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  1. Another one who would be eligible for us and one to perhaps keep an eye on is Anthony Gordon at a rejuvenated Everton!!! A quick read sees that he was promoted to their First Team Squad in the Second Half of last season and got his first start in the 0-0 draw with Liverpool!!! Ancelotti was apparently impressed enough with him to stick a new 5 year contract under his nose at the start of the season and is currently bench warming for the first team (sure I saw him coming on on Sunday) he’s played at U19 level for England but is eligible for us due to having a set of Scottish Grandparents!!! His other set of Grandparents are Irish, pretty sure they’ll be sniffing around!!!
  2. King Kebab

    Week 7

    One Pride baby!!! Two in a row ya bas!!!
  3. King Kebab

    Week 7

    Still nae bother to Prater!!! Lions 23-22 Falcons Get it roond ye Atlanta!!!
  4. King Kebab

    Week 7

    You should have taken that bet guys!!!
  5. King Kebab

    Week 7

    So what’s the betting that Matt “Captain Clutch” Stafford saves the day??? Any takers???
  6. King Kebab

    Week 7

    Gurley just couldn’t help him self could he??? Lions 16-22 Falcons
  7. King Kebab

    Week 7

    Lions 16-14 Falcons Prater MVP surely???
  8. King Kebab

    Week 7

    Oils or watercolours???
  9. King Kebab

    Week 7

    Unbelievable!!! Prater misses!!! ETA, but still the record holder apparently!!![emoji23]
  10. King Kebab

    Week 7

    Cheers, couldn’t think of a team from around there!!!
  11. King Kebab

    Week 7

    Which MLS team plays at Tennessee’s ground???
  12. King Kebab

    Week 7

    Even though, you know the Jets will still lose this!!!
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