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  1. Coatbridge part 2 - Very lucky to get a point. Poor game poor football.
  2. The joys of being a QP fan ...... one week..... and then the next....
  3. We wanted it more than you. Great performance from every QP player.
  4. Cowdenbeath manager headbutts QP player - what a dick!
  5. Everyone put in a shift today and boy did it show. Our French connection out-shone everyone in midfield. Still a ways to go I feel but this is a great starting point to get the Hampden hoodoo done with a pumping of Brechin next week and then upwards......
  6. Can't wait to see the major changes that are spoken of in the pre-match review on the O.W.. ---what d'ya reckon sports fans ?
  7. Agreed --- this has to be a game where we can get back some confidence and show the kind of football that we the paying fans deserve --NO HOOFBALL PLEASE!.
  8. Thanks -was looking to see Billy's one on one but alas.....
  9. Individually good players but as a team at the moment it's just not happening. Tactics were not on display today and if there was a plan it was hard to see what it was. Hate to say it but continue like this and we could be in the play off at the wrong end of the league come the end of the season. It really was that bad.
  10. Took 10 minutes after we went 2-0 down before any sign of a substitute ?. When will the long hopeful punt up the park be seen to be non-productive?. We have the talent in the squad to play football on the deck which apart from anything else is far more pleasing on the eye. Thought we matched them 1st half and could have even nicked a goal if chances were taken but 2nd half they changed their shape and 2 major defensive errors later well........ Next week has now become a must win -----PLEASE !!
  11. Thought Cowden weren't as well organised as Albion were last week which makes it even more difficult to accept another Hampden horror with 3 goals coming from 3 set plays (ok granted one from a dubious penalty although there didn't seem to be many complaints from our guys) which is not good. Think the Annan game result/performance in a fortnight will be a good indication if we are going to be in the frame for a play off place.
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