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  1. Ross County, Dunfermline Athletic, Alloa Athletic and Buckie Thistle are our League Cup group!!! Ross County and Buckie at home please!!!
  2. No need, this Thread gets automatically moved along with all the other promoted/relegated Teams Threads on GTF day!!! The mods will just close that one down, so just enjoy life here in the League One Forum here until it’s moved, it may be a while until we see it’s likes again!!!
  3. 7 goals in 66 games for Forfar is hardly going to get the punters queuing up for one of the most expensive Season Tickets in the League!!!
  4. We’ve actually signed somebody!!! Can’t help but feel a bit underwhelmed though!!!
  5. 47 days now and still no signings!!! Job has got bigger with the departure of Higgins and Denholm not coming back when perhaps Crawford was hoping the would re-sign otherwise why would he offer them new contracts!!! Also with rumours of Wallace trying to get a move and still interest being received about Smith our squad of 13 could be further depleted before we get anybody in!!! We could end up chasing our tails for players!!! Worrying!!!
  6. DY channeling his inner Jake Blues???
  7. Denholm away to Stirling Albion, looks like DY is trying to get the Band back together!!!
  8. 55 days till our first fixture of Season 2022-23 and still no signings, we are danger of being left behind here, as our opponents next season all appear to be well off the mark with theirs!!! We have 13 players still with us for next season and to be honest you would struggle to make a decent starting 11 out of what we have!!! Starting to get a little bit worried now, cherries are getting picked and we’re going to end up with the leftovers!!!
  9. Some good news at last in a year of shite!!!
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