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  1. I think that's all you need to pay Dug. Got there in the end which is all that matters. HTG!
  2. Generally the player and then if the ball was still there boot it whichever way I was facing, unless it was towards Geordie.....
  3. Anyone watching the K£lty debacle on tv should understand why plastic pitches are not great for adult football. The ball has spent more time bouncing 10 feet in the air or flying out the pitch than anything.
  4. Baten down the hatches.... Gogsy will be having a meltdown with the K£lty getting gubbed ....
  5. K£lty are shocking. Game has settled into one team playing 3 or 4 passes sideways (Just like their manager did) and then hit it long to get second ball versus one team who just hoof it long at any opportunity and try to feed off second ball.
  6. Have they dubbed out the crowd or is the atmosphere just non existent?
  7. Just curious as from an aesthetic perspective you would want only white 11's pitch lines but from the community perspective then if the age group teams are using it weekend mornings then they would want the other pitches marked also as its confusing or rather not as convenient to try and use cones or markers. As I said tho good luck with it.
  8. Oh dear, the irony of this.... and the posters who blindly liked it... [emoji23][emoji23]
  9. It's certainly not a bad thing for the community as the community club (amd other teams) will have a fantastic surface to train and develop on but not sure if or how it will enhance the senior club other than provide excellent training facility as it belongs to the npa and as it has been commented I'm sure the majority of bo'ness fans (who will no doubt still red dot this regardless) would prefer your old grass pitch ? Out of curiosity will the (or has the) pitch be marked out for all formats - 7's / 9's and 11's as I know that this can be offputting when there are multi coloured lines all over the pitch and I post from the experience of using the Linlithgow facility. Good luck with the facility, hope it goes well.
  10. I would have thought it would be the other way around as the juniors will be bigger than the other team soon..... [emoji23]
  11. Oh dear, referee fault again.... somethings never change.
  12. But still no answer ..... Some touchy souls on here tonight
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