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  1. Have the dead started re-animating yet?
  2. Match winning foul by Robertson. Drew a line in the sand to a talented, yet naive, Wolves side who thought they were facing some kind of total football dance-off. Liverpool are just fucking magic at winning football games and I hope they break all records.
  3. Our board are c***s who squandered money & shouldn't have shut down the academy. There, I've just shaved five pages off this thread.
  4. Hearts, weren't they in Blackadder Goes Forth or something?
  5. Will be raging if the US starts bombing Iran or Liz's death gets announced in the next 5 minutes.
  6. The Falkirk thread is one of P&B's main attractions. It's fucking massive.
  7. The Met might turn a blind eye but the tabloids would fry him. Because something something Meghan.
  8. P&B loves a bit of Meghan, she's a total wid. Plus, let's face it, Harry is moving to Canada because he loves a smoke. Lad.
  9. Not sure, mate. We get really big crowds & it's difficult to pick out individual faces.
  10. Johnny Cash if he gets a big move, Johnny Walker if he gets subbed off
  11. Saved us from signing Goodwillie as well, mate.
  12. Bin this pish chat ffs. Goodwillie is a c**t, end of.
  13. Wouldn't mind a new shirt sponsor as well. That logo is honking.
  14. Falkirk fans exiting the Double Diamond, early 90s... An Airdrie boy, down at the shopping precinct, behind 2 rookie cops and an old lady with a shopping bag...
  15. ^^Doesn't understand why people have an issue with inbreeding.
  16. Couldn't tell you. I've had access blocked by my service provider for the past 6 weeks & FTV wont respond to my emails. We really are an arsehole of a club.
  17. Get the spoilers posted, P&B. c***s' own fault if they open the thread.
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