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  1. She was on the board (and apparently calling shots on behalf of Weir) the season we came down from Premiership, she was responsible for appointing Caldwell, keeping him after avoiding relegation by 1 game even though remit was promotion, responsible for announcing McParland park then reneging, responsible for keeping the playing budget effectively the same from Premiership till now and effectively wiping out our cash reserves, responsible for driving the biggest wedge through our fan base since the club was founded, responsible for total spin and shocking statements, she and she alone responsible for effectively the greatest shambles our club has known.
  2. Looking at our accounts we should have went part time end of last season or significantly cut our spending
  3. Absolutely spot on. We still man and run the club like we are in premiership. Manager with 2 assistants, 2 coaches, a full time squad, an academy, and a women’s team. We barely cut wages over last 3 seasons compared to how we are. Our turnover dropped from 18/19 to 19/20 from £3 million to £2.6 million yet our expenses increased from £2.9 million to £3 million in same period. Even with the £225k handout from 3BC we still lost over £100k, that was with 2 months of COVID and missing 5 home games whilst bottom of league, god knows how our balance sheet will look next May
  4. Did you see our accounts till last May? Is 3BC hadn’t put in £250k we would have nearly ran out of cash, and that was for 2 months of COVID. We had no games till October and reduced income from then, yet still full time with 3 on a management team and various coaches, etc. We still act like a Premiership team 2 leagues down
  5. You also need to rotate a valve. It does though need several days to defrost a solid park
  6. The problem at the club is deep rooted and extends further than the manager. The decline over last 3 1/2 years over multiple management teams with decent budgets shows the issue comes from the top. We’ve had various explayers treated poorly (Martin Keown talking about how his son was badly treated is the latest), Kenny Miller stated it’s the most amateurish club he had ever been at. Our issues begin and end at the top, and that’s Britton and Low
  7. It’s £8 with commentary. I’d advise you to pay the extra £4
  8. It seems nonsense unless that’s the mental health issue he was talking about, perhaps his head isn’t up to being a full time player and having to get out his scratcher 3 times a week for training at 10 am
  9. He started 24 times for Montrose last season, now he’s went full time he’s not fit enough?
  10. He started 24 times for Montrose last season, now he’s went full time he’s not fit enough?
  11. Training on a rugby pitch (longer grass) will have a bigger impact than astroturf. Style of training, warm ups, conditioning and recovery will have an even bigger impact. Does seem a bit of a coincidence since Archie returned so did our injuries
  12. We blamed COVID on relegation, losing money and not handing over shares/ground. Im more interested in who we took the debt from if it wasn’t the bank?
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