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  1. Findlay(along with Brophy)have impressed me a lot recently. Findlay’s pace is starting to edge him towards a start in my opinion.
  2. Incredible? He was decent, even good. But incredible? I’ll have to disagree.
  3. Got his first goal for Alaves tonight.
  4. Why, because they’re two completely different things?
  5. I’d hardly say it’s sentiment to select someone who did well in his last two games, for those performances alone I’d say the right sided CB slot should be Gallagher’s until he does something that suggests otherwise. I always thought Hanley was made a bit of a scapegoat for some poor team performances and at times I felt Martin was more at fault. I haven’t watched much of Hanley for the last couple of seasons and he’d probably have had a couple more caps if he hadn’t pulled out the last few squads with injury.
  6. Hanley must be in Clarke’s thoughts and he’s playing at a high level but it’d be pretty harsh on Gallagher after his decent display in the last double header.
  7. As far back as our last two internationals. Naismith was excellent in the last double header, showed more in those two games than McBurnie ever has and that was whilst being about 70% fit. His influence on the rest of the team was crucial as was his link up with McGinn. He also looked as if he wanted to be there unlike McBurnie.
  8. OGS confirmed tonight that McTominay should be back in a month.
  9. Yip it’s a goer for me, while we’re at it I feel it’s time gave McBurnie the opportunity to solve our problem at right back.
  10. He came back with a knock after the international break, hoping he’ll be fit to start next week.
  11. Could you try and get some more full stops in that post please?
  12. Surely not, I thought Rangers players and fans all hated Scotland and the SFA.
  13. First I’ve heard Fletcher mentioned since Clarke took over. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/17955391.on-form-team-mate-steven-fletcher-make-scotland-return---scotland-reach-euro-2020/ Can’t see Cairney being called up unless there’s a massive injury crisis with our current midfield.
  14. McLaughlin has dropped to the bench since Jack Ross got the sack, I’d much rather see Kelly in his place.
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