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  1. Big thumbs up to the QPTV highlights which are soo much better quality than Raith TV ----similar to the football played I suppose....
  2. https://www.greenocktelegraph.co.uk/news/23124966.young-footballer-greenock-signs-queens-park/
  3. Eze looks awkward. Sure he's scored a couple of headers but given the extra height you might well expect that. The difference (for my money) between Eze and Fox is distribution of the ball. Eze tends to get rid whereas Fox has a more intelligent delivery plus his occasional shimmy up the park is a joy. If its a case of Eze vs Fox scenario then a fully fit Fox every time imo.
  4. Thanks ---I've tried to watch the game on the supposed 'full game ' stream but there are only a couple of snippits ---oh well !
  5. Full game replay supposed to be available on QPTV stream service but doesn't seem to be working properly ---anybody else ?
  6. Had to miss the game due to clash with Book of Mormon in Glasgow. Can the complete game be watched on catch up as the game was streamed ?
  7. I for one have had just about enough of the the 'us and them' frame of mind which is becoming more and more prevelant within the current political climate, so to see it show itself within what is my partial 'escape' from everyday reality - going to support the Queens and trying to be part of every game - it is, to say the least, highly frustrating not to know what the f**k is going on due to the lack of communication from 'them'?. Throw us a bone here - how about a heads up on completion of the ground and the reasons behind the long delay? - - Surely we deserve at least that given the hoops(npi)we are being asked to jump through regarding dates,times,travel,expenses etc. etc. We, like the current lot down south, are swiftly becoming laughed at for the apparent incomopetence shown and I really hope that it does not end up bleeding into the team's performance on the park --- give us a break eh?
  8. Having watched the highlights ---- how did Davidson manage to miss what was basically an open goal(0.45)?. Plus both Morton's goals were a severe case of 'ball watching' with a combo of fresh air swipes. Really hope we are switched back on again for Saturday before confidence starts to suffer... C'mon Queens you are better than this ----its payback time !
  9. Simon Murray shows on the park the same sort of enthusiasm towards the game and his team-mates as most of any true QP fan would do if they could get a game - never a poacher.
  10. After a fairly nervous start to the game ( 15 - 20 mins) we started to boss the game and didn't let them settle on the ball and looked the far fitter of the two teams. Played a high line and it worked... Well done Eze - hopefully this will boost his confidence which has been suspect before today but it's a no brainer having him in the mix at corners and set pieces. The whole team looked up for it - the way it should be - but Dom and Mal deserve mention. Top of the league after Tuesday? - Play like today and it's likely...
  11. Big thumbs up to the Cliftonville supporters who were a breath of fresh air when after the game came up to the QP fans and were congratulating us and shaking hands. As to the game -we really need to brush up on our set pieces defensively as this is our Achilles Heel at the moment. Still not happy with Eze who should be imposing himself far more given his physique. Great to get through what was a potential banana skin but without a sterling performance from Savoury and Thomas it could have been a different result...
  12. More like 5 or 6 games imo. I feel that he needs to prove himself within that time frame .
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