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  1. Yeah, I've been. Guess it depends what you're used to, but it's pretty short in the grand scheme of things. The nice reward for making it to the top in the parkrun is a long downhill, but not sure what the course is like for the 10k.
  2. I've done 9 parkruns since they returned. Since the first one, I've improved in 6 of the 8 since to get back to knocking on the door of 20 mins. A good bit off where I used to be, but feels good. Shame I'm at Livingston next week which is definitely not going to help my chances of going faster still!
  3. That's a completely different situation. Boyce left because there's no way we could have possibly kept hold of him. We let Fraser go (IIRC), so I don't see any reason for him to hold back against us. What a thing to get worked up about.
  4. I was all ready to angrily declare "You're wrong, that's on Orkney actually" before realising there's one on Shetland too. What's going on up there?
  5. Made a trip to the Borders today, so stuck around to take in a game. Gala Fairydean Rovers 2 Civil Service Strollers 3 An entertaining game, and the AVFTT film crew was there to see it. The Gala keeper looked pretty iffy early on, and that'd be more costly later. Civil the better team without doing anything meaningful until both teams exchanged great chances around 20 minutes. A deserved penalty for Gala put them 1-0 up at HT, but they had a second very harshly ruled out for a supposed foul on the keeper. Looked like he just dropped it and the ref took pitty on him. Civil much better after the break, but a goal kick mess up and the Gala goalie completely missing a long punt forward saw Civil 2-1 up. Terrible goals to lose. Gala's equaliser late on by far the goal of the game; a lovely curling effort from the corner of the penalty box to the lower corner of the far post. But only a few minutes later, Civil win it with a deflected shot. Really good fun on my first trip down that way. ETA - Was going to go to the Berwick - Vale game but the trains didn't work out (replacement buses today). Shame, was wanting to see if they're as bad it they sound. Just the 11 today...
  6. I think Lebowski's has closed now, and I'd add in the Mad Hatter that's three doors down from Malone's, but a good list otherwise. Unsurprisingly I've done the Morrison St pub crawl, but started at Lebowski's, skipped the Haymarket and ended round the corner in Dickens. Great stuff.
  7. On gels, if you're going to use them then it's highly recommended to try them in training so you know what'll sit right with you. You don't want your stomach rejecting it (one way or the other...) and you want time to find a taste you can stand. I've tended to use one for a half marathon, but jelly babies or jelly beans work very well too!
  8. Highland Football Weekly's pretty decent.
  9. I'm in for this already. Was supposed to be May 2019, but what with one thing or another... Just the two-year delay on making the startline. PS - Go for it!
  10. Just switched to dark mode, which is much more to my liking. Any chance the background to tags can be changed? It's very bright and makes the text unreadable. Cheers!
  11. Just means you've got a new target for next week! Yeah, this absolutely makes a difference. The variety gets your body used to the stresses of going faster or further in each run, and over time you can stitch it all together and you're ready for it.
  12. I don't believe you. Hoping for a shot on target.
  13. This is the one that springs to mind for me. We were absolute murder that season and looked doomed to our first relegation... Caley were having a decent season. That was (is?) the biggest doing we've ever handed out to them. It being under the lights on their own patch made it quite enjoyable.
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