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  1. I agree also, Jim has been gracious in defeat as have Peterhead fans unlike a few Montrose fans who chose to gloat on the PFC Facebook page - classy move. Watching Jim’s interviews over the past season he does indeed always give credit where it’s due and is refreshingly honest in admitting when he’s got it wrong. As for the “Bertie big bollocks” tag I find it tedious and unwarranted. Peterhead work hard to bring in a shilling like every other club in the league, if they have a bigger budget (unproven) to give their manager to put a decent team on the park it’s because they’ve worked hard behind the scenes and been prudent - can’t see what there is to criticise there.
  2. Thank you for all your feedback, I'll try to address the points raised going forward. Blueone, as far as I can see the squad photos are all updated and current - is there a page that I am missing that needs looked at? I will update the squad photo (have had to wait until they are all together for this one but have a new one now). The meeting with Jim is also on the front page of the website as the twitter feed runs on there also for all those not on that social media. Looking at the match preview page, it may be redundant with the news feed showing all the news on upcoming matches and could be removed - thoughts? With regards to the club shop, I think that this was a problem last season with having them sold in a different location from the office so the front office has undergone a refurbishment so that an area can be set aside for strips sales so hopefully that will sort that problem out for the new season. I think it's worth remembering though that there are very few full-time employees at the club (2/3), it's mainly part-time waiting/bar staff, volunteers and a board of directors who also have jobs of their own. When the season ends is when the management and directors go on holiday in order to return for pre-season. There probably was a silence surrounding the club at the end of the season as not only were there disappointed fans but also a club, management and board of directors who put in a long hard slog all season to keep the club running that were also gutted. Think there was some licking of wounds before everything could get up and running again. Preparation for the new season is then frantic - not only is there the signing of players but also advertising board renewals, corporate sponsorship to sell, ground maintenance, seating allocation, match-day sponsorship and all the administration and Hampden visits required as members of the SPFL. All this is a mammoth task to get ready for the new season so some things do tend to get neglected as other priorities take over, will try to improve on this with more info from behind the scenes. Social media is a tricky one, there were obviously disgruntled fans at the end of the season and will be at all times over many different topics but they are entitled to have their say without censorship. Obviously any post using foul language will be deleted but as the fans contribute greatly to the club they should be allowed to voice their opinions. I know that private messages are answered, not sure about posts being missed but will keep an eye. Lets look forward to hopefully a great season!
  3. Duly noted. Platinum club winners are posted on Facebook and Twitter which appears on front page of website but you would have to scroll through the tweets to find so I'll look into adding a section on to main site under the platinum club banner. There will be lulls during the closed season as we all head off on holidays but hopefully enough info during the league campaign to keep everyone informed of all the goings on at Balmoor.
  4. Actually just checked the website - 2 news articles in past 2 days and 3 tweets from today showing on the front page...
  5. As a volunteer who updates the website and social media along with a few others, I'd be interested to know what you feel is missing content-wise? Facebook is updated daily and there is a twitter feed and news feed on the website updated regularly as well as highlights of every game and match report added (also filmed, edited and reported voluntarily). There is a digital issue of the monthly magazine also available on the website. We try to cover as much as possible but if you feel that there should be more info then please specify and we will try to cover this also?
  6. If you look on Peterhead FC forum, apparently Stirling Albion supporters shouting abuse with reference to David Cox's mental health problems which have been well documented in the media recently.
  7. My only input into this sorry state of affairs is to say that my son came home to say that it is the first time he has felt intimidated by away fans in the three years he has been going to home games on his own. He has witnessed banter from both Celtic and Rangers fans but the aggression from Morton fans on Sat left him shaken. As for Morton fans using the perpetrator (singular) of racist slurs to deflect from the truth and defend the actions of a section of their fans I shake my head in despair. We were all disgusted at the actions of that one fan for what he said and came on here to say so, shame Morton fans couldn't have taken the same approach rather than stooping to the levels they have on this forum.
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