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  1. But your forgetting the free pies and bovrils than fall from the sky( broomloan) not to mention we get to be dirty fn bs for the day. You're missing out
  2. Decent game, great atmosphere, great display by the young team, good to be back
  3. Early Season predictions

    Ross County ICT Patrick Thistle Dundee utd Morton Falkirk Dunfermline Queens Ayr Alloa Think it will be a lot tighter this season than last season. As many as 6 teams having a short stint at the summit
  4. Good luck Motherwell. Sometimes dreams do come true. BELIEVE
  5. From winning league one last year to where you are now is nothing short of remarkable and to best utd over 2 legs without your best goal scorer makes it more impressive. Good luck in the finsl
  6. Dundee United 2018/2019

    Rangers fans are now the Celtic fans of the 90s with a everyone is against them and s massive chip on their shoulder about everything. The angst towards Dundee Utd and Thompson in particular saves them from looking at the people in their own club who let them get into the mess they ended up
  7. Live through? But... But.. BUT Utd are a big team who deserve to be in the top league
  8. You play to your strengths and Livi have done that and a brilliant team spirit to boot. Utd can't compare about any boot boy tactics after they beat us 1-0 up a tannadice to stop us winning the league. Thought Hardie would have been a big loss, very decent player, but you coped well
  9. You did more booting in the last game at tannadice against St.Mirren than pars did in 4 games
  10. These games should be on alba at least. Should be 2 healthy crowds and no shortage of blood n snotters. I'm a Saints fan and of the 2, Dunfermline have produced the best performance against us though Utd have held the upper hand over them. Moshni has made them more solid 2. Tough call and I think it will be tight. Really don't know who I fancy here. Just glad were not involved. Good luck guys
  11. First game we won comfortably, second game was a draw and I dont think the other 2 games count in the grand scheme of things. For me, ICT are the best placed side for a title tilt next year. You guys will be lucky to make the play offs unless you get about 10 players in
  12. Last 2 games we've play our fringe players. We even had a midfielder playing center half yesterday for his first ever time. Also the players haven't been at training at all this week. We've been the best team in the championship for 16 months now. Deal with it
  13. Unfortunately you only took about 7 points from the rest of the league. Bottom of the full time teams