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  1. We still need a keeper, striker or 2 and someone else who can give us some width and pace I reckon
  2. Stevenson, Thom, nimmo, Allison and scullion currently at the club. Allison looked decent at left back when he came in. Darren smith can provide some cover at right back and I believe hare has covered left back in the past
  3. A early or late afternoon KO is ok on a sat but I can’t be arsed with sat nights. Ruins a weekend for players too I’m sure most will normally have family time or a drink/few on a sat evening since they can’t/shouldn’t on a fri. They have to be there for 6:15-6:45 add on travel time and then once a game finishes they will be lucky to be home by 10:45
  4. 7:45 KO away to nitten. I’d say that there may be a fair few Rose fans not bothering with that game
  5. Not sure how you came to the conclusion of that paring having the opportunity to start. Not much to choose from across the back. Is McGowan fit enough to start yet? Thom has been carrying an injury for weeks too. The 2 fittest centre half’s are probably Nimmo and Scullion still. No left back available and Thom/smith covering right back
  6. Kyle was first choice (when available) with Devine as back up (when not injured)
  7. Was 2 seasons at the Rose, turned out to be a very disappointing signing considering how many games he had played at Albion.
  8. Played ok against 10 men but tried to walk the ball into the net. Sauchie had a good few chances to win it too
  9. I’d say 3/4 of the new signings are an improvement of what was inherited with another still to impress. So Brown has a stronger squad. Some how he has managed to win less games with the supposed stronger squad than the previous manager. I’d have thought after 3 months in there would have been a change/improvement on the park but I’m yet to see it.
  10. I was comparing the record with the squad this season. 4 better players brought in and worse results
  11. We were beating the lower teams under Brado, Pumped jeanfield up there then go and get beat off them, beat white hill 6-0 then get beat off them. 4 players in and we set up the same way, try and play they same way, set pieces are the same. Nothing’s changed apart from losing more games than we did. It’s all very well playing well in the first half today or the last 20 mins against boness but that’s not going to put any trophy in your hands at the end of a season. This is another season that’s been written off as we need another 10 players, same as last season and the one before that and the one before that...
  12. I agree we looked better going forward first half. Their full back couldn’t cope with toddy. At the back we had holes all over the place still. Nimmo looks a decent upgrade on Scullion though
  13. Brado has 5 more wins with a squad that didn’t include the 4 Ferguson signings.
  14. First half loads of chances and didn’t make them count. Some decent saves from Adams too. But opened up far too easy at the back. 2nd half dew chances not taken and a mix of good saves and far too open at the back. Ferguson must have a worse record than lumsden now.
  15. Do you not think that they put enough hours of their free time into doing the best they can for the club during the course of the week and if a games off that they actually get a break?
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