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  1. If anyone has a clue why the person going by the name ‘marshmallo’ is red dotting every post I make on this forum, even innocent nonsense like this, please let me know. I’m a bit concerned. He’s either a mad stalker, or just a sad fcuk. Maybe both. I actually sent the guy a friendly PM, but he declined to answer. No matter....Answers on a postcard to.... is marshmallo a stalker or sad fcuk competition, c/o P&B. First correct entry wins a bottle of Jim Beam. If you’re reading this... it really doesn’t bother me, I actually find it funny. You sad individual. Fcuked you off that badly in the coronavirus thread did I? Keep em’ coming, cunto.
  2. Jim Beam Double Oaked bourbon, ice cold real Coke, one block of ice. Heaven. Like music, like fitba’ teams, like lots of things... subjective. Fcuk it, I love it though. 😀
  3. I suffered from back pain too. For example, standing at a gig watching a band, getting back to the car and trying to get into the car - nightmare. Going for a long walk or playing golf - affected my golf swing, and bending to tee the ball or pick it out the hole was sore, once warmed up, I eased up and was OK, but at the end, would stiffen up dreadfully and get really sore again. In bed at night, turning over from one side to the other - had to do it in installments, accompanied by stifled groans of pain. I was recommended to try one of these back stretching thingummyjigs - photo attached. I read reviews, did a bit of research, and the one I got was £23. Thought it would be worth giving it a shot, for the price of a fitba’ match ticket. There’s three slots in increasing angles. I went for the lowest angle. Sit on the floor, set an alarm for five mins, have some relaxing music on. Hook your thumbs behind the widest base area and pull towards you until it hits the top of your bum. Gently lean back supporting yourself on your elbows until prone. Two five minute sessions per’ day. I swear, hand on heart, the difference to my life has been unbelieveable. After only a few days, could feel a real difference. Been using it for a month now - pain free, golf no problem, getting in and out the car no problem. At first, it felt awkward under my back, I used a pillow under my head, but only for the first day. After day one, laid down on it and stretched my legs out, head on floor no problem. I could hear the cracks as I lay on it initially, as my spine posture corrected itself after repeated use, the cracking eased. I am a cynical auld goat about stuff like this, but this bloody thing has worked absolute wonders for me. It might not be for everyone, obviously the back pain each of us feels can be caused by different things, but when I saw the post, thought I’d share my experience and how the back stretcher / posture corrector has genuinely, and I admit, surprisingly, made a massive difference to my situation.
  4. ‘Been away anywhere nice this year then?’ ’Fcuking shut up and keep cutting’.
  5. That Porto kit - make it in black and white stripes, full stripes on the back, add a St Mirren crest, red names and numbers, and I might need to knock off a swift one.
  6. Yeah, love Black Keys too. Another great new band are The Struts. Great songs, great frontman in Luke Spiller.
  7. Agree. I will admit to liking Ed Sheeran’s ‘Lego House’ and ‘A Team’ songs when I first heard them, then, he became this global thing, and I’m now at the stage where I never want to hear or see him again. Another guy who gets on my tits because there’s just no escaping him is Michael Buble. He’s fcuking omni-present, so much so that every time I encounter another one of his songs as I stumble through life, I mutter to myself ‘fcuk sake, it’s Micky Bubbles again’.
  8. I started thinking about the great (IMHO) music from the last fifteen years, and I only needed to say the names Wolf Alice and Silversun Pickups before just stopping there. Could go on, and on.
  9. Like or loathe Gerry Cinnamon, he deserves credit for the lyrics to his song ‘Diamonds in the Mud’. Makes me smile every time, plus, it’s a great song... as is ‘Belter’. Might be some sort of anthem for young Weegie types, but it also has a great lyric about love, trust, hurt, and self loathing. The bloke has a great deal of merit IMHO, even if his bunnet wearing, Adidas tracksuit, Weegie ‘lad’ act isn’t my particular cup of Darjeeling.
  10. Just needed to stop there and you’d nailed it. 😃
  11. From July 9th, earmuffs will be compulsory in Scottish shops.
  12. Don’t like his music, but he seems to have a good sense of humour and a bit of decent patter any time I’ve seen him on TV. Must be bigger cnuts out there who are more deserving of a random hatred thread on a fitba’ forum.
  13. ....Morton still in our shadow. Correct, fcuk-all changes.
  14. I actually really like this too. It’s Inter black and blue stripes, it’s a Pirelli tyre track, and, if you turn it sideways, it’s the Covid 19 infections graph from the Milan area.
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