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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/ChrisHopkins92/status/1265206072794648576
  2. Terrified of getting black balled by good old Boris
  3. Fair enough but he’s an absolute c**t of a man
  4. Erm erm I need to wear glasses so erm erm erm I think it’s erm erm erm erm entirely plausible What an orator
  5. Probs Any journo worth his salt would have thought about it
  6. Johnson swerving it Hadn’t got an answer
  7. Could Peston not have asked that at press conference Knob
  8. Not on in order but 1) wife was shabby with potential Covid but went back to work against guidelines 2) worried about kid Even though he said she wasn’t showing any symptoms- drove to Durham 3) kid vomits takes kids to Hospital to infect others against guidelines 4) goes for a drive of over 60 miles to check eyes against guidelines 5) oh no 4 on wife’s birthday 6) stops for piss has walk in woods 7) wife wrote article about “London lockdown” Cabinet ministers saying he’s cleared up the lies Cool cool
  9. https://mobile.twitter.com/haveigotnews/status/1264961087159644163
  10. Fucking Dominic Cummings was serving all over the shop near Barnard Castle last month
  11. Tory mps tweeting he tidied it up let’s move on
  12. He couldn’t see properly to be fair
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