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  1. Time for Rhys to park the bus and take a lead to Grangemouth methinks
  2. Alloa 1 up on Hamilton at half time too...
  3. Do you reckon after tonight's games are played and the Championship relegation and play-off spot are confirmed there may be tactical results on Saturday? For instance if Arbroath end up in the play-off spot would teams prefer to play them over Falkirk? Just curious from an outside perspective..
  4. Paton has, by accounts signed a PCA with Ayr United.... hopefully not as I like him a lot but my source is fairly confident
  5. You do realise Edinburgh CAN still make the Play-Offs mate? It's a long shot but they are only 4 points behind Alloa. Alloa have you on Saturday, Montrose away then us last game of the season. Edinburgh have Kelty at home then Airdrie last game who will, most probably be resting players for the play-offs...it's not inconceivable for Edinburgh to sneak into 4th.....
  6. *Cough* Burrell mate *cough* He's out of contract at the end of the season
  7. Whilst I understand the table I'd rather not see us lose than worry about goal difference....but I can see why you think your results are better.... Good luck in the cup semi final.and for what it's worth good luck in the playoffs. I'd rather have Falkirk in the championship than cove and Arbroath/Hamilton for obvious reasons....
  8. Care to explain? Falkirk have taken 35 points at home, as have we....Falkirk have lost twice at home ...we are undefeated...our last home game is against Clyde so quite easily the whole season undefeated at home....Surely we have the best home record this season?
  9. What today? Just didn't want people to know we're talking about any day other than today
  10. So a fair review of today's game then and agreement from a QOS fan?
  11. Thought we were outstanding today....Far, far more direct than normal at EEP but Queens came and had a go today that played right into our hands today ... For what it's worth I thought Queens played some nice football at times today but we were far more clinical than usual today.... I though McCann was outstanding today and should be our No.10 as he's not an out and out striker...his desire to reach the ball for our second epitomised his play today.... I had a couple of Queens fans beside me today and did say after the second that if they didn't quit the gung-ho tactics it could end up a rout and, that's what happened.... Roll on next week it's shaping up to be a cracker ..us, as champions trying to keep this brilliant unbeaten run going Vs the best opposition I've seen this season who have a grudge following our lady visit....it's shaping up as a brilliant game .. Proud to be a Pars fan tonight and having a few bubbly glasses to celebrate....Pars until I die
  12. Yes, but he has to agree and we're going to be playing in the league above you
  13. Burrell is out of contract with you at the end of the season I see.. I'd happily have him in our championship side over the Forth next season
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