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  1. Possibly, but not because of the football. Essex might take a serious hit on the back of that fixture, though.
  2. Then there is no hope for humanity. I'm off to look for pics. Good luck with the virus, folks. I intend to be a blind, dehydrated & desalinated carbon husk by the time this is over.
  3. And did Ms Doody get a mention*? *were there pics?
  4. Haven't been on this thread since the Indiana Jones debate was kicking off & cba trawling through all the pages. Please tell me the consensus rated Last Crusade as best, and the reason for this conclusion was Alison Doody. If not, gtf P&B.
  5. Yes, but only on the balance of probabilities.
  6. WHO yet to realise, the best way to defeat the virus is have it play Clyde. Clyde always fucking win.
  7. * Puts down phone, wipes tears from eyes, stands up and fucking applauds.
  8. Czechia receiving a fuckton of useful stuff from China Let's see what benefits there are in cupping Donnie's baws, Boris.
  9. Tip: When you approach the counter, don't say you want Calpol for "the bairns", they'll think you want enough for several thousand people.
  10. Continue where we left off at the start of next season (lots of personnel changes but tough shit) & treat these fixtures as a play-off for the 20/21 season which would begin asap. The new season should feature one fewer round of fixtures due to the backlog.
  11. Basically how most P&Bers feel in the aftermath of an important match.
  12. People who live within their means should set aside some money for private health care, for them and their loved ones, imo.
  13. EU advice, mate. They didn't take back control. Another thing: If we don't see Our Brave Boys knocking on pensioners' doors with much needed bread & milk, they can do one if they think I'm buying a poppy this year. Bleedin' liberty.
  14. I thought, as individuals, most of them looked the part but were let down by Duffy's 1980s 'shout loud, swear a lot' approach to football. Didn't Sons chalk up a few decent results after the 6-0 game?
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