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  1. You get the feeling that if Livvy do win, they’ll have deserved it. I just don’t feel that we will come away feeling robbed, lost to a dodgy penalty or anything. We’re also under no pressure. They’re the team on a great run and are being touted as favourites. Will have to disagree with you on one thing though. If we lose, I won’t give a flying fcuk who wins. No more than I’d expect a Livvy fan to give a fcuk who might win if it’s St Mirren v St Johnstone.
  2. The chances of fans being allowed into Scottish football matches before the kick off to next season are about the same as me scoring a date with Christina Trevanion fae’ the Antiques shows, or Kate Bryan fae’ Portrait Artist of the Year. None. Sadly.
  3. I still think Jack Ross is a good manager, but, also like Jim Goodwin in my opinion, a good manager at a club such as St Mirren. A club where expectations aren’t necessarily as big as at a Sunderland or Hibs. A bit like Moyes being fine and dandy at Everton or West Ham, but not suited for a Man Utd. One thing I’d ask Hibs fans wanting Ross sacked though. Who would you want? Who would come in and guarantee there would be no cup fcuk-ups, you’d be sniffing at the Old Firm’s heels, and you’d win most weeks playing the Hibs way? Jack Ross’ level is at the likes of St Mirren. Not a dig at Ross or my club, but some folk are clearly suited for a particular type of gig. That applies to the likes of Neil Warnock and others too. You can just see it clear as day. Anyway, bring on the Livvy.
  4. Agents Ross, Magennis, Mallan, Samson, Mcginn x 2, and the kit man.... return to Paisley. Mission accomplished.
  5. We’ll draw a veil under their plucky underdog, under-resourced previous national trophy win, third place league finish, European fitba’, administrations, failing to pay their stadium rent, payoffs and previous appointments of well-dodgy management. Mon’ the Saints.
  6. I can’t get up for this one at all. Under normal circumstances, I’d now be thinking about when to leave, what time I wanted to get there, best place to park, where’s my ‘lucky’ 2013 final scarf, etc. I’d be thinking about four clubs in the semis and not an ugly sister in sight. All I’m thinking about is my credit card number to add on Premier Sports for a month, and when best to take on the facemask Nazis at the door of my local Tesco to get a few cans and a packet of cheese & onion in place. If we win, then the realisation really kicks in that we’ll all miss a national cup final. Fcuk. If we’re just talking about the football match itself, then Livingston are clearly the form team. On a great run, and obviously full of confidence and belief. However, if St Mirren ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, go into any match against a like-for-like Scottish opponent such as Livingston or Hamilton, Ross County or whoever, with the attitude that they’re about to face Barcelona or Brazil 1970... then we might as well chuck it. It’s St Mirren v Livingston, ten without defeat or not. Get fucking intae’ thum’.
  7. Yeah, right you are. OK. Here we go once more. My opinion is that having heard a first team Celtic player has it anyway.... I hope / wish / would prefer / would rather / would love to hear..... it was Scott Brown from a dodgy pint tumbler. Got it? Are we clear? Good. I may have edited my post to add more, but I never tried to change the absolute core of what I posted. The very important part is that the news was one of their team had it anyway. Never, ever, would I wish Covid, or anything, upon anyone. Not Brown, not Morelos, not Willie Collum, not even a fud poster trying to be a smart arse.
  8. I didn’t wish a deadly virus on a footballer. It was announced one of the Celtic first team squad had it anyway. Given that news, I hoped it was Scott Brown, who got it from his pint tumbler, which he was photographed with on a sunny Dubai poolside sunbed, while the rest of the country are facing even stronger Covid lockdown restrictions. Basically, away and fcuk yourself, Mr Alli, and any other fcuker wishing to twist my words to make it sound like I wish illness upon anyone.
  9. Selective quoting, eh. Knock yourself out. One of them has it, I’m not responsible for that, I can’t change that, so if anyone in their squad has it..... while the rest of us are stuck doing fcuk all, bar buying baked beans fae’ Tesco... excuse my lack of empathy with the chunts. Let’s be clear, I’d rather none of their squad had it, but seeing as how one does....
  10. With any luck it’ll be Scott Brown and he got it off that pint tumbler he was holding at his poolside sunlounger.
  11. We should all at least be thankful that Gillette Stadium is an ugly pile of pish.
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