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  1. Mephisto references??? Just seen the “666” on the toaster advert and putting together all the “devil is in the detail” quotes that seem to be fairly regular, and also knowing that he is quite often in battle against Dr. Strange, could he be the Big Bad of Phase 4 and the cause of the multiverse opening up???
  2. Im sure I read that Aaron Taylor Johnson is appearing in WandaVision at some point along with Evan Peters, which surely points to multiverse goings on!!! Kang is going to be the big bad in Ant-Man 3, but whether it’s a one and done or just laying the groundwork for further nefarious taking over the universe type shenanigans from him hasn’t really been been elaborated upon!!!
  3. Think this is the shout!!! You see in the trailers that Wanda and Vision have the twins, who in the comics are the characters Wiccan and Speed, who also happen to be mutants, I think the idea of the different decades in every episode is so that they’re going to be born in the 70’s and teens in the 80’s/90’s, so if they are brought out of that environment at that stage, not only do you have a couple of young X-Men ready made, you also have a couple of ready to go Young Avengers to team up with Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, Stature (Ant-Man’s daughter) and probably Spider-Man!!! Everything always links to something else in the MCU!!!
  4. SHIELD got obliterated in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, SWORD is the new offshoot, you’ve only seen them once iirc, in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s basically the organisation in the big f**k off spaceship you see Nick Fury in!!! You see their logo on the wee helicopter Wanda finds in the bushes and on the back of the jacket of the Bee-Keeper guy who climbed out the sewer!!!
  5. Keep an eye on the brooches that Agatha/Agnes is wearing, she’s had it in every scene, think that’s how she’s able to get into Wanda’s world, she’s obviously not one of Wanda’s constructs I reckon it’s some kind of magiccy thing that got her in and also the one worn by Monica Rambeau, hers look awfully like a Dr. Strange type portal, which could be how SWORD has got her in!!!
  6. Btw, 1959’s Scarlet Witch is hot af!!!
  7. “House of M” vibes all over the place!!!
  8. King Kebab


    So Bjorn got stuffed and mounted??? Really enjoyed that, some great moments, the bit where Edge has won but at the same time has nothing was very well done, Didn’t particularly like the Ivan redemption plot, I personally thought he was beyond that after his capers when he was the God/King, but everything got tied up nicely and that’s it finished, it was a bit of a chore to watch once Ragnar wasn’t in it, but I’m glad I did!!! They stuffed and mounted Bjorn???
  9. Did this no happen last week???
  10. Aggy obviously the “Star Man” in this week’s Team of the Week!!! You’d think that they would have mentioned the fact that although he scored three he set up the other two as well!!!
  11. And don’t fucking do it again!!!
  12. Also noticed that the “ Acting” Secretary of Homeland Security has resigned tonight just as this FBI document came to light!!! It’s either a case of he’s went “ f**k that” or a clear and deliberate effort to weaken that branch of government when it’s going to be most needed!!!
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