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  1. Honestly did not recognise Gary Tank Commander in this, thought the actor looked familiar but didn’t get that it was him at all!!!
  2. Bengals taking the piss now!!!
  3. Ditto the Lions, the Texans, the Chargers, the Beats and the Mahones!!!
  4. There is some shite on display today across the games!!!
  5. I take it this is some kind of master plan from the Lions this year to get all the top picks next draft???
  6. Take it the choice is sound OR picture on Redzone???
  7. FT East Fife 4-2 Cove Rangers A far more comfortable win than the score line suggests perhaps, we defended well in the second half after the shock of their early first, I thought we coped well with what they threw at us and that they were quite fortunate with their second, a few weeks ago we would have feared the inevitable collapse of backline and arseholes and would expected Cove to at least get the draw, but not today!!! The solicitor’s firm of Higgins, Higgins and Steele were excellent and presented a watertight case, Mercer looked like the Mercer of old and Wallace was the catalyst that enabled victory, with his self imposed exile we have had no connection between our midfield and our attack this season and he slotted right back into that role today as if he’d never been away!!! If and it’s a big if, we can get something away to Montrose next week we just might go on one of those runs that we tend to go on at this time of year!!!
  8. We need a change and it’s not happening!!!
  9. East Fife 4-1 Cove Rangers Kyle Connell (49mins) Good play from Mercer!!!
  10. East Fife 3-1 Cove Rangers Some c**t (48mins)
  11. HT East Fife 3-0 Cove Rangers Playing well, very tight at the back but midfield still seems quite static, think Wallace has made a huge difference to us, somebody with a bit smarts, drawing fouls and keeping the ball, more of the same in the second half please!!! Could have been a lot worse for Cove we’ve had two disallowed for marginal offsides!!!
  12. East Fife 3-0 Cove Rangers Scott Mercer (45mins) Peach of a free kick!!!
  13. East Fife 2-0 Cove Rangers Kyle Connell (17mins) And what a fucking hit that was!!!
  14. East Fife 1-0 Cove Rangers Aaron Steele (12mins)
  15. And Waldo starts, let’s hope he’s kept himself fit!!!
  16. “Ryan Wallace returned to training this week and is available for selection this afternoon.” Fucking get in!!! A forward who can put the ball in the net, it can only get better!!!
  17. It’ll definitely be on catch up for a while!!! Just found out that the sequel, Peninsula is available on Amazon, that’ll be getting watched next!!!
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