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  1. The board could do a lot worse than look at Charlie King, he's turned around Brechin Vics in more ways than one he's brought professionalism and teamwork to a club that was shambolic, he's brought in new training methods, along with a enthusiasm to succeed and develop young players. More importantly he has players playing for him, something vital in the push for promotion. This is something lower league teams need to think about instead of paying out massively for old timer seasoned ex pros with none very little management or coaching experience. Possibly a out of the air thought but the board needs to think of the future development and at a minimum risk investment. If you look at the job James Fowler has done at QOS. They took a chance when he showed potential and it's paying dividends just now.
  2. Montrose have to go with Charlie King now, no messing abouts with interim managers, the board had their chance the last time and are now paying the price, the team needs new ideas and a fresh perspective as to how to move forward. The time to do this is now, it may be too late to save the day, but if we try to built a solid infrastructure from now on the team and club will benefit in the long run. What CK has done with the Vics in the last two seasons is amazing from lower league cannon fodder to a team of winners who fight and play for the manager and more importantly each other. If the boards not act quickly they will lose this opportunity and Montrose will suffer in the long run.
  3. Your in for Paddy Cregg from Saints,great player who will be sadly missed in Perth
  4. Listening to him talking yesterday he actually is very tactically aware, he knows how the game should be played and run, that's what I'm basing my theory on. He's not the big bad man everyone is implying. The internal matter was resolved today and we need to move on. COYS Dundee are irrelevant.
  5. Quality Gordon I almost choked on my tea there. Gaffer was in great form yesterday. He will do us alright.
  6. Shame on the Hibs fans tonight who left with 30minutes to go and were throwing their shirts and scarfs on the pitch. You expect that from the Old Firm. Shame on you support your team through thick and thin. Although tonight was very very thin.
  7. I'm not bothered about Livi dying but something thats not been said is the amount of players who basically stole highly inflated wages from these clubs knowing they never had the money to support it. Same happened at Gr£tna, football mercenaries who went for the quick buck then just walked away when it went tits up. Most are still plying their trade at other clubs today. Livi will die and the SFA/SFL will still not learn a single thing. Massone your a cock.
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