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  1. Maybe on holiday in Scotland and wanted to take in a game? Who knows. Anyway, hope they enjoyed the second half action and the exciting finish.
  2. Ah. Now for my next question. Any idea what a bunch of complete and utter basques were doing at the dinkydome? Just here to see the mighty Mirren?
  3. By jezzuz, our offense whiffs. That is all.
  4. Apologies if already asked - on Saturday there were a group of fans in the main stand towards the family stand end, all wearing red and white striped football shirts. I think one of them also had a flag, which I think I may have seen at some Celtic (2-0 GIRFUY) FC games. Kind of looks like a Union flag, but it’s red, white and green. I thought maybe they were over from the Irish club we have / had an arrangement with. Anyone any ideas?
  5. Oooft. What a finish to the game. The only thing missing was a safety. Great stuff.
  6. First half was utter crap from both teams. Second half was far more eventful. A good goal from us, a sending off, a missed penalty, an equaliser, a great free kick tipped over, and a 90th minute winner? Just my opinion, but if anyone rates that second half as being ‘utter crap’, then there’s only one conclusion - they’re a Livingston fan.
  7. TDs, fumble, interception, fake punt, two point conversion, and a close game into the fourth. A Saints backup QB, and three big stars out…. Yet, wasn’t an attractive matchup on paper. You never know the minute.
  8. Excellent. Vikings just executed a fake punt and a depleted Saints team are making a spirited game of it. Been good to watch.
  9. Good first half at Tottingham. TDs, turnover, interception, sacks… beer time, then strapped in for the second half.
  10. Have been to the London games every year since 2010 and can’t wait to go back down for Denver @ Jacksonville. Some of the best games I’ve seen have been when the matchup didn’t initially look the best. I think the London games do nothing to fuel anything at all about a London franchise. A London franchise was never happening. With the increase from a 16 to 17 game regular season, and a rota for giving up a home game, the international series can now roll on. The expansion to games now in London, Mexico City and Munich, shows where this is heading - and it isn’t leading towards the London Jaguars, London Whatevers… thankfully. My opinion was any talk of a London franchise was complete bullshit. It p***ked the interest of non NFL fans, and made for a better soundbite than saying ‘don’t be daft, any new franchise would go to a market city in the USA, you muppets’.
  11. Reading the thread earlier, and not being on Twatter at all, I thought maybe Div had tweeted something incendiary while pished, and had broken the internet. Frankly disappointing to find that it’s just a bloke giving his opinion on something.
  12. Incorrect. We are getting huge, massive, top 3 Tony hard-ons. Not wee ones. It’s a time to enjoy the heady hard-ons, third spot, gubbed ra’ Sellik, won in the 90th minute with ten men. Damn right we’re going to milk it. Doesn’t usually go like this… and it may not last. In the words of Alan Partridge… time for a w**k methinks. Thank you.
  13. It’s tremendous. I’ve been to three - Dallas at Washington, New England at Denver, and New England at NY Jets. Can’t compare it to the London games, they are great, but have the now well-known ‘32 Jerseys’ atmosphere. When you are in Mile High with 70,000 giving Tom Brady the middle finger after the chunt ran off without even shaking Brock Osweiler’s hand…. Can’t beat it.
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