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  1. I understand you will be well aware of this, but it isn’t the defeats. It’s the manner of them, the margin of them, in one case, the lowly status of the opposition that delivered a defeat, and the fact they were overseen by a manager who left us for you, and the fact that we all said at the time it was a big mistake just waiting to happen. Aberdeen will bounce back from this period of utter abysmal failure, but you’ll have to excuse us for soiling our breeks st present.
  2. Pro Bowl ‘skills’ programme was a feckin’ brilliant piece of tosh. Way better than the half-arsed ‘proper’ AFC v NFC game. The dodgeball segment was shite, but after initially thinking ‘WTF!?’ found myself really enjoying the QBs battering targets (fair play Derek Carr), and the golf and ‘fantasy catches’ bits were done with good humour. Gets my vote.
  3. I am enjoying watching us. I don’t think we’re a grim shitfest type of team at all. With Strain, Baccus, Tanser, Kiltie & a few others, we try to play a bit, and up top, we have options. Options that might not score thirty a season, but every man in our team is a trier. Absolutely no sand-dancers or non-triers. Not one.
  4. Wouldn’t be my choice either. Nothing against the guy, but that was then, a lot of water has flowed under that bridge.
  5. Gets my vote. Anything that arrives in Paisley having spent some time in Motherwell seems to work out OK.
  6. Let’s just hope we carry on the way we are, and keep under the radar.
  7. Like Erhahon and Reid leaving, and Baccus attracting interest, if there’s any bigger fish come calling for Robbo’, and he decides to leave us, we’ll survive. I would be disappointed, but wouldn’t lose a blink of sleep over it. It’s modern fitba’. Even just in recent times Jack Ross left, Jim Goodwin left - both for bigger clubs. Didn’t work out for them, worked out OK for St Mirren. Who would be the next manager through our revolving door would concern me more. If he is courted and leaves, he leaves. Hypothetical question of course is, would the SMFC board give Goody a call. Now, there’s a question.
  8. It is now very much Friday afternoon, and I’m spending a few moments before opening a packet of cheezy wotsits and a can of Tizer by looking at the league table, reflecting on two 3-1 gubbings handed down to Aberdeen, chuckling at your goalie going up for that corner, reflecting on the success of Jim Goodwin’s ‘new look Aberdeen’, shaking my head at red card appeals, re-living Curtis Main’s goals and celebrations at Pittodrie, and giving fleeting thoughts to 5-0 and 6-0 pumpings, and 1-0 losses to sixth-tier Ayrshire diddies….. not watching Aberdeen YouTube videos.
  9. Nah. Staying North of the river suits me fine. Maybe go the back way over the Erskine Bridge, or fly from Cumbernauld International to Renfrewshire Aerodrome.
  10. No idea what Aberdeen are moaning about. The referee at Pittodrie was given clear instructions by VAR
  11. Great thing is, I’m buzzing for a home game, and why not? Embrace the feelgood factor, embrace the recent wins, enjoy the home record, and the vastly improved atmosphere and general upbeat feel amongst St Mirren supporters. Goodness knows, it beats racking up week after week through some of the Stubbs / Craig / insert name of shitfest manager here. On the downside, the feckin’ 2012 start-up are at home again too. M8 nightmare there and back. Fcukers.
  12. They should just shut up and accept it. We had Marcus Fraser sent off at home recently, and at the time, I just thought he had jumped over a player and came down on another. See it from another angle and best to just accept it was a red and move on.
  13. Aberdeen chased after Jim Goodwin following a run of six decent games, a sniff of top six, and facing a cup game at Tynecastle. Beat Hibs on Saturday, and we’ll be sitting comfortably in fourth, sniffing third, and facing a cup game at Parkhead. Logic suggests Cormack should be crawling on hands and knees across broken glass from Union Street to Greenhill Road, waving a chequebook and slabbering ‘big club, big club’ in Robbo’s direction. If logic came into it up there.
  14. Small looks a player and a half, and Watt contributed too. All in all, a very good night - but until the well worked cross and Main bullet header, boy, how shite was our final ball, and yet more aimless crosses into the keeper’s hands. From our box to theirs, everything was fine against the ten men, but when we got near their box, turned to shite. Never mind though, all’s well that ends well. If Baccus wallops an elbow into someone’s chops, guaranteed red card, so that was a definite red too. Might not be able to sleep tonight though, still have ‘Booooo! Booooo! Booooo!’ ringing in my ears in a vaguely Aberdonian accent.
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