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  1. Six feet deep, mountain high. To know him is to mourn him. You've lost that livin' feelin'
  2. There would also be an increased covid risk from the part-time opposition.
  3. Didn't realise long distance lorry drivers travelled as far as China.
  4. They'll fine Alloa & Arbroath 10K each. This is obviously the fault of part-time teams.
  5. I think they'll be fine. There are only 2 part-time clubs in the Championship so it isn't a particularly nasty outbreak.
  6. Is there any evidence suspension of untested P/T football will lower infection rates? If so, why was it allowed to commence in October? In conclusion, Cockwomble owes a public apology to 20 SPFL member clubs.
  7. My point was, admittedly, hypothetical pish but a decision to suspend two leagues was made on even weaker hypothetical pish.
  8. If a F/T player is married to an ICU doctor then (we should assume) they are at more risk than a self-employed roofer who plays football P/T. We're going round in circles, all the best.
  9. Once again, there are many variables so it is not "a simple fact". Factors include: occupation of spouse; children; the P/T player might WFH; ability to order & process information; etc.
  10. I have no desire to engage in a drawn-out discussion but it isn't "a simple fact". There are too many factors to consider and numerous documented examples of F/T players breaching protocol.
  11. Does anyone have any evidence to back up the 'part-time players spread covid' rhetoric, or is just classist demonising by Doncaster & co? I'd imagine your average part-timer has more to lose, and is therefore more vigilant, than your average Premiership Insta-hero jobber.
  12. When can we expect the first round of test results for Championship clubs?
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