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  1. It was more than that according to CelticSLO. 2 full rows that never existed and several numbers in all the rows that never existed (and never have). Plus the tickets the club sold to Celtic fans for the Excellent Main Stand. This was all about making money and to Hell with the feelings of the home supporters (and to an extent the Celtic fans with no seats either). If this is a sign of future fan ownership then we’ll be out of business by Christmas
  2. The league is our “bread and butter” yes he’s our “best” option, but he’s currently a more expensive downgrade on both Doolan and McDonald, but that fault lies with Caldwell and the board for sanctioning it
  3. This. Oliver wasn’t a Jags fan but became one, and invested a fortune of his own earned wealth into us Lambie wasn’t a Jags fan but became one and became our greatest manager ever McParland wasn’t a Jags fan but became one after he took us to our greatest moment ever. Im fine with the narrative being Weir had a soft spot for us and fell in love with us later What we have now is history being rewritten and it’s disrespectful to Colin Weir, the club and it’s fans
  4. I’m assuming you knew him as most of your 7 posts have been about him
  5. His point is that instead of being classed as a benefactor who took a liking to our youth set up and decided to help, before falling in love with them then buying us, he’s now being lauded as number one lifelong fan, when no one seems to recall him prior to his win. He put money in especially to the youth set up which should be lauded but let’s not try to change history and make him into something he wasn’t
  6. I have a digital copy, but no I didn’t notice any pre-lottery win pictures of him at Firhill. Maybe he was in the Express or in those days the Aggro and hid from photographers to avoid a 4am visit from C Divisions finest
  7. There should be about the same chance as Caldwell being inducted into the hall of fame as that going up in the JLS. A lot of Princess Di syndrome about these days
  8. On point 8. If this is the case that could mean that the fans or TFE would need to come up with 40% of the value of shares and land (Total rumored to be around the £5 million mark), which could be £2 million
  9. I don’t believe the plan was for more investment. He bought the club, he was handing it to the fans, and the fans were running it. or was there another plan?
  10. Mrs Low holds all the aces now Does she hold the cheque book?
  11. Lows involvement with the club Low appointing Caldwell Gary Caldwell Caldwell’s disgraceful dumping of Dolan in his testimonial year and announcing it on Twitter prior to Doolan having the chance of informing his family, all sanctioned by the board at the time.
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