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  1. Aye, listen tae’ yer’ auld da’. Thielen is a player and a half.
  2. Good luck picking an NFL team to support where there isn’t at least one absolute roaster on the books. Hey, at least you never fancied following da’ Raiders a few weeks ago.
  3. Nope. There’s a big difference between 3rd and 12th. The teams who can finish 3rd can eke out wins, while the teams fannying around 12th cannot hit a coo’s arse wae’ a banjo and are grim to watch. Like us.
  4. Might be crap patter but where’s the counter argument? Hearts are doing what would give our Top 6 Tony CEO a hard-on. Where’s our ‘top 3’ season? Top 6 season? Anything other than fcuking hoping Hamilton / Ross County / Killie / Gretna / insert name of top flight bottom feeding rival are even fcuking worse than us season? Every top flight season in recent memory is the same. The players and manager change, but ir’s ingrained in our DNA to be pish to watch, relegation battling, bottom 6 shite. We simply cannot have a go at any Jambos fans who are having a go at us. Not until we prove it onfield, and achieve, even for a brief moment, a ‘Motherwell or St Johnstone’ top 6 season.
  5. Just spotted this story on the BBC website. Haven’t read the story yet, but it looks like some fat Scottish fcuk has sat on the Lombardi Trophy.
  6. Livvy game a shitfest with two decent goals being the only standout. No goals today. Beaten at home by Dundee. Our ‘recent form’ guide showing zero wins, a couple of shitfest draws, Let’s be honest, we are an utterly boring ‘meh’ top flight side with zero to little flair. It’s like watching Gus MacPherson St Mirren teams all over again. Us ‘diehards’ rack up week after week through loyalty and because it’s what we do. We’re like watching Dulux dry. Again.
  7. Have been to several NFL stadiums across the pond. The old and new Cowboys stadiums, Louisiana Superdome, FedEx Field, Mile High, Georgia Dome, University of Phoenix Stadium, CenturyLink Field, and MetLife Stadium. Favourite stadium was Mile High in Denver, but the new Spurs stadium is every bit as good, if not better, than any of the Stateside ones I’ve been in.
  8. My first namesake hit on Google used to be an eminent violinist, or a long time inmate on death row somewhere in America. Now it seems to be a high-flying financier who owns his own investment banking company or something.
  9. Going against my natural instinct, but to be serious for a moment… I am far from being ‘scared of catching Covid’, but even I found being on the packed London Underground recently a bit more worrying. I never used to bother, never enjoyed being on it like sardines in a can, but was never too concerned about catching anything. Must admit though, being on that with folk coughing, spluttering, sneezing, shouting (post NFL game at Spurs heading back to the city), certainly made me think it must be a high-risk environment for anything, not just Covid, to be transmitted.
  10. Hospitals? Care Homes? Scotland fans in the fountains at Trafalgar Square? Nike Conferences? The Tory benches at Westminster? Sevco fans in George Square? Nick Hancock’s boudoir? Has to be more.
  11. The Vikings actually have my favourite player in football, and I include the Broncos in that. Adam Thielen. Great player, great story about making it in the NFL. I love his smartness, route running, great hands, and doesn’t shy away from physical contact. An intelligent football player who is great to watch and easy to root for, even as an opposition fan.
  12. This game is everything the earlier Bears at Lions game wasn’t. Time for bed. Catch up with the rest of this and the Bills @ Saints ra’ morra’… without knowing scores.
  13. Ooooffttt… zebra takes a tumble at speed after falling over an orange pylon.
  14. Raiders and Cowboys fire their special teams coaches and announce two new appointments…
  15. Shaun Gayle struggling like fcuk here ad-libbing with a tablet when he was supposed to be on a lavvy break while Luke Combs was warbling away in Arlington.
  16. Luke Combs’ sound quality…. Ah, takes me back. Shut my eyes and thought I was back at a gig in the SECC big red shed.
  17. Nah. Got to want the result that helps your own team’s chances. Denver have still only played one divisional game, so unlikely as it seems, it’s still up for grabs. I simply have to want the Raiders, Chargers and Chiefs to lose this season, no matter who they’re playing.
  18. Oooft. Good stuff from The Raiders there. Nice TD.
  19. For purely selfish Broncos AFC West hopes (yeah, I know)… come on Cowboys. Time for a stiff drink…. To help try and erase that Bears @ Lions game from my memory. Reckon I’ll wake up at 4am tonight in a cold sweat shouting ‘holding… defence… time out Detroit. Another time out Detroit… fannies, holding, penalty, fannies, holding…’
  20. 6-2 St Mirren… after going 1 down too. Bring on the dancing girls!
  21. Some lease. Some may want dubai their car.
  22. Got 18 holes booked for the weekend, do I need to show a passport before using these?
  23. Indeed. The law abiding Mrs Poz just said the exact same thing to me a moment ago. You do have to wonder, do the Scottish Government think to themselves, even for just a moment, ‘we’re just making this shit up on the back of a Woodbine packet now’.
  24. Just had a quick look at the BBC Scotland news webpage. You’ve got things like ‘This Christmas, will visitors be able to stay with me?’, ‘Will schools be able to have nativity plays this Christmas.’. I half expected the next bullet point to be ‘Will St Mirren ever finish top 6?’, ‘Ever visited a Turkish men’s sauna?’, ‘Ever seen a grown man naked?’. I don’t think I’ve ever lived through another 18 month period in my life where my attitude to the news changed so dramatically from ‘This is serious, I need to absorb what they’re saying here’, to ‘Get yourself to fcuk, just fcuk off’.
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