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  1. Montrose 4-1 East Fife Scott Mercer (88mins) Good finish but too little too late!!!
  2. Montrose 4-0 East Fife Johnstone (79mins) Goodnight!!!
  3. Montrose 3-0 East Fife Johnstone (75mins) Just blow the fucking whistle!!!
  4. Montrose 2-0 East Fife Webster (55mins) The arse has fallen out of it!!!
  5. Montrose 1-0 East Fife Kunty Keatings (51mins)
  6. HT Montrose 0-0 East Fife Both teams going to be feeling like they should be winning, lots of good saves and close things at both ends!!! We look so much better with Wallace back!!!
  7. The same starting 11 as last week apart from Higgins in for the “carried off” Dunlop, happy with that, as long as they play as well as they did last week!!!
  8. Honestly did not recognise Gary Tank Commander in this, thought the actor looked familiar but didn’t get that it was him at all!!!
  9. Bengals taking the piss now!!!
  10. Ditto the Lions, the Texans, the Chargers, the Beats and the Mahones!!!
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