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  1. I have new-found respect for Scottie Scheffler. This is his Masters gala dinner menu. Burgers, shrimp, steak, warm chocolate cookies? Back of the net.
  2. 20 in 2022. Not very popular. I used to be popular, especially in the 1970s… not so much these days. A bit like Gary Glitter then.
  3. We don’t have kids, so cannot offer advice on that particular aspect of cruising. Can offer some good pointers though - like everything, there’s tons of YouTube videos about cruise ships and cabins online. My advice would be to search YouTube and watch review videos by a company called Harr Travel. Danny, the guy from Harr, does a great job showing you all aspects of the ships he reviews. He has his own certain style and patter in every video…. ‘Those incredible ocean views… hmm, the dessert station, my favourite….and all at those amazing duty free prices… the kiddos love it, my kiddos love it, yours will too’…. So aye, Danny has the patter, calls kids ‘the kiddos’, but his reviews show what the ship has for the kids, as well as adults. Well filmed, professional, and shows what you want to see and learn about. I know his reviews are online about the big Royal Caribbean ships, Princess, Virgin… although Virgin being adults only, nothing for ‘the kiddos’ there. Well worth seeking out - Harr Travel ship review videos, and big 6ft 5in plus Danny telling it like it is.
  4. Oh for Christ sake. ….said Johnnydun.
  5. Div in P&B HQ following a St Mirren defeat.
  6. Aye, a definite RIP Paul O’Grady. I found his Lily Savage act very sharp, very funny and different back in the day. Moved into all sorts and came over as a likeable and genuine human being. However, for fifty points, Savage….Cuts. For one hundred points, Savage… Garden. For the inflatable garden hot tub, Savage… Deid’. RIP. Loved dugs’ and other animals too. One we can say will be sadly missed.
  7. Agree they should be included, even though they haven’t been EPL London big boys until recently. I know Fulham and Palace have yo-yo’ed a bit over the last fifteen years. So aye, anyway, with Conte now being bagged, over the last fifteen years, between them, all the major London football clubs have collectively been through more managers than St Mirren have had top 6 finishes. It’s official.
  8. Aye, and good luck to whoever gets the Spurs gig. A nice earner for two seasons, then pumped when you failed to conquer Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal, and, maybe, Newcastle. Then the hamster wheel spins again.
  9. Aye, Arsenal, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Fulham.
  10. I’ll take Palace. Uncle Roy, someone else, Uncle Roy, someone else, Uncle Roy, someone else. Piece of piss. What was I thinking?
  11. OK peeps. Without Googling, anyone care to list everyone who has managed the major London clubs over the past, let’s say, fifteen years? Does Div have enough bandwidth for the answer?
  12. Must admit, had also thought what I’d do if I won something like £120 million on Euromillions in regard to investing in St Mirren. Should they wish to accept my investment that is. For my offer would be to only invest in infrastructure projects that directly benefitted supporters. So, just my opinion of course, I would be interested in building a true, proper, open to all ‘Leeds United style’ matchday venue for food, drink, comfy seats, TVs showing games etc. A fit—for-purpose Airdome replacement. Extend the West Stand backwards into some of the car park to at least double the space and install bigger better lavvies etc. Maybe look into other stuff in time…. In return, would merely insist that all home strips have proper stripes, red names and numbers, and are made by Adidas. The BoD and SMiSA can take it or leave it. That’s my offer.
  13. Enjoying a breakfast pot of strong Italian coffee, and my mind wandered to the Ibiza club version of their anthem. My top anthem in the world, with Wales at No2 and the magnificent Russian national anthem at No3… in my chart rundown opinion etc. Anyway, had a look online about the Italian anthem, and it’s a very interesting story about how it came about, was dropped, was re-introduced, and actually only officially became their anthem in 2017… 150 years after being written. The lyrics are magnificent too. No wonder it pumps them up. English translation is, and I paraphrase ever so slightly… pretty much along the lines of… Brothers of Italy, we’ve been stamped on and laughed at for centuries. ‘Cause we cannae’ unite on our divided land. Let’s get it fcuking sorted under one flag and show these kunts what we’re all about. As one, we die for Italy. Get it fcuking up ye’s… Intae’ these kunts. Truly magnificent stuff. And back to breakfast..
  14. England deserved to win. I also think England provided a ton of entertainment - Maguire going down and staying down like he’d been shot - after suffering a friendly fire kick on his hand. Kane going down like he’d suffered a serious concussion, realising he was off the pitch, and crawling on hands and knees back onto the field to ensure the game would stop. Turned out he wasn’t seriously concussed - the ball hit him in the chest. Kyle Walker, strolling past the ball sitting right where the throw in he was going to take would be taken from, to try and use another ball a few feet away to waste seconds of time, and acting puzzled as to why a yellow card was brandished. Jack Grealish. I mean, come on. He’s got falling over and ‘anticipating the contact’ down to a fine art. Luke Shaw. What a boi. Quickfire double yellow, comes over all ‘Kyle Walker’ in the puzzlement stakes as a red is brandished, and clearly distraught by it all, acts like he’s just suffered a stroke and collapses to the turf. Another few seconds wasted in beautiful fashion, with style. Bravo Sir, bravo. Connor Gallagher - on as a sub for ten seconds, ‘anticipates some contact’, and in an oscar nominated performance, feigns cramp - after ten seconds. Again, bravo Sir, bravo indeed. Finally. Phil Foden. On for thirty seconds, hooked because of Luke Shaw. Never burst into tears or threw a hissy. What a boi. Some team. Some bois. Eng-er-land, it’s coming home… etc.
  15. 0-2, should have been 0-3, and fully deserved to be fair. Best thing about Italy has been the new Adidas strip and disco national anthem.
  16. Grealish impersonating me at the fives there.
  17. Not as shit as the Italian defending at that corner.
  18. Jesus wept. An Ibiza club remix of the world’s greatest anthem… Is it Eurovision already?
  19. It was because of watching Soccer AM that I discovered the magnificent Wolf Alice when they were unknowns and had just released their debut single. Soccer AM played it as the music over a lower league goals highlight reel, and my ears instantly p***ked up. Thought ‘who on earth are that band, they sound great’… Saw them first at King Tuts in front of a hundred folk. I genuinely had a feeling they were going to be big. Fantastic band… So for that alone, thank you Soccer AM. Edit to add… cannae’ say your ears p***ked up on hearing something. Oh well.
  20. Genuinely, I never used ‘Livvy’ as a deliberate wind-up. I just always used that spelling. Anyway, no matter. You say Livi, and I say Livvy. Livi, Livvy, Livi, Livvy, let’s call the whole thing off.
  21. Sounds good. Like voting for who the Chairman should be?
  22. That’s me put straight. Only thing for it is for me to stop using Livvy. Will change to Livvie. Much better.
  23. Buy the box set, keep it pristine in a drawer, and in twenty years time cash in - it’ll be worth more than sticking the equivalent amount into a traditional bank or building society type of investment these days.
  24. To be fair, I usually go ‘Ferrantibank multi-administration rent-dodging League Cup and 3rd spot bought on the never-never plastic pitch no fans get to fcuk just like Hamilton Accies shite’…. but ‘Livvy’ is easier to type.
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