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  1. Strapp's in and Orsi in for Colville. I won't complain too much about that. I understand why he's put a striker in, even if it's Orsi.
  2. I think you'd need at least McGuffie to start in that scenario. I think Jacobs' role is redundant when we play the back 3, and that has been a problem with it since the QotS win - he's just too deep in front of the the central defenders. McGuffie in for Jacobs, and maybe even Colville in for McGinn. Not my preference, but that could work.
  3. I agree. The first game against QotS apart, it hasn't worked. I do think for it to have a chance to work it has to have the balance that the lineup had that day, but the back 4 makes far more sense. I would maybe bring in Lyon, Strapp, and Orsi for McGinn, McGinty, and McGuffie in a 4-4-2 diamond. To be clear, I think Orsi is woeful on the ball but he'd at least be a presence up that end. Otherwise I'd be satisfied with just Strapp coming in, and maybe Lyon.
  4. I feel like that team would just repeat the mistakes from when we played East Fife. We couldn't play out, we couldn't get possession further up the park, and our wing backs were squeezed out of the game. If we were to go to 3 at the back, it should be with Nesbitt and Oliver playing behind Orsi or Muirhead.
  5. As long as we're spending every last minute of our training sessions practising penalties, there's no reason why we can't survive. Undoubtedly very difficult games, but we have 6 draws and a win in our 7 cup ties this season (5 shootouts). 1 League Two club, 2 League One clubs, 2 Championship clubs, 2 Premiership clubs - tight matches, no matter the opponent.
  6. Just to add to what Dunning says about him being an athlete rather than a player. I have no idea what position is meant to be his strongest. He came as a forward, maybe a winger, who can also play full back or wing back, and he's played in all those roles for us. He has the strength and running to play in all of those roles, but he doesn't have the footballing ability to play in any of them.
  7. Headless chicken, tries hard, abject lack of ability. With Orsi in the squad, we had already more than filled our quota of that. I'm not sure of the answer, though, I think he's out of favour but he's maybe just got lost somewhere.
  8. I mostly agree with this, but I'm not sure where we find a sensible attacking lineup. We've whittled down our number of strikers to 2, and they're both a bit rubbish (to put it mildly). Oliver is our best forward, but he's never been any good as a lone striker. We could play a front 3 of Nesbitt, McGuffie, and Oliver, but the argument could be made that they're all best as a number 10 - none of them want to be focused on getting into the box. Do we give Lyon a chance in a much more forward role, tell him to get on the end of as much as he can? Colville is another one who will want to drift and look to do things outside the box - Arbroath might like us playing the ball about in circles while they wait to pick holes in our defence. Or, given that we don't concede many away from home (especially not early in the game), do we just keep it tight and then look to score if we need to later on? If our best chance is Ayr losing, then we're maybe best not taking too many risks. I think playing Jacobs and McGinn deeper in midfield to allow Lyon to get forward so that we don't need to play Muirhead or Orsi is probably where my thinking is at the moment.
  9. I agree as well (maybe with McGinn instead of Colville or Lyon). However, it's no wonder we're getting relegated if that's our best starting lineup. It looks solid enough in a certain way, but there still aren't many goals in there whatsoever. Our best hope on Friday looks like hoping to keep it tight and trying to get a goal from a set piece.
  10. Most entertaining match involving Aberdeen that I've watched in a long time. They've abandoned all defensive shape and sanity. Stephen Glass looks like he's bringing entertaining football back to Pittodrie, just not in the way Aberdeen fans wanted.
  11. We'll probably get something like Hynes in at right mid and Nesbitt moved up alongside Orsi, with Muirhead being the only one to drop out.
  12. I thought Orsi was actually really good off the ball yesterday. On the ball, however, he just didn't look like a football player. He was Alloa's best defender. He works hard but the ability to play at this level just isn't there. He's not even close to being the type of player that you'd maybe think would be decent enough a level down.
  13. We trained on the pitch most of the season, especially earlier on, and have pretty much destroyed it. We used to have one of the best playing surfaces in the country. It's been overused in recent years, though, and we moved training to Cappielow last year. It's starting to recover a little bit, actually, but it wasn't left with much grass at all.
  14. Just emailed them, I'm missing 5 points as well. Thanks! Edit: Only took them 20 minutes to rectify it and respond to let me know.
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