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  1. Only counts if he did the hokey cokey and shook it all about.
  2. Have we ever appointed a manager who walked out / was bagged / mutually consented / fcuked off to Coleraine before a single league game was played? Probably the only managerial scenario that hasn’t happened to us in the last decade mind you.
  3. ‘Edinburgh City, East Kilbride Thistle and Albion Rovers, with no goals from open play?’.... pffftttt....
  4. Yeah, Osweiler hand off to CJ Anderson in OT. Place goes wild, city centre was one huge party. We got back to the hotel and hit the bar.... lots of Patriots fans staying in our hotel, and they were brand-new.
  5. There's a story! As I mentioned in an earlier post, there was a bit of friction in the air with arsehole Pats fans giving it the Billy Big Baws as their team were (again) superior to the Jets. We were close to some particularly annoying Pats fans who just wouldn't show a bit of respect. I'm not suggesting it was going to kick off, but it was getting to be a pain in the neck. I had noticed that on the concourse near the entrance to our seats, was a customer service desk. I genuinely suffer from a foot problem which flares up and needs NHS insoles in my shoes, but I brass necked it towards the end of the first quarter and nipped up to the customer services and laid it on a bit thick about my foot problem, how we had come all the way from Scotland, and I said that getting up and down to let folk out for beers all the time was causing my foot to bother me. Lovely dears at the desk said my accent was amazing, and relocated us to a raised platform area with big padded seats and no-one bothering you to get by. We watched the rest of the game beside a bloke with a broken ankle, and a woman who had fallen and sprained an ankle outside the stadium...... result. Job done.... Me. Bad. Man. 😀 Edit: I don't want to give the wrong impression that the whole stadium had an ugly atmosphere or anything, but in our area we unfortunately had a big group of Pats fans who had partaken in a few shandies too many. If it had been over here, no doubt fists would have been flying. Anyway, all's well that ends well.... apart from the Jets having a perfectly fair looking TD being overturned by the zebras. If you look at the third Metlife photo taken during warm up, you can already see the amount of '12' and '87' Pats jerseys. The grey seats in that photo to our front and left were the ones that filled up with Pats dickheads. Every support has them I guess.
  6. As promised / threatened in an earlier post, here's some pics from my trip to Denver see the Broncos defeat the evil empire in 2015, followed by some pics from our trip to New York to see the evil empire defeat the Jets. The Broncos game was a late game in November 2015, Superbowl winning season - the final photo is me and my good lady at half time... Snowing, freezing, sleet coming down....but boy, was it good.
  7. I’m getting my worrying in early this season. Schools are on holiday, my local Tesco is quieter than normal. Roads are empty - easy to fire down and stock up on Pampers & Paracetamol now. Fcuk waiting until January.... icy roads, yummy mummies taking twenty minutes trying to park their Nissan Qashqais after dropping the rugrats at school. Nah, not for me. I’m soiling my breeks now. Get it sorted Scott / Fitzpatrick / MacPherson / Goodwin / Paisley Panda.
  8. “Why are so many of these daft wankjobs waving Irish flags”
  9. Wish she’d get about Holmes / Riley / Dave Laura / McGinley’s head with a rusty mashie niblick.
  10. It’s because his hands are Irish.
  11. I don’t know how much more rain these greens can take!
  12. Someone please tell that dick Radar Riley to shut the fcuk up with his screeching OTT bullshit.... ‘I don’t know how much more rain these greens can take!’.... there’s not one visible puddle yet, anywhere on the course, that has shown on the TV. The man is a complete wankjob.
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