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  1. Shocked at this result. What happened to that guy who scores all those goals?
  2. How did Paul Paton play, guys?
  3. Down with The Rayvolution, up with The Leesurrection...
  4. Any arrests last night? Have we taken over the main square yet?
  5. Turn these words into powder & roll me a banknote!
  6. ^^ Didn't get the memo. We're about to get big & sexy again, mate.
  7. Still not getting the 'Morton fans celebrating because Falkirk are now in a stronger position' thing. Ripping us to shreds during our demise was fair enough but emptying Ray can't possibly make us worse...
  8. Only his wages until the end of the season when his contract expires. f**k him.
  9. Morton fans, feel free to get that whole fake rivalry thing in the fucking bin now.
  10. Anyways, back to the important stuff. We should get a decent crowd at our next home game.
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