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  1. Even the boy that found the vaccine has said things will get worse before they get better and there won’t be any impact from it until after next summer
  2. Meikel looked a player, Slaven didn’t impress at all
  3. Can’t believe I’m actually agreeing with you. Will need a massive turn around in fortune in front of goal. TC was similar if I remember back before he signed. Just hope this boy can do something similar
  4. Looks like contact training/games can start from Monday
  5. Was it not around the middle sat in oct. Not sure when the Scottish cup dates are released or the start will be but the final has been brought forward and will finish before the end of the season as hampden needs to be clear from games ahead of the euro’s
  6. About the first thing we have ever agreed on, he had worse games than that too
  7. So at least 12 years then Not really sure what the point of the above is? Go fishing, get a load of bites. And the relevance of that to you hanging around on here like a bad smell?
  8. How many years have you been stalking me for? I don’t think I’ve ever said anything positive about kelty anywhere. Can’t stand the team and the place is a dump. My irony meter broke there with your last comment. Thought we would be lucky enough to get shot of your drivel on here when your bumchum left
  9. Some massive amounts of pish estimates being flung about too
  10. You spend an awful lot of time on this topic for someone that hates the club.
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