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  1. Paul Hartley played and scored for Scotland as an ex-Morton player.
  2. Another one of those player who could have had a bigger impact for Scotland over his career, and there have been a few of those in recent years. He was a weak link in weak teams against Belgium and Russia. Slow, ineffective, and failing to do a proper defensive job. Based on those performances, it's probably a good thing he has retired.
  3. We've become pretty good at bringing wee players through. If only we could actually develop some bigger players to compliment that...
  4. I reckon it might still be Finland in the semi final. I fancy Armenia to take something from them in the next match, and then it will be a very tight group. Still a tough ask for Armenia and Bosnia, but I don't think that group is anything like clear cut yet.
  5. There is a really quite substantial gap between the majority of the teams that Shankland tests himself against and the teams in the Premiership. And even at that, we should only be considering the very top Scottish Premiership players. Sunderland have about half a dozen players that were pretty decent Scottish Premiership players, and they're higher end of League One quality. I think that's around the level that Aberdeen are, for example. The Scottish Championship is certainly no more than English League Two level, and I'm probably being kind there. There are some big clubs that play at that level so that's not any big criticism of the standard, but it's certainly no better than that. Shankland is too good for the level he's playing at, but I have no idea how that will translate at a higher level. Jason Cummings was too good for this level, Billy McKay scored 17 in 22 games last season at this level, Stevie May was an absolute stand out at this level for a mediocre Hamilton side. There are those like John McGinn and and Robert Snodgrass that came from this level and progressed, others haven't quite so well. The reality is that it's difficult to know how Shankland would get on in the English Championship, for example. I hope he would do well, but I just don't know.
  6. You could start with players like Matt Phillips, Oli McBurnie, Steven Naismith, and Johnny Russell. All different types of forwards at their respective levels whose weaker parts of their game would look much stronger playing in the Scottish Championship. You could then even look at players like Marc McNulty and Chris Maguire, who are far too good for the level that Shankland is playing at. I'm not dismissing Shankland. I'm just saying that he is untested. Players and coaches have spoken highly about him in training, including this week, which is a good sign. It can be a tough job for a national team manager to determine who the best players actually are when the players are playing at a wide variety of levels. But I think it really should be stressed that the Scottish Championship is a terrible level of football when assessing even the minimum level that Scotland are aspiring to be at. This doesn't exclude Shankland. It just makes it difficult to tell what parts of his game he'll be able to take to a higher level, and which he won't.
  7. None of that has been tested at a decent level, though. There are plenty of Scottish strikers who would look like they had much more about them if they dropped down a level or five.
  8. I very obviously wasn't saying that one poor game proved anything, but I thought I'd at least give an example of Mulgrew's deficiencies at centre half being there all along.
  9. Has Lindsay not been a bit of a disaster so far at Stoke? The problem is that there aren't any good options right now. I don't think that Devlin was the best pick of the bad options, but the alternatives are a bit depressing.
  10. Mulgrew played at centre back in the game in Georgia we messed up under Strachan, and he was completely lost at the goal. He's always had qualities as a player, but he's never been a proper centre back with the skills and instinct for that position.
  11. Clarke has been every bit as bad as McLeish so far. Odd selections, lack of organisation, lack of ideas, lack of consistency, etc. I feel like we should either apologise to McLeish or call for Clarke's head.
  12. They'd probably just get knocked out by a team from Wales or Ireland anyway.
  13. We had six different loan players over the course of last season. I think overall it's just the four at time restriction. It rings a bell that there used to be a rule about a total of 5 domestic loans, or something like that.
  14. No. We currently have a young centre back, on loan from Celtic until January, playing at right back. Not sure what will happen with Tumilty. I don't really rate him, but we struggled to replace him in August and we might need him from January.
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