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  1. Will this season end in another administration for Dumbdee?
  2. Kick any free loading press and hangers on out of the Main Stand and let paying customers in.
  3. He certainly ain’t no Chris Burke or Gary Teale.
  4. Foreign SMTV subscribers should be charged at least double what they currently pay as they get full access to all home and away games including cup ties.
  5. It was most definitely Turin. Another hard luck story. The spill by Leighton and the cute finish crushed our hopes. Not sure it was a great idea having Leighton in goals as he was scarred by his FA cup experience by being dropped by Fergie.
  6. My team has never played in the seaside leagues. Gonna send us a postcard?
  7. If only Falkirk were not dicking around in the seaside leagues. 😂
  8. I’ve heard that the stripes are on the back.
  9. That lassie wearing the Utd away top looks as though she is pissing herself laughing. Horrendous tops. Got relegation written all over.
  10. Seems rather few numbers given such large scale disturbance. There was me thinking we were one of the most monitored nations in the world with best in class CCTV. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. The Rangers fans are no different to the dead clubs fans. Scum.
  11. He signed a two year deal in Sept 2019. He rejoined Kilmarnock in Feb 2020. However much the transfer fee was it was most definitely worth it from St Mirren’s point of view to get rid of a snake.
  12. I liked it even better when Broadfoot bought his own contract out and ended up relegated. Egg on his face once again. 😂
  13. Here is another one. https://www.stmirren.com/all-news/3994-a-season-like-no-other The St Mirren independent Supporters Association (SMiSA) gain 51% ownership on 27th July 2021. The money is there to do it before, but the date was agreed last year. SMiSA expect to have a cash reserve left of around £140,000 once the share purchase has been completed in July. Now that the money raised to buy share capital is no longer required the continued subscriptions can be put towards other projects - be that player budget or community led initiatives. Our membership (SMiSA) pays either £12 or £25 per month. We have around 1200 members so its a significant sum every month. Each quarter £2 per month is allocated to club or community projects that the membership votes on. It’s been a long journey to get to this point, but totally worth it. I wish you well for the coming season and hope you can get fan ownership in the future.
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