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  1. Note to those who gave us pelters for kicking off on this forum, instead of No' EmAiLiNg TeH cLuB!!!111!!... Never underestimate the power of raising awareness among your own community, it's the best chance we have of initiating true change. Make no mistake, this was the current guise of FFC's attempts to emerge from the post-lockdown shadows with their all-new, all singing & dancing group of experts in their fields. The dream team of Holt, Sheerin, Colborn, Rawlins et al. This was the best they could come up with. This is the FFC they want to progress through the 2020s. Get them hounded.
  2. Alloa 1-2 Peterhead Clyde 2-2 Montrose Dumbarton 0-3 Queens Park East Fife 1-1 Cove Falkirk 2-0 Airdrie
  3. Should be made to change his username to Haber imo
  4. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_officials_purged_and_executed_by_Kim_Jong-un Nothing confirmed in the last 5 years though.
  5. Is that when she gets her nan to join in?
  6. If only Facebook had considered a platinum membership scheme. Div>>>Zuckerberg
  7. "Hey Sammy, oany chance you could dig out your old shooting boots & get a start next week? COYB "
  8. Lemon getting another start is the one positive from that line up, as long as he isn't the scapegoat...
  9. He would get results and stand up to the board, we're crying out for both traits.
  10. Liz literally choosing a hill to die on.
  11. The simp fucks are desperate for their beloved monarch to bestow city status.
  12. Airdrie 2-1 Clyde Alloa 1-1 Cove Falkirk 2-0 East Fife Peterhead 1-1 Dumbarton Queens Park 2-1 Montrose
  13. Those under 15 and under 18 aspiring footballers will be delighted to play their part in Declan's pathway and progression. Lucky them. sigh
  14. Sounds like you're in urgent need of a positive result. We know just the team for that...
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