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  1. The colour purple was invented in 1923 as part of a Quality Street marketing campaign aimed at popularising the previously underappreciated 'grey one'.
  2. It was seen as commonplace for humans to sleep upside down like bats until the invention of the bed in 1894.
  3. You don't actually do that yourself? Agreed. I think he gets them from pandbmspaintpictures.com.
  4. I was going to moan about the lack of facts (mhakts, hue) but now I'm not going to as Hoopy has saved this thread. I can't believe I tried to troll him in the past. The mhak redemption.
  5. I for one hadn't noticed this thing with my name. Is it a new development?
  6. Did it come up as mhak? That's weird.
  7. Another word for these would be 'lies'. Milton Keynes is a city state. Jimmy Calderwood is Cambodia's fourth favourite celebrity. To date, nine Jimmy Calderwood lookalike contests have taken place in that country. Jimmy Calderwood has won four of them. The colour yellow was discovered in 1942 during Allied weapon testing.
  8. Definitely agree with the last two posts. Granted most people who go away manage to avoid flying out to Peru to be drug mules, but you definitely do lose perspective at that age and in that environment. The Irish one is a 7.5/ 10, maybe 8.5 on a good day. A sad loss.
  9. Did anyone else read that article with the girl who used to live with her and think 'what the f**k were you doing in Ibiza?'?
  10. Thanks for that. Wasn't doubting you'd seen it somewhere, just wanted to see it for myself. I don't necessarily think it proves that they particularly wanted to be drug mules, although I'm also not saying they didn't. I see two possible scenarios: They got involved with the wrong crowd in Ibiza and were persuaded to do this with the promise of a big pay-off (so basically out of greed). They got involved with the wrong crowd in Ibiza, got in above their heads and did this to pay off a debt or something along those lines. By the time they realised they were in above their heads it was too late to back out, and the whole laughing and joking thing was them putting a brave face on it. FWIW I reckon it's probably somewhere in between, but it doesn't really change anything as they'd struggle to defend themselves on the basis of their having been coerced even if it had really happened exactly the way they describe it. It's not really something that'd be easy to prove unless they could get the gangsters to come forward and admit to it. Either way I feel a bit sorry for them as they're basically daft wee lassies who've made a series of bad judgements and are about to get pretty severely punished for them. That's not to say that I think they should be dealt with leniently on that basis - the law's the law and being a daft wee lassie isn't going to cut it as a defence - but I think that it's possible to think that they should be dealt with as is standard whilst still feeling a bit sorry for them.
  11. Confidemus, just how fucking far apart are the stairs in your house?
  12. Must have missed the bit where it mentioned the girls forcing millions of people to take drugs. But if it's true then they're just scum, sub-human scum. He might have been talking about the people who are forced to refine it and whose communities are torn apart by drugs and that? Also mothers, fathers, siblings, sons, daughters and friends who watch their loved ones dissented rate into a life if being a complete and utter w****r? All the fault of two daft wee lassies, imo. All of it.
  13. People who write in to the Sun shouldn't be entitled to opinions.
  14. To be fair you're desperate to be voted on one of these threads. I don't really give a f**k. It's an Internet forum. I don't really care what people think about me. Any abuse I get i take it as a bit of banter Hoopy's one of the few posters who genuinely means this. He's very difficult to troll.
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