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  1. I'm in for the League, please. I won't sign up for the Cup, given how badly I have failed every time I have ever tried that 960 format...
  2. Congratulations! We welcomed our second a week ago (first was born in March 2020 when the world was going crazy over COVID) and if you like parenthood even a 10th as much as I do then you're in for a treat. On the highlighted part, undoubtedly the most difficult times of my parenting journey thus far (and I accept that I am far, far less experienced than most on the thread) has been working away. On a few occasions I've left my wife and son in London and flown to the Middle East for work (and those have only been for 4 or 5 week stints) - to hide the tears I've had to basically wear sunglasses in the tube, in the airport, on the plane and then in the taxi home... I'm not sure what your job is, but if there is any way that you can work from/near home even for the first few months then I would highly recommend it (and you'll be a far greater help to your other half)! P.S. this thread is great for tips and reassurances.
  3. Confirmed that I have just resigned vs. AH13STU. Well played, mate.
  4. Is this not season 6? Also, much though I wish I had 4 victories under my belt, I only have 3 (Gkneil, Purplekangaroo and Aimhere) and my game vs AH13STU is ongoing (and almost certainly going to be a win for AH13STU). Thanks again for organising!
  5. One of the greatest places on earth, in my humble opinion. As wonderful in winter as it is in summer. I took this on my iPhone from the top of Sunshine Village in July 2019. There was a very large, very fresh pile of bear pooh when we got to the far side of Larix Lake (the lower of the two lakes), which was a bit disconcerting but I had purchased bear spray so at least I felt safe (even if I was not):
  6. Thank you, San Diego Padres. You will have my unwavering support for the rest of the play-offs. Musgrove has been sensational this post-season. However, I think I'm even more impressed by Josh Hader - when I watched him for the Brewers against the (pretty pathetic) Giants a few months ago he was absolutely terrible - I mean really, really jaw-droppingly terrible to the point he made the Giants look fantastic (Article - Hader 'just searching' after 3-homer outing in walk-off loss). That was just an incredible comeback/collapse. I have a soft spot for the Blue Jays, so was sad to see them go out, but that was just such breathtaking. Delighted that you got to witness that live - can hardly imagine how good it was. I was nervous watching the 10 minute YouTube highlights and I already knew the score! I very much enjoyed that! I just had a look at the MLB salaries: MLB salaries. I cannot believe that the Guardians are sat 28th, getting this far on an USD 82 million salary is some achievement (for reference, the Giants have more than USD 82 million currently injured...).
  7. 6 points from the 3 games, and heading up to the Ross County 6-pointer off the bottom. A lot better position that I thought we would be in after the St Johnstone debacle! We need to keep this momentum going. Looking back, this was absolutely spot-on. With a little bit of defensive cover, the midfield (perhaps with the exception of Middleton) have been far more effective going forward - and that stability has also allowed the full-backs far more freedom to attack. I'm still perplexed as to how anyone could leave out Sibbald after the way he played in the first 3 or 4 games of the season (where he was largely the only positive), but maybe there was an underlying injury or fitness issue that the club wanted to keep quiet. If it was on form, then no wonder the players couldn't understand Ross' gameplan. One down, one to go. Behich is on fire. Hard to disagree with this - with the exception of his goal at home to Alkmaar, I don't think that he has offered anywhere near enough.
  8. You may well be right - and I certainly hope you are. I was just very surprised, as he seemed completely unaware of the friendly even when it was brought up by Tam Cowan, who asked whether he had been involved - Levein was then asking aloud whether it was Hearts or Hibs who had played them etc., totally oblivious to the fact that he had managed United in the same fixture. I get that it may not have been fresh in his memory, but when asked about it I would have expected him to remember. We almost beat them the first year, with Henry scoring in the final few minutes - I've never spoken to (or heard an interview of) anyone who was present at either game who doesn't remember it pretty vividly. I hope you're right. He mentioned on Off The Ball that he had recently gone to a Brechin away game only to discover that they were actually playing at home that day (or perhaps it was the other way round, my memory is a little hazy...) - and there were a few other things on the Sacked in the Morning podcast that just caused me a slight bit of concern. As others have said, he may well play up to it a bit for comedic value! My apologies, you are of course absolutely right. What a privilege it was to see young Leo Messi grace the Tannadice pitch. I sat in the Shed for the first one, it was an incredible atmosphere considering it was a pre-season friendly. I'm still raging that they chopped off Robson's header. If memory serves, that was Prince Buaben's debut - he ran awkwardly, kicked the ball in a weird way, but what a legend he became.
  9. I've had that same thought a number of times. He was on Off The Ball recently, discussing glamour pre-season friendlies... initially he couldn't remember that Dundee United (who he was in charge of at the time) had played Barcelona (not once, but twice)- then when he was reminded of it, he stated that Messi had not been playing (Messi scored a first-half hat-trick in one of the games). As a fan I remember the games clearly - you'd think as a manager you'd not quickly forget going up against a club like Barcelona. He references his terrible memory quite frequently on his podcast with Amy Irons - I hope it is just that, a terrible memory, and nothing more sinister.
  10. The season is over for the Giants - and what an odd season. No consistency whatsoever, which ultimately did for us - Rodon was on fire pitching (he'll do exactly what Kevin Gausman did last year and go on for big bucks and more than likely be a success) and Pederson was at times excellent with the bat (he'll do exactly what Kris Bryant did last year and go for big bucks - I'm not convinced he'll be as bad as Bryant (which I did predict on this thread...) but he is far from perfect and is dreadful defensively), but that aside too many players were well below-par and at time the defense was comically bad. Enjoy the playoff run! Please just beat the Dodgers. Anyone. Please.
  11. The Teacher's Trial and in particular The Teacher's Pet are both absolutely fantastic listens - the trial summaries sometimes dragged on a bit, but that aside they were both well worth a listen. With my legal hat on, I do have some serious concerns that the podcast may assist in an appeal, right enough... The Australian is not quite the CBC, but it is not a million miles off it - Who the hell is Hamish?, Night Driver and The Lighthouse were all very good too (and that is coming from someone who has never set foot in Australia so hasn't a clue about the locations discussed).
  12. Gkneil wins by checkmate - for reasons unknown I went to swap a Knight for a Bishop, but when you took my Knight I neglected to take your Bishop, and never really got back into the game after that. Well played. Board_Stupid wins by resignation - your Queen and Bishops got into a position from which I had no chance of return. Well played. I think that's 5 or 6 losses in a row for me with little fight put up in any of them... doing a "Jack Ross", if you like.
  13. Apparently this was a bit of an over-reaction...
  14. Such is my desire to wipe Crawford's playing career from my memory that I deleted the sentence "let's hope he's a better assistant manager than he was a player for us" - we paid 80,000 for him!! I have no idea how good an appointment Liam Fox will be - I know so little about the guy that I find it very hard to make judgment. All I know is that every time we fire a manager I make the point on here that we have an absolutely abysmal record of hiring managers (since McLean left the club in 1993, how many successful hires have there been?) - and that there is little to suggest that the board at the club are any better at choosing a manager than a monkey would... And yes, someone will already be digging through Liam Fox's old Tweets and will no doubt find one from about 2011 that suggests he might possibly have wanted Rangers/Dundee/Roma to win a game and he will already be on borrowed time. At least he won't have a ridiculous recruiter-style LinkedIn profile like our Tam did!
  15. Routine win for AimHere (by resignation). I gave away a Knight after about 5 moves, then was never even close to getting even. Well played!
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