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  1. The Broncos definitely have some good talent at certain positions - Surtain, Jeudy, Fant, Patrick… but it’s going to be a long road ahead to even think about winning the AFC West again. The Chiefs and Chargers are clearly better in most areas, and the Raiders are no pushovers. That’s the NFL though, and one of the reasons I love it. For example, I’ve been going to the London games since 2010, and until recently, if you’d told me I would be going to see the Browns v Bengals, I’d have been less than enamoued. Next year? I’d bloody love to see the Browns v Bengals. On Sunday the ‘hapless’ Dolphins and Jaguars served up an enthralling encounter that was won with a last second field goal. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and the new Spurs stadium is simply stunning. Ach, why worry. When I became a Broncos fan, we had Kyle Orton at QB and were ‘middling’ at best. Then we had a glory spell, now we’re middling again. Don’t know about other fans on here, but while the Broncos are my team, I absolutely love the sport, and can happily watch, and appreciate, the other 31 teams each week on Sky, and each year in London. We’ll be back… when Mahomes and Herbert chuck it, and we find a QB.
  2. How very dare you. My Broncos are not shitey, they’re shitey fcuking shite only beat both NY teams and Jacksonville kind of pure shite. I stand by my prediction in the ‘Week 5’ thread… my hapless shitey shite Broncos will fail to win a single divisional game all season. Will still support them, always, but we whiff.
  3. Scoreline makes it look close, but it really wasn’t. Browns’ first drive - they steamrollered the Broncos deefense… which resembled a wet paper poke. The result was never really in doubt. Against a team with no Mayfield, no Hunt, no Chubb, an injured OBJ and an injury suffered by Landry. Thoroughly deserved win for Cleveland, who have better players than Denver, are better coached than Denver, make better playcalls than Denver, and in Case Keenum, had a backup QB who is better than the Bridgewater / Lock duo at Denver, who, let’s be honest, should be backup QBs to whoever Denver should have in place by now…. Haven’t found him yet, and Peyton retired a while ago now. Problem we’ve had is that Elway was a great QB, but a shite GM, and while we’ve whiffed a lot since SB50, we haven’t whiffed badly enough to be bottom feeders and have a chance of drafting a Trevor Lawrence. We’re constantly ‘mid table respectability’, which doesn’t really get us anything. Weird to suggest it, but IMHO, we needed an 0-16 season sometime recently. Feckin’ boo…. Etc.
  4. Agree with that. I’ve been a few times to St Mirren’s hospitality for a birthday, an anniversary, with an Australian relative over here visiting. Always a great day out, different from my usual ‘turn up, go for a pish, sit down, watch the game, go home’ matchday ‘experience’. Usually we join a shared table and over (many) beers, we get talking to those at the table. Comfy lavvy facilities, games on Sky TV, a whole day out. It’s a treat, something different. An excuse to wear my St Mirren club tie.
  5. Looking at those photos of stadiums and how they could be expanded. If you have a spare five minutes sometime, and are a sad barsteward like me, who, when the telly is shite, zooms around some stadiums in Google Earth to see areas in cities I don’t know, and what these stadiums are like outside…. Try firing up your laptop or tablet, type ‘La Bombonera stadium’ (Estadio Alberto J….Buenos Aires) into Google Earth and get back to me with your expansion plans for that. Street view is good. The bars about five feet away from that stadium must be off-the-scale mad mental on matchdays. Good luck walking around there wearing a River Plate replica shirt.
  6. BBC news said Bruce received an 8 million payoff. FFS etc.
  7. No need for facemasks. Those two bits of perspex either side of the bloke on the right could stop an Exocet missile in its tracks. Not sure it’ll be much good in stopping airborne snottery Covid-riddled sneezes though.
  8. Of course she would. She’d make sure though to do it a week or two later, or a week or two earlier than Westminster, whichever suited her and made it look like the SNP government were walking a different path. The 6 o Clock news headlines just battered in. Who knew that the words ‘face coverings’ would be front and centre? Hold on, every chunt would know that. It’s all that really matters. I said it months ago ‘It’ll be all about facemasks’… and it is. The way they talk about them, it’s as if they hold magic powers. We never made them discretionary in Scotland, and we were Europe’s Covid capital. If England make them mandatory again, it’ll achieve the square root of fcuk all, or maybe not fcuk all, but so little it might as well be fcuk all. Folk will simply dig out the fashion polyester facemasks with printed leopardskin patterns or football club logos etc, or will walk about them hanging off their chin. Facemasks. They’ll have us wearing the fcuking things in our own beds and in the shower soon. They’re magic. All powerful and the secret weapon in Holyrood and Westminster’s arsenal. I think the Saudis should simply put a facemask in charge at St James Park. Easy the Toon, champions for sure.
  9. Steve Bruce was one of those guys who I always had difficulty actually remembering who he was in charge of at any particular time. There were so many, too hard to keep up. See also - Paul Lambert.
  10. Going to be interesting watching how the Newcastle pantomime plays out. This is a squad eminently capable of being relegated. You’d also think that far from rolling up their sleeves and fighting for future fat contracts under the new owners, the majority of NUFC’s current players know they’re on borrowed time and won’t be part of the new owners plans. Maybe Saint-Maximin, but that’s it. It’ll take them a lot longer than one transfer window to completely turn that squad around too. They might be able to afford a host of big names, but will the big names join a struggling team, and would a couple of new bigger name players make too much of a difference? As a Newcastle fan, I clearly don’t want them to be relegated, but I don’t support Newcastle in anything approaching the same emotionally attached way that I support St Mirren. I can fully appreciate that it would actually be funny as fcuk for fans of every other team if the hapless, but loaded, Saudi owned Newcastle were relegated.
  11. That’s everyone’s reaction to arriving in Kirkcaldy though.
  12. Hopefully that’s her texting the polis’ saying there’s a creepy fcuker on the train taking photos of her on their mobile.
  13. It’s a fcuking joke. I was at the NFL on Sunday at Spurs stadium, and the stewards at the entrances were asking folk to show proof of vaccination. German fans in front of us, gave it the big shoulder shrug and the ‘sorry don’t understand, don’t spracken ze English’ vibe. Steward just waved them in. We wafted our Sturgeon approved shite at him, and he never even looked at it, just waved us, and everyone else, through. They had 60,780 coming in, and they were clearly under instruction to check everyone, but they couldn’t give a fcuk. Quite right too, they had 60,780 punters to deal with. Box ticked, they asked to see vaccination proof, but couldn’t give a flying fcuk if you were wafting a Sturgeon QR code at them, or a screengrab of a Frosties packet. Total fcuking joke. Thankfully. Well played the Spurs stewards, well played.
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