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  1. King Kebab

    The Boys

    Season 2 - Final Trailer
  2. Have to agree, comes across very well with a good attitude, hope he does well!!!
  3. Only on here!!! But it’s still a valid point for discussion, although this is a cue for the nay sayers to leap on here and say we have a stand we can’t fill, why build terracing etc etc. I would be very surprised if the Board aren’t giving consideration to this venture!!! They are trying very hard, without throwing money about willy-nilly to get us into the Championship and if we were to get there, having additional means of increasing the ground attendance is a no-brainer!!! Theoretically, every game in the Championship could/would be an all-ticket sell-out with our current facilities and also theoretically, if we were there now almost half our home games would be excuses for the Club to print money, with FOUR Fife Derbies and four home/fairly local games against Dundee and Hearts!!! As the Legend Gary Naysmith said in his interview with The Glory Days podcast, getting to the Championship would be the easy part, staying there is the hard bit and to stay there you would need to maximise the money brought in by the increased attendances and to do that we would need to redevelop the ground in some fashion, even doing it gradually, getting it up to 3000, then 4 then 5!!! You’ve got to speculate to accumulate!!!
  4. It obviously shows how memorable our new tartan strip is, the majority on here not really rating it but all remembering it, but it’s novelty value is obviously going to the detriment of our “second” strip which is a glorious thing of beauty and should be getting more mentions!!!
  5. Brett Long (June 2021) Aaron Dunsmore (June 2022) Chris Higgins (June 2021) Stewart Murdoch (June 2021) Ross Dunlop (June 2022) Craig Watson (June 2021) Danny Denholm (June 2021) Pat Slattery (June 2021) Ryan Wallace (June 2021) Kevin Smith (June 2021) Scott Agnew (June 2022) Thomas Collins (June 2022) ** Liam Watt (June 2021) Danny Swanson (June 2022)** Ross Davidson (June 2022) Josh McConville ** Liam Newton ** Kyle Bell (June 2021) Jordan Hart (June 2021) ** Squad Number May change!!! Still a shirt going spare there I see!!!
  6. Perhaps you should listen to the interview, Dennis actually gets quite a bit of praise from him, learnt a lot from him etc!!!
  7. Another cracking episode of the GLORY DAYS OF GOLD podcast, with an absolutely hilarious interview with the Legend that is Jonny Smart, his story about Bobby Linn missing the SPFA awards is unbelievable and will surely go down in history!!! He obviously still carries some feelings for the Rovers but we can gloss over that!!![emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  8. Queens Park obvs!!! Same City, same lower leagues status!!! Surely hoping to get them in the cup!!!
  9. Another classic from Chris Ward, genius that he is!!!
  10. I Wouldn’t be surprised if DY sees a now fully fit King Kev as a starter and part of a front two with Wallace, with an interchangeable midfield behind them!!!
  11. East Fife sign Danny Swanson on a TWO YEAR DEAL!!! Suck it up!!!
  12. Well f**k me!!! What a signing that is!!!
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