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  1. Some pints in South Shields North Shields and Newcastle on Weds All fairly relaxed Sat outside in Newcastle Very pleasant South Shields pub by ferry was excellent real Ale establishment , great beer only difference from normal was Perspex on bar and tracing details
  2. Loved Mayfair in Newcastle Edinburgh venue as well was a great place I thought Camden underworld is great too
  3. I thought infinity land was their last album - and a mighty fine one at that They still about?
  4. Balance was due day they cancelled flight They were waiting on list from government They’d have taken balance then I would have had to chase up a 2700 refund so cancelled
  5. I cancelled my Bulgaria holiday and lost deposit last week (balance was due and didn’t want them to take a load of wedge to try and get it back) Now they’ve cancelled flights Can I get deposit back? Was with Jet2
  6. Yes thanks They just keep deposit Got through eventually
  7. Was booked to go to Bulgaria in August with Jet 2 want to cancel as don’t fancy all inclusive in current situation obviously plus likely to be a quarantine situation and clearly can’t take extra two weeks off work. Can’t get a hold of them but looks like I’d have to pump up 50% of holiday to cancel (I’ve only paid deposit 240) It can’t be right that I’d be 1400 quid out of pocket Be nice if they’d answer fucking phone
  8. Abs faulty light came on today first run since getting car back???
  9. So the Burnley fan behind banner also supports...
  10. Yeah it was shoes and a cylinder Front shoes needed done too 250 quid which wasn’t as bad as I thought
  11. I dropped it there before Cagey as f**k
  12. It’s a 56 plate Citroen C3 Desire Aye it hasn’t been obviously grinding for a while I knew they needed done but MOT was due end of May and of course got 6 month’s leeway Otherwise would have been sorted then. Car hardly doing any miles at minute either normally 1000 + a month I’m an idiot Is it a “big” job?
  13. Hope someone can help? I have had grinding noise in rear brake(s) for a few days Booked into garage tomorrow However today when driving brake pedal going to floor (spongy) air noise coming out of pedal. Turned round and went home Went back out and pool of fluid at rear offside wheel. Stated car again and brake faulty light on (although I’m shit at cars I kinda worked that out) It’s going to garage tomorrow Obviously its fucked but any ideas what it might be (calliper, brake line?)
  14. Hopefully a few lifted in coming days Like this c**t https://mobile.twitter.com/MunroeBergdorf/status/1271940253927067648
  15. f**k him Usually a little fine but in this case hopefully loses everything fat facist c**t
  16. Precisely It’s a fucking cauldron of hatred stoked up by c***s like this
  17. https://mobile.twitter.com/chowmina_/status/1271793914257780736 Very surprised to see a rangers fan here
  18. Utter utter utter c***s Wonder if Johnson and Patel will be condemning these cretins https://mobile.twitter.com/VinnieoDowd/status/1271774513831849985
  19. Aye take kids toy to handle corpses? Bullshit
  20. Whatever happens I hope we find out truth If only for the “I fucking told you “ seethe from whoever was right/wrong
  21. No no I know it doesn’t prove anything but the first thing you’d think is what are you hiding? As you say be interesting to hear explanation
  22. Just the deleted calls quite a lot of them Deleted night of incident and strong hints at big argument between Gerry and Kate on Tuesday night (night Madeline was crying for her dad)along with a rise of calls late that night and early next morning Struck me as odd that they deleted anything I don’t think I’ve ever deleted calls
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