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  1. Out without even using their passports, surely a new low for Scottish football, and that's already low.
  2. YouTube and FB, there's a quality slow mo vid on FB.
  3. That was good. Still scratching my head as to how it all happened but unforgettable scenes at end. What a season. Hard luck Raith but you've been a pain in the arse for a couple of seasons so it's nice to finally get one over on you, feeling your pain though as last Sunday I was inconsolable and the thought of the play offs were depressing. Can sit back and enjoy the World Cup now with a buzz that will last a long long time.
  4. Madrid 11 European Cups. We accept the challenge!!
  5. Time for a Greg Fleming from either keeper.
  6. Where were this Athletico in the first 45?
  7. Game about to break out in the last 10 mins here.
  8. Is this Rio's audition to be the new Bond or did he not have time to change after his shift in the local piano bar?
  9. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz The San Siro always seems to suck the life out of games.
  10. Dumbarton in the north draw due to them being seeded and one 'south' team had to go north between them and Morton. Both teams lie on the same latitude but as Dumbarton are north of the river they were picked.
  11. Utter shite draw. Only Edinburgh City away can save it.
  12. Motherwell Saracens Chicago White Sox New Zealand Edinburgh City
  13. Shocker of game bereft of skill or composure. No atmosphere either. Two shit teams.
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