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  1. Rearranged fixtures. Clyde 1-1 Dunfermline Edinburgh 1-0 Peterhead Falkirk 3-1 Alloa Kelty 0-2 QOS Montrose 3-0 Airdrie
  2. Dunfermline 1-0 Peterhead Falkirk 3-1 Clyde Kelty 0-2 Airdrie Montrose 1-0 Edinburgh QOS 1-1 Alloa
  3. Bulgaria, Euro 88 qualifying. Hearts 'legend' Gary Mackay scored in a 1-0 away win which helped seal qualification for Ireland. I have vague memories of McCoist breaking his leg in that game, can any P&Bers confirm?
  4. You were right, it's abysmal.
  5. Get this c**t binned for spreading misinformation.
  6. Not enough gore in the new Phantasm reboot imo
  7. Get the barbeques fired up & load the fridges with beers, it's what she would've wanted. Enjoy your day off, P&B.
  8. Monday is also International Talk Like APirate Day. ARRRRR.I.P
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