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  1. The East Fife Thread

    ^^^ Smartarse found!!! [emoji6]
  2. The East Fife Thread

    No that says B. Linn and is in fact his brother Bernie, who could have had a good career but chucked it to make a go of it in UCF!!! Robert Linn is the one you've got, who still isn't as good as (pre career knackering injury) Kyle Wilkie!!!
  3. Daredevil

    At last, a release date for Season 3!!!
  4. The East Fife Thread

    Alright smart arse, who's standing behind Park??? [emoji23]
  5. The East Fife Thread

    Here's the Team from that night, if it's any help!!!
  6. Constantine

    They're obviously still keeping the character going, he's appeared in Arrow since then and I'm sure he's rumoured to be making an appearance in Legions!!! There is so many good things that could still be done with this, they might pick it up again for the new DC streaming channel, there is a few Easter Eggs in the series that would be worth visiting, I always liked that back in Constantine's house/HQ//Batcave, Dr. Fate's helmet was sitting on a shelf, how he got a hold of that would have been a good story!!!
  7. The East Fife Thread

    Seven years ago today we knocked Aberdeen out of the League Cup, Wallace, Park and Sloan scoring our goals!!! What a great night that was, one of the days you live for supporting a team outwith the Scottish Premiership!!! Whatever happened to Matthew Park??? Eta: anybody able to namecheck the seven players above???
  8. Scotland squad for Next month

    Their FB page is very informative, here's the staff during a recent Team Bonding course on "Customer Satusfaction" Apparently Ricardo (2nd left in the hat), received Employee of the Month and a special award for the highest score ever on the course, it may be a hidden gem!!!
  9. Scotland squad for Next month

    I remember reading an interview with Southgate at the start of the year saying Ritchie would have been in his World Cup squad if he had remained eligible!!! Don't know if he meant for the qualifiers or for the WC itself but food for thought. England are obviously starting to feel the conveniences the rent-a-star attitude of the EPL!!! Eta - don't ask me for proof of this article, I honestly can't remember where I read it - honest!!!
  10. Scotland squad for Next month

    Looks like something out of From Dusk Till Dawn or Desperado or Airdrie, might have difficulty getting QK in there but I'll give it a go - cheers!!![emoji1303]
  11. Scotland squad for Next month

    Hmmm, worrying!!! He's played twice, first was against Canada and the second was Costa Rica I think, both friendlies, he should have been nailed on before now just to make sure, in the way BEM made sure with McTominay in the Albania game, bring them on for the last 5-10 minutes in a qualifier and then it's "too bad son - your ours now" and then twiddle your moustache in a Dick Dastardy-like fashion!!!
  12. Stranraer v East Fife

    Wait until his suffering hits it's peak and then see, three days later you'll have some player!!! McManus is very good and DY wanted to keep him at the end of last season and more importantly he wanted to stay with us, unless he got offered FT somewhere but he is based in the West Side of Glasgow and your lot train in the West Side of Glasgow and Bus all your players to Stranraer so obviously he has no traveling costs now, it just shows how something like that on a PT wage can have a massive influence on a potential signing at this level!!! As I said he wanted to stay, unless he got FT somewhere again which I definitely think he's good enough for and we wanted to keep him and I also think that he could have had a massive impact with us this season, he has something about him that I think we are lacking at the moment in the middle of the park!!!
  13. Scotland squad for Next month

    Has anybody had any experience of watching Scotland games in pubs in the US, specifically International Drive in Orlando??? I'm going to be there during the next two games and obviously wouldn't want to miss them, reckon they would be around about midday kick offs so I could probably coerce Queen Kebab into watching them if I tell her I'm treating her to lunch!!!
  14. Comic Book Movies (and TV Shows)

    Who cares, Phils back!!!