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  1. And your non answer would be to what? Bring in "professional stewards" from a Dundee company spending money the Club can ill afford? Just ignore the stewards and watch the team play out of trouble.
  2. Let's get realistic. The Club must have stewards to comply with the rules. The current stewards are those who have come forward to do this. They may not be to every ones taste but until the experts in the crowd and on P&B volunteer, we have what we have. Put up or shut up
  3. Did not miss the young guys banging on the boards behind the goals. Get that stopped!!!!!!!
  4. I don't blame anyone for accepting more money as I don't know their personal circumstances. Whether Kelty is a long term proposition or not remains to be seen. History suggests it's not. Shame if Reilly leaves as he has more to offer in the long term to the team than Dylan.
  5. Having watched Danny at Gayfield a number of times this season it is clear that his best days are long past. The "Forfar Danny Denholm" only exists in past memories.
  6. Just watched Dicks interview. What game was he at?. I never saw the Ref , the players, the benches or anyone in the crowd mention time wasting tactics. The game flowed along .
  7. No post match interview with Dick? He is usually big enough to face the camera. Iain obviously unavailable as well but no surprise there.
  8. Won less games than EVEN FORFAR!!! I would suggest that a groveling apology is required.
  9. I am sure the Club would not be too adverse to a substantial transfer fee offer at some time in the future.
  10. Shite day --- correct. Shite result -- wrong. Shite pub --correct. ( you were all in the Cally). Cold pies -- no comment.
  11. Let down badly by Travis. A half way line needless foul. Why was Dylan replaced yet again near the end by a young player who as yet could not lace his boots. I know at tlmes Dylan can be frustrating but we needed him on the pitch for 90 mins today.
  12. Performance , no ,rather commitment, so much better than last week. Well done all round but specially Trav. Get a bit more vocal to match your play.
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