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  1. If you don't have a club legend with zero experience in charge these days you're doing it wrong.
  2. Bought a pass for this, tuning in as a neutral. Hopefully a good game, expecting Ronaldo/Messi level exertions from Luke Bolton and Callum Hendry.
  3. All Or Nothing documentary crew probably had something to do with it too.
  4. And David Irvine with an entry for the terrible journalism thread with that first sentence. Which is where I stopped reading.
  5. Do Watford have a habit of sacking their managers?...
  6. Really enjoy McCoist as a co-comm. Agree him and Champion are a great pair. Every former player on BT Sport is dreadful, as is Jake Humphrey. Much rather just have James Richardson and his podcast pals (except Julien Laurens) do the lot.
  7. Cologne playing Loch Lomond at the end?
  8. Craig Dargo's v Dunfermline, March 2000. Not the best Rovers goal I've seen live, but possibly the craziest I've ever gone at a goal. It coming right after Paul Browne's opener, and me being full of Elizabethan Jack Daniel's probably helped. 1m25s
  9. Slight delay on an app. Was at his Men against Boys speech. Get a fucking grip of yourself - should be happy no?
  10. Absolute scenes at the end of the game in Adelaide. Western Sydney 3-1 up in stoppage time before 2 late penalties (the 2nd a highly dubious VAR handball award) for Adelaide. 1st one scored, 2nd one so debatable the WSW defender walks off the pitch in protest. Adelaide striker steps up to tie the game....and Baggios it. [emoji23]
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