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  1. Fcuking yayyyy! The marshmallo red dots are coming my way again. Keep em’ coming, cunto!
  2. Aye, very good. I thought I was an invincible superhero who couldn’t catch Covid? What the fcuk has a golf course got to do with anything? Turns out that so far, I haven’t caught as much as a cold. That’ll be because I obeyed the rules, have hardly done anything in nearly a year bar play some golf in the summer and did my shopping. I was open and honest about my shopping. When the shops we frequented were OK with us shopping as a couple - we did. In and out, quickly as possible. Since they tightened up on that, we have shopped alone. Been fcuking murder, I keep buying beer and bourbon. She’s not happy. Now, ignoring your shite snd getting back to facemasks... it’s seemingly all that really matters. The signs placed outside shops. The staff at the doors scanning for faces free of a piece of polyester shite. No-one seems to care about much else, as long as you have your facemask. Just my opinion.
  3. That was most certainly not how it was put. Valance thought the situation in Winters ahead could well require mitigation like masks and SD to PREVENT lockdowns and stay at home orders. Witty is all ready on the record with that view. Facemasks. Facemasks. Facemasks... it’s like if you’ve bought a piece of cheap polyester shite from a stall selling them in your local shopping centre, and slapped it round your chin while you saunter through Tesco, you’ve suddenly become an invincible superhero. Incapable of getting, or transmitting, anything. Scores of pensioners shuffling around with them hanging off their chin, not even bothering with their nose. Touching them, placing them on Costa coffee tables.... fcuk sake. Hygeine, washing your hands, distancing - all relegated to the seaside leagues as long as you have your facemask. Everything. Is. About. Facemasks.
  4. If there’s an ongoing need for facemasks, they better be fcuking discretionary and not mandatory. In fact, anyone who wants to continue wearing one, all day, every day, in any situation, can do so. Starting tomorrow and continuing for the rest of their lives if they want. I won’t stop them. Crack on.
  5. ...because Lawell didn’t bag him as a GIRFUY to the greatest fans in the world who racked up at the stadium to hurl abuse and missiles at their own players?
  6. Fcuking right that’s embarrassing.... bottle of beer, discarded top, game controller, pritt stick, glue tube of indeterminate nature, bottle opener that looks like a pair of pliers with a broken handle, and some weird fcuking silver saucer thingummyjig.... get a fcuking grip man. 😀
  7. To win every trophy, every year. To get ten in a row. To qualify for the Champions League group stages, every year. To get it right up the Sevco, every year. Get with the script.
  8. A few obvious ones - St Mirren fans are over-expectant boo boys who turn on their own players after one misplaced pass. Liverpool fans are humourous good natured Scousers. Newcastle United fans are over-expectant boo boys who think they should be Manchester City standard challengers. Final one, all Ross County, Livingston and Hamilton fans who travel to St Mirren Park are cnuts. All six of them.
  9. The Philly faithful were absolutely brilliant when I was at Wembley for the game against the Jags. They booed the Jags cheerleaders, hell, they booed Jaxon DeVille when he leaped off the Wembley roof. They were all over our hotel, and sat all around us at the game, with us in our Broncos jerseys. Real fans. I thought they were like Glaswegians... real folk, no fucking around with them. We liked them. 😀
  10. I’m really, really keen for normal life to return, including fitba’ being back and everything, including mandatory facemasks getting to complete and absolute fcuk, but, after watching our last two home games on SMTV... the fact I wasn’t sitting watching that while freezing my nuts off, being stuck in the car park, or getting tied up in Sevco traffic on the way there, and back.... hmm. Time for another glass of red.
  11. It’s OK for you. You could go to B&Q, buy a roll of kid-on grass, and pretend you’re actually playing IN the games. 😛
  12. Looking forward to firing up the iMac, logging into my account on SMTV, and enjoying another online enhanced contemporary fan experience. In the spirit of recent speculation, I shall watch the entire match standing in front of the computer, with ‘safe standing’ rails made from two kitchen stools, with a 5 iron from my golf bag laid across the top. Please, in the name of God, someone give me a shout when this fcuking life changes back to something even approaching normality.
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