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  1. Not wishing to flame any fuel on the question but.... I'm not sure you can play as a trialist if you are registered with another club. I know that Linlithgow juniors had to request that one of their trialists today be deregistered from their existing age group team last night to be eligible today. I'm not sure if the rules are different if the club's are linked or joined or maybe on a dual contract? I just didn't think you could play as a trialist with another team just to get game time.
  2. I can assure you it was neither fuzzy or auld heid with the shout. As for your comments on the keeper challenge, I didn't hear anyone claim he tried to kick his head, it was more he went in over hard into a challenge where the keeper already had the ball in his possession. He took a right whack on his wrist for the trouble which I felt may have contributed to not taking control of the cross at the first goal. I fully expect that you won't accept this and the usual trolls will jump in so that's all I'll say.
  3. Three three another terrible defensive blunder
  4. Three two big Sam Columbine! Great running from roddy
  5. Two two. Bit of a mistake for second but decent finish.
  6. Not sure why you've dragged me into this? I don't recall slating any players on here and indeed was backing them recently especially after the derby match, Which I still seemed to be assassinated for. If you actually knew me you would know I support my team from first to last whistle on a Saturday, look for the positives on the pitch and indeed clap and encourage them onto and off the park - but hey don't let that stop your trolling even if it doesn't fit in with your premeditated script. Yes I do jibe or criticise bo'ness but that's no different than what comes from the opposite direction, and should be in good jest but more recently seems to be more and more personal with the only difference being I don't troll certain posters or add constant red dots or alternatively like any post criticising me. Anyway, I've responded so I'm sure you've got what you wanted from your post, so I'll just keep my thoughts to myself now and update scores where appropriate and leave the petty mindedness to those keyboard warriors who have nothing better to do. HTG!
  7. Rose actually played better when passing on the ground and running at you so not quite wind assisted.
  8. And your first half wasn't? Wind probably spoiled the game a bit as playing from the school end with the wind was a big advantage to both teams.
  9. And still scored against you yesterday...
  10. And? At least they can wash their hands after.
  11. Doubt that as I know most of the collectors finish by half time but don't let it stop you trying to make a good story. Anyway, strange to fathom but yes, you could have been five up at half time due mostly to the wind but you could also have been going in at two one had Thom's header had gone the other side of the post and you could also have lost the second half probably three or four nil due to our chances and lack of yours (wait could that have been due to the wind also??)... Anyway it wasn't and it isn't so bo'ness won and we didn't end of. Much as I dislike you we are not good so I'll focus on that. You can worry about your problems.
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