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  1. Let me know if you liked Austin. We’ve been once, and really enjoyed it. The BBQ restaurants were outstanding, as was the steak we had in Vince Young’s Steakhouse. Are you going down at dusk to ‘bat bridge’ to join the locals waiting for the bats to emerge from under the bridge and swoop in huge numbers around the bridge? We went down, never saw a single fcuking bat emerge from their lair, but fair enjoyed the beers and the chat with those around us. Fcuking bats.
  2. Yup, how the Broncos are actually 2-1 is quite puzzling as we don’t have a fully functioning offense. Funny thing is, we could easily have been 3-0 dugshite, as we effectively beat ourselves in Seattle. It’s nothing new though, we haven’t had a fully functioning offense since the season before SB50. Our defence won us that one, No matter. All I hoped for is that when I go to London, we weren’t already out of it.
  3. Sky 9.25 live game is Denver @ Las Vegas. Tomorrow, I’m getting the beers, crisps and sausage rolls in for my dugshite evening.
  4. Would absolutely love to be in Vegas joining the sea of orange that will take over the Ally Giant Stadium. Maybe next year.
  5. Good time for Livvy to get us, with so many of our international stars having been away with their countries. 8-0 Saints… Aussie international, Aussie international, Kiwi international, Scottish international, Cypriot international, Curtis Main hat-trick.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-63034255 The story says there will be a different one for Scotland. Seems only fair we get Lionel Messi, seeing as how they just blagged Cristiano Ronaldo.
  7. Should have a referees challenge too. Personally, I’d challenge Shawn Hochuli to explain why Bosa kicking Russell Wilson isn’t tripping.
  8. Looking forward to the Vic Fangio v Nathaniel Hackett ‘time management’ faceoff. Skills.
  9. Minute’s silence / applause / booing / unfurl a banner required at all Scottish grounds IMHO.
  10. Peter King’s match report from Las Vegas is in…
  11. Never in doubt. Can’t wait for our shitfest tour to hit Wembley now. 🫣
  12. Need the Jags to win, and I can go to bed after the Bucs v Packers, safe in the knowledge that the Chargers, Chiefs, and Raiders all lost, so no matter what happens in the Denver v SF game, we’re not chasing shadows already in the AFC West. Will record our game. TV will be left on Challenge TV overnight… switch it on tomorrow and you’ll see a 1987 episode of ‘Wheel of Fortune’. No danger of learning any results…. I call it my ballgame breakfast. A benefit of being a retired auld duffer… record the late games, set alarm for 7.30am, get up, get a pot of coffee brewing, toast lightly buttered… Go Broncos.
  13. ‘Brady v Rodgers’. No way both of them can lose? Nah? Shame.
  14. That was me at the final whistle of the 2010 League Cup Final.
  15. Wow. How good was that Dolphins v Bills game? Never mind that though… Chiefs and Raiders lose. The AFC West, the best division in football?
  16. We should have appointed Steve Hackett.
  17. I don’t think the World Cup should have been awarded to Qatar, but then again, I don’t think Russia should have got it, and I think F1 hold races in a few questionable locations. Not a lot I can do about it, unless I paint a banner complaining and take it to a Sellik game - that’ll sort it. Anyway… I think it’s great to see as many St Mirren players as possible gain international recognition. These aren’t diddy countries with diddy international squads. If our boys are getting into these squads, it’s because they have been doing well, playing well, and aren’t shite.
  18. I’m certainly related to a throbber, but then again, so is my brother.
  19. My brother came over to ours last night and turned up with six bottles of soft fizzy shite.
  20. Silversun Pickups ‘Physical Thrills’ is superb.
  21. In the broad areas of music genres I very much like - rock, pop, alternative, whatever you term them, a band I have really struggled to like are Muse. Just never got into them. Something about them seems too cold, too clinical, too shiny. Can’t really put my finger on it.
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