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  1. My last boss was like that. Retirement is bliss.
  2. Hiding money offshore? Was that not David Cameron's dad's speciality?
  3. Yep, have seen a few beezers there but Ben Nevis does attract the Morons.
  4. Plenty? Really? Let's see your post. Not some of their adherents, nor even your hasty ammendment to plenty, good word that, unquantifiable, sad fail at an attempt to get of the hook. You don't get this debating thing, do you? Over and out.
  5. Away and don't talk shite. Your "logic" seems to run like this. "A deist did somethining mental. So all deists are mental". See also "An atheist did something mental. So all atheists are mental."
  6. Basically what I thought when I read it, the usual unsubstantiated pish we get on many forums. When will people get it into their thick fcuking heads that most Muslims in Scotland are, in my experience, well adjusted people getting on with life?
  7. Jeremy Clarkson, who seems to have some knowledge of boxing is of the opinion that there is a link between women boxing and sexual deviancy. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3510411/Jeremy-Clarkson-dubs-fans-women-s-boxing-sexual-deviants-says-sportswomen-NOT-paid-men.html Apart from this making a good skit for Chris Morris where do you stand here? No need to tell us that he's a dick, more interested in your thoughts on boxing and women.
  8. he may have lost his nads, if so Darwin achieved.
  9. Some chaps need to fcuking man up. It's sore when they inject you in the nads with the local, after that fine although the bruises can be belters. Sod all like what the women go through at childbirth.
  10. How's about the feast of the blessed apostrophe.
  11. Sadly only one greenie can be given.
  12. Is that not Wishaw you're talking about?
  13. Plastic paddy central for this p1sh. Worth a read. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/americans-especially-macklemore-take-note-real-irish-people-arent-impressed-by-your-st-patricks-day-a6936401.html
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