregnancy - i thank you. to all those starting the adventure - good luck and enjoy every minute. i honestly can say its the greatest thing thats ever happened to me. Layla is 15 months now, running everywhere ang getting funnier by the minute. we had a wee scare recently though, when i discovered two hard lumps, on holiday, at the bottom of her ribs. i freaked big time, took her to hospital and was told it was cartlidge and it was nothing to worry about, now waiting to go and see GP back here. here's hoping it is nothing to worry about, just dont trust foreign docotrs! she is not in any pain at all, they are hard to touch adn she doesnt notice im prodding them. am i over reacting??
  16. went to Alabama 3 last night, immense!
  17. i dont want to disappoint but layla is already booked into a convent and i have a back up of converting to islam, so she has to wear burkhas!!protective father - haha!
  18. had a wee bit of a scream this morning, picked her up, massive fart and went back to sleep - that's ma girl!!!
  19. bless reina, sure it will all be ok, my next door neighbour was 10 days over! she tried everything to get it out, never smelled so much bloody curry!!
  20. thank you, she looks just like her daddy!! haha. still struggling to get clothes that fit her, everthing is huge!
  21. thank you! nope, not one bit!! feet still havent touched the floor!
  22. Layla Marie Macdonald!! Peaceful as always, she is absolutely magic!
  23. Apologies for the delay but Layla Marie Macdonald arrived safely at 2029 on Thursday weighing 5lb 14oz, and we were lucky ebough to get home last night too! Mum and Baby are both doing amazing.
  24. its alright swindon, lived in worse places to be fair, im actually at lyneham so its ok. i should change my forum name really!!
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