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  1. Nostalgia. Go on eBay and see how much the grey and yellow zx 600 are going for. I have a pair in the house but won't sell them for all the tea in China. The reason? I had a pair at 16. Same reason I have Diadora Borgs, 710, 700, 500. All I need is the white and green Borgs and that's the collection complete.
  2. Ok will break my rule for these bad boys. Decent trainers.
  3. Hiya, thought I would stop and say hi. Doing it again but through work. Good luck everyone!
  4. Tis always nice to find a happy memory of when you are young and daft....

  5. I could a cuddle from the missus then peace and quiet as she's buggered off to her brother's house to see the kids open their presents. So banana and honey on toast, a cup of coffee and Soviet Storm on the military channel. Bliss
  6. And you will, you are braver than you think, you are smarter than you think (well, maybe not in the choice of fitba' club) and you can and will get through the festivities. For anyone that needs to talk, no shame in it - 1 in 4 folk in Scotland will suffer from a MH problem in their lifetime, and there's 2 suicides in Scotland every day. 2 too many if you ask me. Remember that help is a phone call or click away, even P&B is a crutch to some, knowing that there's others in the same boat can be a comfort. http://www.samaritans.org/your-community/samaritans-work-scotland http://www.samh.org.uk/ So keep yerselves safe over Christmas. Col
  7. Well pissed off. My pal drinks rum, so I goes and orders online this special spiced rum from Barbados for his Christmas. I emailed him last night and he says 'nae, stopped drinking rum a while back....' £40 smackers for this, well not impressed.
  8. It's going to b like the BNP protest outside Kenny Mc's office during the summer. About 20 fat ex-casuals all with old worn out stone island jumpers on, all shouting abuse at an empty office. They were escorted by a fair few police and there was a helicopter overhead. If you didn't know who it was, it looked like a bunch of middle aged men looking for a pub. The police indulged them for half an hour then spit them up, I've never seen such a nonevent.
  9. The herald is reporting that they are now going to protest at the Scottish Parliment tomorrow over the flag. They feel that 'unionism' is under attack and that they need to shout rude things at an empty building and two security guards. The better together or is it better but no wi the Tories or libs together campaign need this like a hole in the heid.......
  10. Cameron Brig? My mate successfully bid for a bottle of Macallan elegancia the other day. He found a bottle of the stuff in a shop in edinburgh for £140, but he bid £73 on a whisky action site and got it. Guess I will be popping round in a few days.....
  11. I had the 12yo sherry cask last Christmas. And rather nice is was as well.
  12. I don't think there's any Yes campaign activities in Glasgow planned for today. It's probably deliberate if correct.
  13. I see there's a demo meant to be happening in Glasgow in support, hands across the water and all that shite. They must have very understanding bosses
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