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  1. State of that Tory c**t
  2. Fiona Bruce is an utter utter cretin
  3. 452 was official attendance
  4. Was he not transport secretary
  5. The state of his supporters outside court. Grade A fuckwits getting duped by Yaxley-Lennon so he can crowdfund his mansion.
  6. Gretna away early August. Few scoops in Carlisle sounds good to me. Train via Newcastle too so good options for coming home
  7. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] stupid c**t
  8. Was at H20 and battery show in Camden underworld tonight (well went to see battery) Amazing show great venue
  9. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  10. Wish that England band would f**k right off. Complete c***s.
  11. That’s amazing Looking forward to catching up with Bill again this season
  12. marty_j


    Mineral tonight in a London tonight
  13. I enjoyed it. Train to Aberdeen no 3bus down picks up outside station. Good day out
  14. Well done Cove. Those in charge at Shielfield will now forever be written in history books as the custodians of our club that blindly led us to relegation and potential oblivion. Good work. I hope you sleep well tonight
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