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  1. Happy to hear that Simon Murray has signed for another year.
  2. Free entry and travel to Ochilview until Lesser Hampden is fit for use ---- it's only fair...
  3. Thought we were unlucky not to come away with a one goal advantage from this game. Ardrie looked good in spells but never really threatened and in fact Queens looked the fitter of the two sides with Airdrie looking more tired and less polished as the game progressed. I think tactics -wise we won the game and if we can repeat the grinding down process and contain Airdrie for the first half on Sunday we have a good chance to do a 'Dunfermline' on them and win by the odd goal. Keep it going Queens - almost there !!
  4. We are a different animal now from our league appearances so I wouldn't be chicken counting .....
  5. Mr Coyle's motivation has I hope re-kindled a fire in the belly of the squad to the extent that we can finally overcome Airdrie this season and progress to the dizzy heights of the Championship. Thoughts...
  6. Wooohooo - great tactics from Mr Coyle and great battling from the team.
  7. Anyone aware of what date our first playoff game will be - is it 3rd or 4th - or still to be decided?
  8. Fair enough. I'll be first in the queue to slate the team if there is anything less than an all guns blazing performance in the play offs. In the meantime 'keep the faith'.
  9. Did anyone really think that this game would produce an all guns blazing performance?. Peterhead had to win to be sure of their position next season and that was their motivation. Surprised that there wasn't more tinkering with the team to be honest.
  10. Just a wee suggestion ---- could we not train up a certain indivdual in the team to take long throws --- it became obvious yesterday what threat that can impose if correctly executed.....
  11. Nervy performance from Queens - difficult to believe same team as Sunday but hey we're in the play offs!
  12. How does McAllister get away with it? Blatant fouling throughout the game and not once penalised - one of which led to the undeserved goal. Cove looked very average today and QP totally bossed the game. Play like this for the remaining games and a play off place seems certain.
  13. Thanks to BYOS for providing a window into the meeting.
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