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  1. If there's to be another Indy ref then SNP will need to call it this parliament, as they are going to get found out soon. The blame Westminster for everything argument will not wash with the electorate much longer. Most people will begin to think the constitutional questions (Union and EU) are far less important than failures in education, heath and public services under the SNP watch. YES movement will eventually become something only for the radical hardcore, that people will nostalgically laugh about ever being a part of (bit like mods or punks) Polls starting to show support for another ref and Indy is beginning to wane already. No matter how loud Nicola shouts about how Scotland voted to remain in EU. SNP will win one more Scottish parliament with greatly reduced number of MSPs then the Tories or Labour will be in. All will depend on how disillusioned the left leaning SNP supporters become once they have been failed by Labour and SNP, especially if Labour continue their support of SNP policy in parliament. If Indy ref doesn't happen this parliament then I can't see another until 2044 at earliest, as for SNP to regain support then Indy plans will need to be abandoned. If it was called this parliament I think the result would be the same (increased winning percentage due to lower turnout).
  2. I remember Brian Stagecoach on one of the debates was the only panelist to answer this question, given the rest were politicians it's hardly suprising. He said commonsense told him that Scotland would be safer and said other small nations were not threatened by terrorism, what a load of pish. Commonsense probably also told him to wear that sky blue suit jacket. Commonsense tells me that an iScotland may become less of a target but it would definitely more susceptible to a major actual attack. 1. Would AQ forget our past involvment in middle east wars? Not sure how their minds would work especially as they were the started by the Governments we voted for . 2. Yes campaign tends to compare itself with small european countries like Norway and Belgium when it suits but didn't on this occasion, I wonder why? Not too suprised the BT did not bring any of this up as it would be shouted down as project fear. I reckon I feel pretty safe today with proven inteligence agencies protecting us and would less safe in an iScotland. Any Yes or BT think differently?
  3. No I do not support the orange order. You can be appalled but you shouldn't need to be told to behave yourself. Having to be told to behave yourselves also implys, after you get your way, you then you no longer need to behave yourself. edited for really really shit grammer to really shit. Further edited to just shit.
  4. I know that was his point fannyo. If you believe people are pursuaded by such petty arguments and one upmanship then why are there still so many undecided voters.
  5. Its usually the orange order telling people to behave themselves. It says a lot about the yes campaigners that they need to be told to behave themselves.
  6. Thanks for pointing that out. I am going to vote yes because someone stole a sign.
  7. I see many "in the game" saying this cnut should be locked up for years. WTF is this guy worse/as bad as a rapist/knifer/GBHist/Kiddy porn collector? Im sure they will be demanding such the next time a fellow pro is charged with an unprovoked assault. People should really learn there place rather than use there position in media spotlight to try to influence the law. Protest like every other pleb has to if they dont agree with authority. Fucking hate footballers thinking the are above the rest of society. Surely this guy can use the gerrard defense of he thought Kirkland had hit him first but he now realises it was the invisible man. About the same amount of video evidence. Rant over.
  8. The White Stripes-Passive Manipulation
  9. a man with good taste, they're gonna be the biggest band of next year mark my words. yet another band given airtime by the late great john peel man was an absolute genius
  10. My neighbour gets me tickets to any carling gig i want he's some sort of marketing manager already asked him for them. so couldnt tell you if they are sold out
  11. just booked my tickets for the Babyshambles gig at the barrowlands on the 14th of december. Seen as the libs are more or less exstinct thoght i might aswell go and see what petes mob are like. then going to the streets gig at the carling in march then its T in the park here i come. anyone else got some gigs coming up? p.s How good are Bloc Party?
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