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  1. Cant disagree with this. Away to have a word with myself for agreeing with a filthy DAB
  2. What about the railway station thats about 200m from the ground? (With a pub on the feckin platform FFS) And since when was the A9 a motorway? Come back once you've finished yer glue.
  3. I think that more down to Roy McGregor giving him a shit-load of money to re-build a whole team every year more than Adams actual ability as a manager. As a person, the man was a complete and utter c0ck who never, ever had any grace about him. Grade A Penis
  4. Worse than Lennon? Without a doubt. As much as I disliked Lennon, and some of his signings were sheeeeite - He did pretty well at the bhigots and probably took them as far as he could.
  5. I've only seem him twice, but he's probably still having nightmares about Martin Boyle now.
  6. Were you one of the pissed up boys wha never got in then? If so, instead of moaning aboot a refund to the polis, why didnt you just sell yer ticket to another fan in the queue?
  7. The wee hamilton fuds are never too young to learn the hard way.
  8. Not a phucking chance. Kelvin Jack was the worst keeper ive ever seen wear a DFC shirt. An absolute fraud. Phucking huge one at that - boy was a beast.
  9. Good luck with Gardiner the Pakora counter. The mans a fucking snake.
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