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  1. I won't be attending either, we are a shambles from top to bottom, people like terracingtam got what they wished for though. Relegation Fair play to brechin for sticking by Dods when the going got tough, should be a routine win for them to complete the job.
  2. Too much experience to let us go down. The change should've been made in the summer.
  3. Well done to Brechin for showing faith in doddsy, you could've ended up with a muppet like Bollan
  4. We would 100% not have been relegated if Dick had stayed, the chairman should've let him see the season out then appoint Petrie and sellers in the summer. A shambolic decision to appoint Bollan who has been utterly useless.
  5. I've seen Cowdenbeath three times and honestly cannot believe they are above us. We need to start taking chances but we played well enough today. Going to be a battle, stenny may get dragged in also.
  6. Good performance, cant help thinking it was 2 points dropped. Looking forward to Saturday, its a must win. O'Brien easily the best player on the pitch, completely strolled the game.
  7. This is the correct appointment for Arbroath at this stage. Dick took over us at an almost identical state to what Arbroath seem to be in. He will stabilise the team and keep you safe and although there are no guarantees he should get you promotion next year, the main reason down to attracting players. He gets the best out of players and also seems to be well liked (e.g., the mass exodus when he left) His team last season was the best brand of football I had seen in over 40 years from a Forfar side, pace out wide, a solid back 4 and keeper and two front men playing up front, no strange formations or negative football, just what needed to be done at part time level in Scottish football. He also managed to attract some good experienced pro's, Derek Lilley, Marc Mcculloch, Andy Tod, Stevie Crawford, Darren Dods, Rab Douglas who all played their part on the pitch but would also be good guys in the dressing room. Also brought in some decent players from the lower leagues, Kader and Denholm being good examples. The youth set up we have is refreshing and he gave some chances to 3 or 4 players but whilst some of our fans were strangely upset at this I think clubs like us and Arbroath in an ideal world would love to have a bunch of local lads coming through the ranks into the first team, but its a model that takes a lot of money and time. I felt his only negatives were he would sometimes tinker with the team unnecessarily, I turned up at Station Park sometimes to see 4 or 5 changes in the team and couldn't see why certain players were left out. On the flip side there were some players he just wouldn't drop no matter how poor they were. All in all, a safe appointment, put it this way you could've been stuck with Gary Bollan.
  8. Bit harsh calling the guy a fud. Probably trying his best. Injuries and suspensions making life difficult today. Wasn't there so no idea how game went.
  9. I think Dick would get you out the league next season, I've met and spoken to him a few times at our golf outings etc and he seemed to almost have an obsession with trying to get us to the championship and it nearly happened on a couple of occasions. The wheels came off a bit this season with losing key players and not replacing them but I think he will be desperate to get back in and would be a fit for Arbroath at this time.
  10. Yeah that should've been done in June/July, I'm more interested in what's happening now. They looked like they hadn't played together, no idea where Kennedy was? My 7 year old son could've save two of the goals, Hill is just getting laughable now.
  11. I got slaughtered on here weeks ago and was told nichol and Baxter wouldn't be missed !!!! Utter shambles, Brechin hardly won a game all season and yet they've beaten us twice. What's the situation with Yano?
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