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  1. I presume Morton fans are saying Erskine should have been off just for going mental at the disallowed goal? Can’t remember him doing anything else and think it would have been very harsh to send him off for dissent given the circumstances. Chris Millar ran the show first 25 mins but after big Brice got into the game, I thought we were more than deserved winners. Probably the best second half performance we’ve had in a while. Seeing Banzo back on the park was amazing. His passing was so crisp and miles away from what Barton/Edwards and Woods were serving up last season. He can do things with one pass that they would do together in two, so should help speed up our attacks. Big Jinty McGinty might actually be a player. Had written him off after the Ayr game but he was imperious yesterday. A lot of good performances all over the pitch and Erskine showed he’s still a match winner at this level. Happy days.
  2. I was one of the ones that wanted Archie to stay but it’s looking like the wrong decision already. Will an Alan Archibald team win the league? No Will an Alan Archibald team have the balls to win a minimum of two ties in the play-offs? No Was a great manager for us but it’s so much harder to win promotion from this league than it is to avoid relegation from the Scottish Premiership. I don’t think he’s up to the challenge and unless he makes four or five amazing signings, we look like we’ll finish 5th-7th at best.
  3. Fair play to Livi if they go up over the two ties. If we had even half the heart they had we'd probably have more than enough for them, but we are soft as shit. The only way I see us beating them is if we bring more width into the game. Trying to go through the middle or lumping big balls up on to their centre backs is pointless. If our players can't get up for these two games then they're getting what they deserve.
  4. I think I'd ditch most of these wasters whatever happens next season. Keep Erskine, Doolan, Penrice, McCarthy, Cerny, Elliott, Bannigan(on a 6 month deal) and two or three others, and then ditch the rest. We could do with signing a few nutjobs. We've been soft for years but managed to get round that by playing good football, which we haven't done for a good while now. Still think we're in this, especially if Erskine is back as we lacked any direct running last night. Hopefully Keown will be fit too, just so we never have to see Danny Devine play for us ever again. Been a dreadful season whatever happens, though.
  5. Think tonight showed why we’ve been forced to play Barton and Edwards together for so long this season. Woods was absolutely done by about 50 minutes and Fraser offered absolutely nothing off the ball.
  6. We’re an absolute mess at the moment. I’d say we have the worst centre half and central midfield pairings in the league at the moment. We’ve been without a proper left back for about two months. Cerny has been an abomination the last two games. Spittal has regressed massively, and just shoves the ball straight back to Turnbull whenever he receives it. Our only hope is to get to the winter break with the gap being no bigger than it is currently. Hopefully Woods is now fit enough that we can break up the shit show of Barton/Edwards. I can’t tell if the performances are down to a lack of confidence/not caring. Archie has undoubtedly made mistakes but I don’t think he could have expected signings like Keown to have been so disastrous. We need a Lee Mair style signing to steady the ship back there. I’d potentially play whoever that is with Turnbull, drop the Chuckle brothers in the middle and then Penrice will hopefully save the day at full back in the new year. Didn’t even think Killie were that great yesterday, but having a solid spine to their team made all the difference.
  7. Would imagine he'll start ahead of Milan against County and Elliott will move to left back. Always thought he was decent enough at Dundee.
  8. I think Storey could probably off the wings in a 4-2-3-1. Archie said he wanted two signings. A straight striker and winger cum striker, so maybe it's Sammon and Storey on that basis.
  9. Some suggestion on the St Johnstone thread that the second signing might be Connor Sammon. I would be fine with that if he's not our main man. Offers an aerial threat, and we're a bit small up top.
  10. Still think Archie made the right decision signing Blair Spittal and in selling Azeez, but we do lack pace and power to mix it up with Azeez and Amoo away, despite the latter being a useless shitebag most of the time. In an ideal world I'd like us to sign two strikers - a pacy one like Miles Storey and a target man like Brian Graham - and then another attacking midfielder(whether that's an attacking midfielder or winger). We might end up having to settle for just one striker. If they're even just a tiny bit better than Azeez then I would accept that as Azeez was alright. I think unless we sign something a bit different then we'll rely a lot on scoring perfect goals like the first one against Hibs, which is not ideal. But we were okay yesterday, and I think most teams bar Rangers, Celtic and Aberdeen would have lost that, so it's not the end of the world.
  11. I think he gets a nod just before most signings are announced, given that the club works so closely with the paper. Know nothing about the Czech guy, but useful that he can play centre half as well.
  12. Given today's the last day Jordan Turnbull can leave Coventry on a free, it certainly looks like he might be today's signing. Looks an impressive signing and similar to Spittal in that he's played a lot of games for someone in his early 20s.
  13. Probably adding 2+2 and ending up with 5, but Stranraer posted a picture of their ex-player Gregory Tade in the crowd at Firhill yesterday. Can't imagine he was there just to cheer them on. I wonder whether he is one of the signings on the way. Currently a free agent, and I think would be an upgrade on Azeez. Was a hugely effective player towards the end of his spell in Scottish football, done quite well abroad, and would help compensate for the lack of power we have in the team at the moment.
  14. Osman and Bartley appear very similar players, as do Bannigan and McGinn, so midfield battle should be really interesting. Suppose it partly depends on whether we go with another central midfielder to shore it up, or go more gung-ho with Spittal, Erskine and Lawless off the front. Think it should be a good game, and no idea how it will turn out.
  15. Couldn't believe quite how bad you guys were yesterday. Was expecting a real challenge, but that was probably one of the poorest performances I've seen at Firhill in the last five years. Didn't look like there was much athleticism in that side. A lot of stocky big guys, or very small guys. It was all very ponderous around the box as well - like night and day to our link up with Spittal, Erskine and Lawless etc. Hopefully you guys get it together for the start of the season, but you certainly look like a team that would struggle to put up a challenge for even the play-offs.
  16. Thought we were superb yesterday. Brilliant having Osman and Bannigan back together. I'd say they're probably the best central midfield pairing we've had in my time supporting the club, and offer us the best balance of any available pairing. Bannigan also brings out the best in Booth and Lawless in the way they all link up. Spittal offers a lot more than Amoo on various levels, and good having someone that's willing to make runs into the box, rather than just cling to the touchline for dear life. Looks a great finisher as well, and I think there's the possibility we might actually make some money on him. St Mirren on the other hand were dreadful. Genuinely looked a similar level to Formartine United.
  17. There's a few candidates for the player from a club in Scotland, but I'm hoping it will be Miles Storey, who just isn't gonna get a game at Aberdeen. I think he'd be a good fit. Storey was on holiday with Danny Devine, so hopefully he's been in his ear Pogba/Lukaku style. Assume the loan player from down south will be a centre half or right back, but who knows.
  18. I would take Keith Watson as a short term loan, but we've seen how we struggle when we sign full backs that aren't as athletic as we'd like. It's hard to blame Dumbuya too much, but he's becoming a bit of a liability.
  19. I think the trialist will as much be playing to cover the position, as he is a huge signing target. I'm guessing he's a centre half and Keown won't be up to speed yet.
  20. If Dumbuya ends up leaving later this summer because of any alleged "personal problems", and SOD signs for someone else in the meantime, I'll be gutted. If I was Archie I'd be trying to force Dumbuya's hand to make a decision one way or the other, so we can just go back for SOD if he wants to leave. Much more keen on getting him back than ATS, as I think Booth will be back to his best with a pre-season behind him and Elliott actually looks better on that side bizarrely. Also Penrice to be added into the mix as well.
  21. I don't think Oxford would actually be that bad a move for Liam. He probably needs to find his feet first, and I think a move to somewhere like Leeds United might be too much too soon. £350k up front doesn't sound great, but Dundee got £100k less for Kane Hemmings, so it's hard to judge. I think that if we were going to sell him, it's best to get rid of him early doors, so at least that's one positive. Happy with Spittal. We're probably a better environment for someone like him to thrive than Dundee United are. Jamie Sneddon looks an impressive signing for the future as well.
  22. I would be happy with Spittal. He's played a lot of football and is still only 21. Also seems to chip in with 5/6 goals a season, which is what we need more of from midfield. Archie said on Jagzone that his main priority is to try and take the pressure off Doolan a bit, and try and get in a player with a similar impact to Erskine. Spittal is obviously a different sort of player but I think he would be a good fit for us and add his fair share of goals and assists.
  23. Be sad to see Welsh go if that's true. I think Archie was always likely to get rid of one of him or Fraser, but I'd have liked him to stay. He's been a huge part of our team in the last five years or so(when fit). Also his arrival on loan from Hibs was a real kick start to us turning into a team that could challenge for promotion. Sounds like there was a lot of talk in pubs after the match last night that Simon Murray has signed a pre-contract. No idea if true but would be quite happy with it given his recent form.
  24. If we're going to sell him before next season I hope we sort it as soon as so we can focus on getting his replacement. I don't know if he'd come but I would take Josh Meekings, who is also left sided. Has also previously played with Devine, which helps.
  25. I think it says it all about how bad Motherwell's recruitment is that we managed to sign Niall Keown and Ryan Edwards from Reading - who have been two incredible success stories - and you ended up with those two disasters.
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