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  1. Daryl isn’t in the comics mate!!!
  2. Time to vote on the East Fife Goal of the Season (... so far?) competition, this is the draw...
  3. Excellent ending, nearly shedding a wee tear at the end!!! Surely a 2nd Season with Picard and his rag-tag mob roaming around the universe righting wrongs and punishing evil-doers must be on the cards??? Rios forgetting that his new burd offed her previous boyfriend in his sick-bay a couple of episodes ago???
  4. Needing to promote this more outside of P&B not everybody is on here!!! Those that “pay at the gate” should be looking at paying their money for the four games the Club are missing out on, you don’t need to do it all in a oner!!! And yes that Bawbag Rankine should be getting publicly embarrassed over this, either him or Twigg and should be shown to be accountable as the “Majority Shareholder” all publicity hurts him remember!!!
  5. How did Berwick Rangers get back in the League???
  6. Wondering if Jeffrey Dean Morgan is ill!!! When you see him in earlier movies he’s about twice the size he is now, he actually physically looked more like Negan ten years ago than he does now,!!! He’s still the boy tho!!!
  7. You forgot about Star Trek: The Adventures of Ian!!!
  8. Just finished The Witcher and I don’t care what you say, I enjoyed it, once I got my head around the fact that the first 6 episodes are set in three different time periods, this isn’t a spoiler btw, I think you’re supposed to just know!!!
  9. There’s also a bit in Superman II where he starts shooting beams from his hands at General Zod, what the f**k was that about???
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