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  1. East Fife 2-1 Elgin City Connor McManus (34mins)
  2. It was Rab Shannon that got the dugouts moved, I’m sure!!!
  3. Just back from Kelty and it was appalling!!! Kelty more than worth their 3-0 win and Fash could have had 4 or 5 before half-time, through space he created for himself and his teammates thankfully deciding not to pass to him!!! We were much better, (although not by much) in the second half, but Kelty knew they had the game won and started putting loads of subs on and that kind of disrupted them for a while, but still we created nothing of note, one corner in the whole game and that was in the last five minutes and one attempt on target which was a rather powderpuff header!!! At the moment it’s not looking good and I don’t seeing us having the personnel atm to change that, we are at least 4 or 5 “quality” signings away from being safe from a relegation battle, really hope DY has something up his sleeve before the season starts or we could be going down!!! Notes: Thought Mercer looked wasted at left back and looked more like his old self when he was switched to the right after Murdoch’s injury, linked up well with Dunsy!!! Davidson and McManus are too similar both ball winning midfielders, nothing was created through the middle at all, we haven’t replaced Agnew although I think the hope was for Swanson to slip in there but with his injury record we need somebody in there now rather hoping he recovers quickly!!! Denholm is still like being a man down, offers nothing and creates nothing, Watt did more in the last 10 minutes when he came on for him!!! Brown is a big strong laddie but I still haven’t seen anything to suggest he can cut it at this level!!! Waldo was our best player but had a poor game by his standards and you could see him getting more and more frustrated as the game went on, he wasn’t getting the ball when he was getting into space and when he had the ball he had nobody making any movement to receive it, also had an injury scare in the second half where all those present realised that if he gets fucked we have absolutely nobody to replace him!!! We should have kept Janny!!! And there is no way that that keeper is better than Brett Long or even Jordan Hart!!! And why does DY persist with no changes until the last 10 minutes, we had the opportunity to get back in the game in the second half but it wasn’t quite working, make changes earlier ffs when they’re required, don’t just cross your fingers and hope it works eventually until it’s then too late to change it!!! It’s going to be a long hard season!!!
  4. Just seems strange that they’re going to introduce Kang as being responsible for all of this madness In The multiverse and he isn’t in the Dr. Strange film, in fact Ant Man 3 is when we’re supposed to be seeing him!!!
  5. That looked awfy like Dr Doom’s castle at the end of Loki to me!!! And did you all spot “Frog” Thor???
  6. Adams being taken off means the balls still getting pumped up to Dykes!!! How many has he won???
  7. Did Armstrong just kick that out??? If only he’s done that in the 2-2 England game!!!
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