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  1. Poor game and a far cry from the silky stuff from a couple of weeks ago. Gotta get better this half surely...
  2. Although it was certainly a short pass back and the main blame (if you feel the need to blame anyone) lies with Stuart Morrison I think if Wullie Muir had been on duty he would have got down to get the ball away from Yates's feet. I think we just paid the price for just a little bit too much tinkering ----hey ho ----we are the champions.
  3. Almost expected this kind of game although Stranraer goal was embarrassing and we seemed pretty toothless without the usual suspects.
  4. What can we expect from the champions tonight?. Will we take the foot off the gas?. Stranraer will need to set up to attack so hoping for a reasonably open game. Simon Murray not quoted as a casualty from the Elgin game which is a bonus...
  5. That's got a nice ring to it.... Congrats to all!!
  6. Am I alone in thinking it would have been good to hear about the seriousness of Jai's injury and how well he's doing on the O.W. ? or maybe they think we just don't give a shit...
  7. Looked like Quitongo caught a sore one right in the family jewels?
  8. Bob McHugh on at half time please...
  9. Bob McHugh and Simon Murray imo are the most potent strike force we have.
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