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  1. Longstaff (despite obviously being a player) did not look match fit to me on Saturday looking uninterested on taking on any defenders on a one to one which is what is desperately required(Jai Quitongo). We look good up to the 18yd box but the final ball which is all too often a hopeful cross just isn't working .... Still it's Clyde this week and we need to keep up traditions....
  2. I suppose we will need to get used to the fact that teams are going to come to Firhill and see a draw as a result. We looked pretty toothless today in front of goal and it remains a mystery to me why there are continual crosses into the box where our aerial prowess isn't exactly formidable when the option of keeping the ball on the deck and running at defenses seems a much better option imo. Next week will be a benchmark game but please gonna keep the ball on the deck where we play our best football.
  3. Q.P. to go mental and stick 4 in the Airdrie net with no reply !!
  4. Link on our website allows purchase of tickets to anywhere if unaware of the North Stand restriction.
  5. QP to rise to the occasion with a 3-0 win. Willie Muir hero of the day !.
  6. A great all round TEAM performance with support on every ball we had. We looked hungry for the ball for 90% of the game and to keep that sort of tempo for that amount of the 90 minutes is outstanding. Fitness levels looked great and we were firing on all cylinders. Difficult to single out any players for additional praise but thought Thomson was absolutely buzzing and Longridge had his best game so far....
  7. Here's hoping QP have got their shooting boots on today and don't feel the only way to score is walking the ball in. Still waiting for review of today's game on the website so not sure of any injuries etc. but will plump for 2-1 to the mighty Queen's..
  8. Delighted for the win and especially for Simon Murray (I hope his knock isn't serious) and Bob McHugh both of whom needed a goal. Defence looked solid and LIam Brown continues to impress. Still a bit concerned about the amount of chances that were wasted but this result can only boost confidence.....
  9. As some sort of compromise could the club not offer the full stream of the game rather than just highlights after the event to all memnbers/season ticket holders/fans that originally bought the stream?
  10. The referee could be the deciding factor in this game based on how clued in he is on Mr McAllister's antics/diving etc. That said we have looked good at Firhill so far and if we can start the game at high tempo imo we can win by the odd goal.
  11. I wonder if you are aware how the design was actually conceived??
  12. Given that you've been watching football for 65 years it's not surprising that you would prefer ,may I suggest, something more traditional perhaps?. The supporters shop have sold over 1200 of these groundbreaking design strips to fans all over the world. Try to keep up...
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