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  1. Magnificent tonight stu Football , bloody hell
  2. Be even worse when their old man gets lifted later
  3. Ally’s good feeling Bigging up mcgregor Saved none
  4. Thoughts and prayers with Seville tonight
  5. State of her [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  6. They love this “150 years” pish the commentary team
  7. Ally has a “good feeling “ Frankfurt to win then
  8. Deserved Stonewall pen denied Flukey goal Hopefully a last minute heartbreak
  9. Just like in prem Stonewall pen denied Lucky goal
  10. Yeah I didn’t really like it first listen or two but it’s a grower Better than Girls in Peacetime Couple of really good tracks Stevie’s contribution is a bit meh and I love the Stevie stuff
  11. Can you park at ingilston park and ride? I bought car parking but my mate in Edinburgh reckons p and r an easy walk ?
  12. I’m just not used to it most I pay is 30 quid Anyway lure was too much taking eldest Paid for limited car parking too Still going to Leeds on the Friday Should be great
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