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  1. The East Fife Thread

    Cometh the hour, cometh the man, Paul McManus signing for the twenty third time will surely fire us on to glory!!!
  2. Game of Thrones

    I didn't, at first viewing, as the previous seasons obviously went around all the locations that we're going to show up at some point during that season but this new one is obviously just Winterfell and King's Landing, so that's where all the action is going to be this time!!! But if you watch it again you will see that the camera is obviously marching across the map from the NightKing's PoV, starting beyond the wall, breaching the wall and marching on to Winterfell and then King's Landing and you can see it's his PoV as the squares on the map turn blue as he marches south!!! Also there is a theory that this season is going to include some timey-wimey stuff to get shit sorted out as where there used to be the House Sygils on the astrolabe in the opening credits, it is now scenes from previous seasons BUT they are all in reverse chronological order, some people have too much time on there hands but it could be right!!!
  3. Britannia

    The program we've all been waiting for returns!!!
  4. Game of Thrones

    And his dug, don't forget his dug!!! Bran is an even creepier wee c**t than he was last season as well, do you reckon he just sits in the same place all day staring at people or does he have an army of retainers wheeling him about to different parts of Winterfell, to fulfil his three-eyed-Raven-I-know-shit-about-you staring quotas???
  5. The East Fife Thread

    And that makes it 11!!! Squad for Season 2019-20 Long Dunsmore, Dunlop, Hunter, Slattery Bell, Agnew, Davidson, Watt Smith, Dowds [emoji1303][emoji1303][emoji1303] Think this time last year, we were a bit dubious about signing somebody from the level that Hunter has just come from, but Big Tonks has shown that there is obviously talent there and even if Lewis comes on only half as fast as Anton has, he could still be another cracking signing!!! Meggat and Watson (injury permitting) next please!!!
  6. Andy roberston

  7. Moving forward

    Some people seem willing and prepared to do anything rather than play for McLeish!!!
  8. Scotlands last genuine world class player?

    East Fife's Henry Morris must be up there surely, with a 300% scoring rate for his country??? Eta: East Fife's Charlie "Legs" Fleming must be up there surely, with a 200% scoring rate for his country???
  9. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Don't really care who we might get if successful, we've already proved we can compete with Championship sides this season!!! It'll be nice do be involved and hopefully give you a derby next season, as you know the Rovers will blow it, as they do!!!
  10. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    I look forward to bringing them (hopefully), it is a treat you have been denied for a couple of seasons now!!!
  11. Think it was the physical trauma of being turned inside out by Big Tonks all day that did for him!!![emoji6] But it did look like he was holding his hammy when he was being helped off!!!
  12. Scott Bain

    C'mon, I'm dying to know what's 19th???