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  1. Tuned into ITV to catch their Maradona tribute “The Hand of God”, what a bloody con, it’s actually a documentary about England’s 86 World Cup Finals campaign, with a round table featuring Shilton, Butcher, Hoddle and a few more gammons, f**k all to do with Maradona at all!! That is unless you have the gumption to watch it till the end when it comes to their eventual knockout and to watch the gammony tears and snotters of that same round table is actually quite a tribute to Diego, the fact that he never mentioned or rarely talked about that game yet he’s managed to induce near psychological damage on these guys that still manifests itself nearly 40 years later is pleasing!!! Will recommend the Ch4 film DIEGO MARADONA which was shown through the night, you’ll get it in catchup and it is quite simply fantastic, if you haven’t seen it it mainly covers his Napoli years and is real worth the watching, it’s the best thing made about him as it is truly warts and all and also benefits from not having and “English” agenda to follow, it quite clearly is what it is, enjoy!!!
  2. Well that was fucking awful!!!
  3. Probably, but I’d be very surprised if he survives the season, they not only look rudderless but leaderless as well!!! We’ve not had a run game for over 20 years but we’ve always had a strong receiving game, we don’t even have that now!!!
  4. Read somewhere that he is responsible for more Lions wins this century than any other player also he’s the only Lion that has a 100% completion record on TD throws as well!!!
  5. Bullshit flag on Hockenson probably kills the game!!!
  6. You said that about the Rovers as well didn’t you???
  7. Shilts showing his class here with his tweet, which has since been removed!!! Seriously if he is responsible i hope he’s pulled up over this!!!
  8. Greatest ever, looks like God will now be able to shake his hand... RIP!!!
  9. In regard to the Durham link, it’s always entertaining to listen to the views of others, even the arseholes who think that they are always correct and that only their opinion matters and then to weigh them and their opinions up accordingly so that I can say that in order for me to feel insulted or to even take offence by your opinion I must first value your opinion... ... nice try though!!!
  10. Bawbag Durham trolling for listeners again I see!!! https://talksport.com/football/793747/kieran-tierney-arsenal-left-back-premier-league-adrian-durham-fan-hype/amp/
  11. Why did the Discovery get the ‘A’ after its registry number after it got its paint job and detachable nacelles, it’s the same ship??? Are the threadbare federation that short of ships that they get a number added after the smallest refit or are they maybe keeping the fact that the ship is from the past by disguising it as a new ship??? If it’s that, shouldn’t they change the uniforms of the crew as well???
  12. I think you’re right, I think they are “Dark Troopers”, remember the Dark Forces video game? An excellent story that is now no longer canon but Filoni has previous for cherry picking ex-canon material and making it canon again, Grand Admiral Thrawn is a great example of this, originally canon and then discarded during the great canon purge of the Disney buyout, but put into Rebels and made canon again, I honestly think that that is what he is doing here and the “Snokiness” of the labs Mando and the others found is just a little callback, or at least I hope so!!!
  13. And incidentally set up another two, don’t think he’ll be there too long, should be starting or at least pushing to be starting at the moment, good he’s getting match fit and essential game time but looking at how ineffectual or current midfield is he needs to be brought back sooner rather than later!!!
  14. It’s been broadcast, why the spoilers??? One of those Clones did have an awfy Snoke shaped head though!!! Could this be the decent writers trying to tidy up the JJ Abrams mess by explaining the ludicrous Emperor plot of the last movie in a more cohesive and believable manner???
  15. Did I just see a person of restricted height barreling onto the pitch there???
  16. The Pittsburg game is getting a bit narky isn’t it??? Love it!!!
  17. Nothing to see here!!!
  18. Panthers playing right into our hands here by not letting us take a lead, the fools!!! M P Lions 0-7 Panthers
  19. How big are you wanting??? I’m actually quietly confident of the Matt Prater Lions taking something from this today, honestly!!! Also one of those very rare times that I’m hoping for a Cowboys win as well!! I feel dirty!!!
  20. Glad to be going in only 1-0 down, it’s just been through some last ditch defending and Thistle forwards ineptitude that kept the score down!!! Thistle have obviously had us watched and know where to attack us, the amount of space and joy Cardle is getting down the left is criminal but an oh so familiar story, can anybody tell me what Danny Denholm does on the left hand side that warrants a starting position, it’s like playing with 10 men, Slattery has two men on him every time Thistle attack and our left sided midfielder (Denholm) is standing on the half way line scratching his arse, get him aff!!! Made it to half time only one down, regroup get at least one sub on and try again!!! And by the way Partick fans, Penrice has been one of your best players, but if you still don’t want him, please send him our way!!!
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