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  1. Jim Scott, 1969 Fairs Cup (winner & scored in the final, 1st leg)
  2. Bucket hat. Specifically an overpriced vintage effort by Kangol or Stussy.
  3. So far ahead of us & it was all for nothing. That's what makes it so fucking funny.
  4. Would've preferred Annan to have come up instead of Embra, we're just gotten rid of Cove & their shitty newbuild microstadium. Some great away trips on that list.
  5. Them displaying more quality than Airdrie, over the 2 legs, confirms the greatest problem for full time players at this level is motivation. McGlynn's the man for that.
  6. You just wonder if they can maintain these home crowds. Repeated failure to get gain promotion should see fans start to lose interest. Murray's a fraud. Bottled it.
  7. Count yourself 'lucky'. I paid 15 quid* to hear their commentator claim QP are hitting on the break & lumping high balls in, Sandy Clark on co-comms. *Navy Blue Pounds, obvs
  8. Don't think it's as specific, more a criticism of his general moovement. Cud be wrong, though.
  9. That plus a manager who knows the pool of players we're choosing from. The problem wasn't what was available, it was what we signed. Greenie for the comment & also the profile pic. Are you the first?
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