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  1. Went along tonight - not sure if it was the weather, the hangover, or being spoilt with women's football over the summer....but thought it was pretty shite. United fans made a lot of noise mind you, spent most of the night watching them. The Gorgie Loyal minters were sitting (standing) in front of me 1st half (not 2nd, we moved). A group of 14 yo chip-pan-fires-waiting-to-happen that the rest of the year group (and society) have left behind. Misfit central. The type of wee c***s that even other wee c***s don't talk too. May their demise be quick.
  2. Red button. Radio Scotland commentary, not much better but at least it's got Julie Fleeting.
  3. Took a half day. So we're definitely getting pumped. Mone.
  4. Throwback Thursday Spotify playlist? (If you didn't, you should...)
  5. At the risk of comparing it to the men's game (we shouldn't)....I watched the men's team hoof it aimlessly toward Kenny Miller running the channels on his own for what must have been nearly a decade, occasionally shitfesting a vaguely passable result. Painful viewing. And so were the tactics first half today - thankfully they changed it up second half and got players closer to Cuthbert. Definitely think we were a bit deer in the headlights first half, and no we weren't a great watch, but the second half was much improved. We definitely need to be more ambitious against Japan. As for England being one if the favourites for the trophy...where have you heard that one before?...
  6. Pish. Also pish. England team are an absolute gang. Rehearsed celebrations and referee-baiting. Tournament has been refreshingly free of that sh!t - perhaps the grumpy Spanish team aside.
  7. Howler from the keeper for the winner. (Despite the cliché about goalkeeping in the women's game, think it's been pretty decent so far)
  8. Petronella Ekroth. Juventus and Sweden.
  9. Agree with all of this. The midfield 3 are all reasonable players in their own right, but look like they want to do the same thing. For that reason Brophy gets a pass. He may well not be good enough - but chances are, none of our strikers are.
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