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  1. Well spotted. Typing while being wound up, in these already somewhat stressful times, is clearly fraught with danger. I should have pawsed for a moment.
  2. Aye, but surely... we could have been smashed by a speeding FedEX delivery van en route! 🙂
  3. ....yet. Who knows what might happen should two or three posters on here peer out of their ivory towers tomorrow and, heaven forbid, see a married couple nip into Nisa Local for tomato soup?
  4. What about the day we drove down to the retail park, and while I nipped into M&S, Mrs Poz got the cat foot from Pets at Home and we got back into the car? I will seriously PM you my address, should you wish to report my actions to the authorities. Not a problem.
  5. Apparently, one step removed from acting like Harold Shipman or Jimmy Saville. I admit it got me angry, and I’d like to apologise for some of the language I resorted to.
  6. Wow. Just wow. The Lake District, eh? I rest my case. Away fcuk yourself.
  7. I don’t have my own rules. The only people I have said on here that could be responsible for a more severe lockdown are those brazenly organising parties or gathering in parks in large groups. I am genuinely despairing at the outrage I am causing because once or twice a week, we go into a shop for ten minutes as a couple and buy our stuff.... and as I said, then go and do our once-a-day walk as a couple, before returning home. It’s almost like we are sticking two fingers up to everyone and saying fcuk you? Acting like nothing is happening? Not giving a flying fcuk? Seriously!?
  8. Why not fcuk off with Gaz. Go and sit at Strathclyde Park or somewhere and post outraged photos of parked cars.
  9. 100% not. You and a couple of others on here need to have a look at yourself. We are obeying the government instructions as much as possible. If you want to attack me.... for doing our shopping as a couple? Just go fcuk yourself. Seriously, just fcuk right off.
  10. More OTT shite. You have previous mind you. There’s about three of you in here, just being absolute fannies.
  11. Not when I’m reading some of the utter shite being posted on here by a couple of pains-in-the-arse it isn’t. Absolute fcuking roasters, lambasting couples for doing the shopping, and going on about crashes. Utter, utter fannies. IMHO. No-one need agree with me.
  12. What do we gain from doing this? We gain the ability to only leave the house once. We combine being out for the shopping with going for our walk at the nearby Broadwood Loch, or the pond between the shops and Condorrat. While at the shops, we are quicker packing and paying, and getting out the shop again. Thus letting someone from the queue outside (should there be one) get in. We gain the ability to behave normally, for example, going up the aisle, and saying ‘ach, fancy a pack of those four cupcakes’, ‘nah, you chose last time, I fancy the millionaires shortbread.’. You know, normal happily married couple trivial shit that helps keep things seem a bit more normal in these far from normal times. We can jointly choose a red wine we fancy, I can lift the heavier things.... I’ll leave it there. Any more stupid fcuking questions? Nazi.
  13. The times we’ve went out shopping, we’ve both went, and we will continue to do so. We are both in our late 50s, and so far, the extent of our car crash experience is when I bumped into the car in front of me, back in 1984 when there were still traffic lights at the St James Interchange at Glasgow Airport, which always caused traffic to back up onto the M8 itself. Next time we need to go out, we will say a prayer, buckle our seatbelts, and (on the very, very quiet roads we currently have that diminish the chances of being flattened by an HGV anyway), we will put our lives on the line and drive off to Tesco. See when all this is over and you need something to do? Maybe Nuremberg could put on a rally for you to attend.
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