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  1. Maybe the folk in Ireland think we’re a bit diddy for their boy. Maybe we are a bit diddy, but even if we are, their boy will have a chance to go down the Kenny McLean, John McGinn, Lewis Morgan and Stevie Mallan route to less diddy things. That’s my serious response out the way, now to my gut response - fcuk them and their truly diddy league. 😀
  2. I worked it out in Photoshop and Lego a couple of years back..... 😀
  3. The typeface used on the jerseys of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  4. Feck! I had two shite signings to choose from and my auld’ brain fcuked up big time. Haa! I need my medicine. 🤪
  5. Mo Camara. Was fit, experienced, had recently played at a decent level.... was shite. Nice line in bunnets though. Then, you had someone like Andy Dorman. ‘Andy Who?’. Turned up, never heard of the bloke, and he was excellent. Some you win, some you lose.
  6. Sometimes you have a shirt you wore once for a special occasion, you thought you’d get lots of wear out of it, but you end up not wearing it for twenty-two years.
  7. Bill O’Brien is unlikely to sack himself. 😀
  8. ‘Well, I don’t sweat, so let me think.... erm, suits - five years. Shirts - three years. Socks - two years. Underpants? Well, they’re whipped off regularly’.
  9. Wouldn’t go that far, but needs a kick in the arse for not going for it on 4th & a bit, then trying a fake punt from well within their own half.
  10. Chiefs deserved it. Fair play for coming back from a shocking start... basturts. 🤪
  11. Packers for me. Pete Carroll gets on my tits.
  12. Ends up Kansas City 34 Manchester City 37. Aguero, field goal, 60 mins.
  13. The winner of this game will be the team that doesn’t shite themselves in the second half.
  14. Texans are Hibs-ing Chiefs-ing it.
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