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  1. Clarke is pretty stubborn, though. I think he'll probably still play O'Donnell because he's his first choice at right back and nothing much sways his opinion. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. I know there's not a chance that Clarke will start with the type of lineup I'd like to see. I don't expect him to change much, maybe McGregor and Tierney coming in. I really hope he doesn't stick McTominay in a back 3, he's been responsible for us conceding pretty much every time he's played there. Right back is already our weakest area without sticking a midfielder in there - he just hasn't shown the instinct for it. I would like us to get away from this wretched back 3, and go to the back 4, but I certainly don't think we will. I'd like us to play McTominay with Gilmour in midfield, because they not only have the ability to be a really good combination in there now, they also have the potential to be at the heart of our team for years to come. I'd like Fraser in for his pace and directness. I'd like Adams in because he's better than Dykes. I'd like us not to try to pick a whole team around having two good left backs. They can both fit into a team which suits the players around them much more. It might mean that Robertson had to play together forward or Tierney has to play in a back 2 or at right back - or one of them might be injured as much as not.
  3. I'd like to see an end to the back 5, which hasn't worked for several games but Clarke remains loyal to it because of that time it got us a draw in Serbia. But we're not going to see that.
  4. We were ever bit as bad as that in the first half against Israel and for large spells against Austria. It's also been forgotten that although we beat the Czechs the last time, we absolutely robbed them - I'd argue that was a very, very similar match with different outcomes in front of goal. There seems to be a myth that we've been playing well - we've not been.
  5. Yeah, but the point is that when he does that the others at the back have to assess where the danger is from that. The right back is pushed up and we're covering our left side where the danger isn't. If the defenders have adjusted to the situation, then we're not giving a Czech forward a clean run through.
  6. Bigger problem is clearly the RCB taking a stroll up the pitch to give the ball away, and no-one even bothers to cover across the massive hole he's left. No-one in the defence, Marshall included, has read the potential danger in the situation. After that it's a tremendous effort. Even if Marshall is further back it would have been very tricky.
  7. Clarke's had all the warnings he needed that his approach hasn't been working. It didn't work in the Nation's League after the Serbia game, it hasn't worked at the start of WC qualifying. Yet he's tied himself to players and a system that happened to get a draw in Serbia in a big match.
  8. Back 5 not working yet again, but Clarke is determined to persevere with it. It leaves us playing like we're a man down in attack. First change should be Fraser in for Hendry.
  9. The best we've played recently is when we switched to the back 4 against Israel. Given that most of our players play most of their football in teams with a back 4, I don't think it's an issue (and should be something that we've worked on). I think most of the problems we've had recently have come down to players not being fully clear on their roles. We've basically gone back to the team that struggled to a draw against Austria, but without even having Tierney.
  10. I hate the back 5. It's failed to work more often than its has. And now we don't even have it's redeeming feature. It was awful against Austria and so bad against Israel that we had to ditch it at half time. I don't get why we have to leave good midfield players on the bench in order to play an extra centre half. Once again in the friendly against Holland we conceded a goal because the back 3 stays too deep and the midfield don't know who's meant to be covering in front of the defence - just like against Austria and Israel.
  11. To be fair, I was just giving my opinion on Orsi - and trying not to be patronising by saying something like, 'he was rubbish for us but I'm sure he'll be ok for a diddy team like Dumbarton.' He was rubbish for us and I don't think he'll be a success at Dumbarton either. I could be very wrong, it was maybe just the wrong fit at Morton, but I don't think he's good enough.
  12. I'm not going to be patronising and say that Orsi will do well for dropping down a level. There are players from our squad last season that I think that applies to, and that showed up in the playoff games, but Orsi isn't one of them. He works hard, and his movement is decent, but he's a horror show on the ball - and that will only look even worse in League One. I think he's a poor signing for any League One team that has any ambitions (even if those are merely staying up). I'd be petty surprised if he's a success at Dumbarton.
  13. This. McElhone did make the initial positive change to a 4-2-3-1, with a clearly defined attacking player in front of the midfield (McPake for the first couple of games), but then he tweaked it to a 4-1-4-1 with a holding mid behind the wingers and two more advanced centre mids (nearly always 2 out of Blues, Lyon and Colville playing in front of Omar, Jacobs, or Millar). This became very stale because, unlike in the first couple of games when we had McPake connecting the midfield and attack, the whole thing was very detached.
  14. I don't know if this has already been pointed out on here, I don't want to read through everything, but it's very easy to find that he did apologise at the time (whatever you want to make of that). "I am very sorry for the upset and distress caused through my actions and I wholeheartedly accept the judgement of the court. I can assure everyone that this will not happen again."
  15. Very good for his age - great reactions, decent in most areas. He's got a bit of a weakness with shots from distance, but he's certainly got the potential to develop into a goalkeeper who could play in the Premiership. I'm not convinced he's ready for a team who are challenging for the title.
  16. Hoppy already did the 'hold my 'beer' on that one for us plenty of times - call it a 5-4-1 or 5-2-3, it was wingers with a back 5. There was nothing much conventional in the way he set up our teams. There were some downright odd approaches in the first season - we sometimes played with a diamond in midfield, but instead of a front two we'd have a winger, so it was like 4-5-1 with no-one on one side of the midfield. There's no saying 'you don't' when it comes to Hoppy and formations.
  17. That's what Hoppy tended to do when playing with a back five for us. Away from home he'd sometimes go with the 5-3-2, but, for example, when we played Ayr last season under Hoppy (the 3-2 game) we started with a back five, with McPake and Nesbitt off Orsi in attack (it was a disaster, to be fair).
  18. In general terms, I agree, very much so. League One in England is also a better standard overall. Joining one of the OF is a completely different thing, though. Where second place means last place, success in Europe is difficult to achieve, the pressure is intense, and you need to create a great attacking team for the league but a far more balanced (or even defensive) team for Europe and OF matches. Those things don't exclude him from being a success, maybe he can translate his experience over quite well, but it's such a different thing managing over there.
  19. Yes. There is a big difference. I don't think there needs to be a massive explanation of that. Take Paartalu, who I mentioned above. Who thrived in Asia, first of all under Ange, after struggling to a large extent at a lower level in Scotland. Everything about the culture and style in Asia suited him better. The fact of the matter is that football in Asia hasn't come in over the last 20 years in world terms. It's still well behind. In it's own vacuum it looks ok, but it's still light-years behind. Which isn't to say that Scottish football is any good or any better, it's really not, but it is very different. In Asia, very generally speaking, they play a very low level of more technical European football, but that really didn't translate well into the challenges of managing at the top of Scottish football.
  20. Of course there are differences. Of course there will be major differences in the tactical challenges he will face. I know all about Ange as a manager. He's a bit of a character, and not exactly low profile in his role as Australia manager. He managed Erik Paartalu at Brisbane after he left Morton, so I was aware of him from then. His success in Asia is worth very little when translated over into what he will face over here. It's a massive risk because it's an incredibly different task he'll face. They play a very, very different type of football in Australia and Japan. Culturally, the dressing rooms are different. The pressure he would face would be nothing like what he's faced before. You can't take success as if it's in a vacuum, which can then be passed straight over. That's why these type of appointments nearly always fail.
  21. Sounds like what what said when Rangers appointed Pedro Caixinha. The big problem with this type of appointment is that the cultural differences never exist only in the media or within the fan bases. More often than not these left field, success from far afield, appointments turn out to be complete disasters because they have to try to change far too much from within a club. I cringed this week when I read something that Stephen O'Donnell had said about Angelo Alessio, but it doesn't take away from the point of the gap that needs to be bridged and the difficultly in achieving that. There's a big difference between managing in Japan or Australia and managing in Glasgow. Bottom line is that the players will dismiss him as a nobody from the other side of the world if they don't like what he's doing. Like it or not, that's the most likely outcome of this type of appointment.
  22. He resigned because he refused to cut the squad. It's no surprise they have respect for him.
  23. Don't forget Blues. I'm awaiting the picture of him and Gus from Cappielow announcing the 'exciting news.'
  24. Just to be clear, I still think Salkeld is your worst signing so far.
  25. To be fair, the two of them started in a defence at the end of the season which only conceded 3 in 5, with one of those being deep into extra time against Motherwell (McGinty at left back). And our defensive record was one of the best in the league. McGinty does so many awful things, though, and Fjortoft has absolute nightmares on occasion as well. Hoppy will fancy turning them into consistently good defenders, they both actually have ability. But it's a really big risk - it could go disastrously wrong given how bad particularly McGinty can be (and there are still question marks over Fjortoft). I'm delighted McGinty will never play for us again, especially after what he did at Arbroath.
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