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  1. Q.P. to finally break the draw hoodoo jinx and come away with a well deserved 2-0 win after Easton sent off for being a dick.
  2. What happened to Louis Longridge?. It was reported that he was back in the squad after a full training session on Thursday and was sorely missed imo.
  3. Thought we were going to win........ until we scored !
  4. Should all this gash not be in the Alloa Athletic forum?
  5. As it stands the only way we are going to score goals is by an individual piece of brilliance (like today) or from a set piece. We did on ocassion today look dangerous when running at the defence but the end product always seems to be poor with too much ball watching instead of getting involved - are we so full of ourselves that unless a goal is perfectly manufactured then it's not good enough?. Pretty horizontal passing in our own half or thereabouts does not open up defences and there needs to be players that commit - I for one, at this stage, would take any kind of win just to get back on the rails as the pack below are beginning to threaten our chance of even a play off place. Never thought I'd hear myself saying this but oh for a Rory....
  6. Get them while they're hot ..... https://www.alloaathletic.co.uk/2022/01/10/queens-park-how-to-watch/
  7. Firhill does have undersoil heating does it not ?
  8. C'mon guys --it's Thursday and still no thread ? . Hopefully back to somewhere near a full squad to choose from for Saturday which is a game that will (I think) show where we are regarding change of management and importantly keep some clear space between us and the chasing pack. Thoughts ?
  9. All aboard the DeLorean at 88mph and hope for 1.21 gigawatts as we seem to be playing Peterhead on the 9th Jan 2021 according to the O.W. arrangements ---- now where did I put my sports almanac? ...
  10. Kinda expected given the team but thought we could've sneaked a draw and would have apart from a super strike from McInnroy. Good to see Quitongo back . Clyde game now a '6 pointer' so gotta hope Liam and co. are fit.
  11. Enjoy the game and try not to celebrate when we win 2-0.
  12. One saving grace for an already shite Christmas now postponed due to brainless socialising. Well done you muppets.
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