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  1. Bawz!!! The only difference between the teams was Josh Allen, he won that game on his own!!!
  2. That’s it, the missed EP, we’ll go on to win this now!!!
  3. The progress is remarkable AND we still have some top players to come back from injury!!! Just imagine if we still had Stafford!!! … and Prater!!!
  4. And sneak in for a wee cheeky two pointer!!! Lions 22-19 Bills
  5. Kiss of Death from the commentator, “he hasn’t missed a kick all year”!!!
  6. Could really do without this going to the pub with the Bills fans Shite!!!
  7. YASS again!!! St Brown!!! Lions 14-14 Bills
  8. YASS!!! Lions 14-14 Bills Swift not letting anything stop him there!!!
  9. That’s just taking the piss!!! Drops it picks it up and trots in himself!!! Lions 7-14 Bills
  10. Lions 7-7 Bills That all came through that run from Josh Allan, if only we had a quarterback that could do that, I’m sure Goff would see that space and still try to pass it!!!
  11. Lions 7-0 Bills Williams drives in from a couple of yards, his 13th (thirteenth) TD so far this season!!!
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