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  1. Out without even using their passports, surely a new low for Scottish football, and that's already low.
  2. YouTube and FB, there's a quality slow mo vid on FB.
  3. That was good. Still scratching my head as to how it all happened but unforgettable scenes at end. What a season. Hard luck Raith but you've been a pain in the arse for a couple of seasons so it's nice to finally get one over on you, feeling your pain though as last Sunday I was inconsolable and the thought of the play offs were depressing. Can sit back and enjoy the World Cup now with a buzz that will last a long long time.
  4. Madrid 11 European Cups. We accept the challenge!!
  5. Time for a Greg Fleming from either keeper.
  6. Where were this Athletico in the first 45?
  7. Game about to break out in the last 10 mins here.
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