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  1. Right, Willie Rennie is on, I’m going to bed!!!
  2. NE Fife c***s!!! Don’t be throwing all of Fife in with those Tory fermer fuckwits, along with that southern enclave that is St. Andrews!!!
  3. Even the ever placid Judge Rinder, is ripping him a new one!!!😂
  4. Congratulations on McGlynn’s new “one-shot-per-game = one-goal” system it’s obviously working for you!!!👍🏻
  5. Forward/Attacking Midfielder. Has played in Sweden for 3 seasons (IFK Ostersund 2017-2018 & IFK Mora FK 2019) Statistics from 3 seasons (competitive appearances): 71 appearances 44 goals 20 assists
  6. Picard our on Jan 23rd, not long now!!!
  7. Dominated, you’re surely talking about some other game, definitely can’t be today, as your keeper had to pull off two worldies to let you sneak away with a point!!!😂
  8. Ok, so who was the fella with the beard, warming up with the team and then doing his own pre-match just before kickoff, is this the “foreign” pusher that Scott warned us about???
  9. We had Dunsmore and Wallace both getting fouled in front of the far side linesman and Falkirk got away with it and the East Fife player got (harshly) booked for the one in front of the stand side linesman, dry your eyes and tell McManus to stop throwing himself to the ground every time somebody goes near him and you might get some more fouls when merited!!!
  10. Would have taken the 0-0 before the game but now a bit peeved as we should have won that, two TV saves from Mutch kept Falkirk in it!!! Pretty poor first half with both sides lining up in a 3-5-2 and basically negating each other out, the game opened up a bit more in the second half and as I said those two saves from Mutch and another couple of pish shots from us after good work let Falkirk leave with a point. Not the best we’ve played this season but after the disaster of the last few weeks we’ll take it!!! Referee seemed determined to not book any Falkirk players until they started taking men out and forcing him to do so and what was with the far side linesman, he never raised his flag once today except after the referee had made the award??? Anyway as I said two points dropped at the end of the day AND we are sooo much better when Wallace is playing!!!
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