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  1. HT East Fife 2-0 Partick Thistle Would have been happier with another goal or two, we’ve had enough chances and a bit of daylight would have been nice, as Partick can’t be as bad as that in the second half surely!!!
  2. East Fife 2-0 Partick Thistle King Kev Smith (17mins)
  3. East Fife 1-0 Partick Thistle Ryan Wallace (14 mins)
  4. Yes, just keep refreshing, it took ages but I got in eventually!!!
  5. FT East Fife 1-2 Morton There was only going to be one winner in extra time and it was going to be Morton, it was only in the last 5 minutes or so of that period when we even started to look threatening!!! We looked good over the initial 90 and will take the moral victory of being victorious after 90 minutes!!![emoji6] Could really have done without the extra time, as having now played 4 games in 7 days that half hour is going to have a knock on effect for our next 3 games that we play in the next 7 days, as has been said I would rather we had went out after 90, but to be winning after 90 minutes and to lose it to poor game management and a soft penalty does make it a bit harder!!! Ah well wasn’t to be, stick our players in ice baths and good luck in the next round Morton!!!
  6. East Fife 1-2 Morton Muirhead (112mins) Just blow now!!!
  7. Yeah, but we’re playing on Thursday as well!!!
  8. Agree, this is going to end up affecting us in the game on Tuesday night!!!
  9. East Fife 1-1 Morton McGinty 91mins - Penalty Undeserved!!!
  10. East Fife 1-0 Morton King Kev Smith (59 mins) Deserved!!!
  11. HT East Fife 0-0 Morton Strong start from Morton but then followed a period of play where we absolutely bossed it for around 25 minutes or so where Morton couldn’t get the ball off us and where we really should have scored, perhaps even a couple, would like to see that penalty claim again!!! Morton ended strongly so expecting more from them in the second half, but Brett Long still hasn’t had a save to make yet so more of the same please!!!
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