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  1. It’s just extremely annoying when an ugly wins yet another trophy, but fully deserves to. No dodgy penalty, no dubious red card for an opponent, no last minute heartbreak for the diddy fodder opponent, no argument. Just fully deserved. Absolutely dreadful state of affairs.
  2. I thought it was pretty even in the first half, and Hearts had their moments - most notably when Simms missed from two yards out. Then it all turned to complete shite. Quite why they disappeared up their own arse so dramatically is the question.
  3. Only Jambo to emerge with any credit. Biggest shitebag performance against Oldco / Newco in a final since we set the standard for shitebaggery against nine of them in 2010.
  4. Lex said it a couple of pages back - why are Hearts the ones blowing out their arse and looking dead on their feet against a team who, on Wednesday, played 120 minutes in searing heat and suffered a crushing disappointment? I understand that the two uglies have better players than us diddy teams, but Hearts look like they all puff sixty Woodbines a day.
  5. Whew. BBC redeemed themselves with that last Jambo crowd shot. Much better. Much, much better.
  6. Extra time, penalties, and Aaron Ramsey an available Sevco sub? No, couldn’t be, could it?
  7. Can you apply to have your licence fee refunded due to the BBC inflicting un-necessary suffering on you?
  8. Just a normal 90 minutes with the muppet in charge then.
  9. Kent might be smelly but Tyrone Mings. Now, can we draw a line under this and move on?
  10. Jesus, no need for that last brief crowd shot of the Sevco fans. Thankfully it was brief.
  11. Yup, last season’s Morton kit was right on the money.
  12. I don’t see much wrong with that Morton Joma kit. Decent collar, sponsor logo not in a stupid white rectangle, reasonably simple design.
  13. Could have been worse, he could have brought on a perma-injured Welshman specifically to take a penalty.
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