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  1. I thought your boys competed admirably. Deserve nothing but praise
  2. Burger n keg next to the train station. Just walk across the square
  3. Once went to pick up my mate to go play 5s on a Saturday morning. Drives down, toots horn outside his flat and then waits. 2 mins later, some old fear jumps in the back seat with 3 bags and I said hope that's your fitba boots in that bag No it's just some shopping I'm here to pick my mate up for 5s I don't want to go to 5s I'm not a taxi, I'm waiting for my mate But you tooted your horn It was only when my mate turned up she realised her mistake
  4. An easy win for Motherwell who were on easy street after their 1st goal. Absolutely bossed it from then on. Losing Gary Mac threw us but what followed was unacceptable
  5. Thought Sainta were unlucky to come in level at half time. Played some nice football but just need to believe in themselves a bit more. Thought Aberdeen were the better team 2nd half but Saints were always dangerous. As for the penalty... 1. Could Obika have stayed up and tapped in to an empty net 2. Lewis should have been sent off 3. Andreu looked tired before penalty so was he the right man? I think a draw would have been a fairer reflection but that's why aberdeen are at one end and we're at the other end of the table
  6. Totally agree. Theres only so many times you can say you were unlucky
  7. Surprised the highlights never showed the keeper halting Magennis. Thought that should have been a red for excessive force/ endangering an opponent
  8. A game Saints should never have lost. After handing hibs the initiative by paying them too much respect 1st half, they had a real go 2nd without getting many decent shots on goal. Criminal defending to give Hibs the penalty. Thought the keeper( violent conduct) and Stevenson( 2nd yellow on Flynn) were lucky to stay on the park
  9. A deserved win for St.Mirren today, the better side for me but County were always dangerous. An outstanding finish to win it at the end. A bit of De ja vu with the first meeting. I know how the county fans will feel for the long drive home
  10. Fair do's. Hands up. I missed that one. Still your misspelling of St.Mirren is classless and immature. It belittles any point you make. Hearts were the better team today. We'll have 2 further meetings to try to rectify it this seaon
  11. Yo Your English is coming along well. I'm guessing your 10 or 11 with this statement
  12. Hearts 4 and 5th goal were quality but how bad were we at crosses today. Worrying thing was how we downed tools after the 4th goal today
  13. Snatched a defeat from the jaws of victory again. When will we learn
  14. I'm the same. £30 and I'm out. Already binned Scotland games for this reason
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