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  1. Robertson was 18 at the time Davidson was bigging him up. He's still only 20 just now and he's played a full season at Edinburgh City/FC Edinburgh.
  2. I did think that, but he's on loan at East Fife now. Then I also remembered Davidson making the same noises about John Robertson in the first few weeks of the season a couple of years ago, before he was swiftly loaned out to Cove, then punted on a free.......
  3. Exactly this. Dumfries was the final straw for me. Spending a load of cash and a full day out to watch the turgid shit Davidson is throwing out just isn't worth it. It's probably the first time I've ever felt this way about a saints team and my first game was in 1983.....
  4. Ex Millwall, is he not? Gary Rowett recommendation and pals with his Dad. If Preston is his agent, then that's the full house.
  5. No chance I'm spending money on fuel, tickets and food to watch the shit being served up by Davidson's team. Dumfries was the final straw for away games for me until something changes. My son has refused to go to any games since dumfries, as "we're rubbish and the football's boring, as we don't try to attack or pass the ball". Wise words from an 8 year old.
  6. If you mean the time Porteous flung himself to the ground near the half way line in the first half, then there looked like there was absolutely no contact, let alone an elbow. That's probably why they didn't discuss it.
  7. The inept ref and the possible handball for the goal will no doubt be used by Davidson to say we've been wronged again, when in reality we were fucking mince. I've sat and watched his team for the last year and wondered whether they actually bother to work on what we do when we have the ball in training. We look absolutely clueless in possession. Leaving 5 at the back when we were down to 10 men was also nuts. It just leaves us overrun in midfield and gives us no chance of relieving the pressure. Muzz was daft chucking himself in for that tackle, and giving an erratic ref a decision to make. The worst decision of the game though was giving the foul (and even booking McPherson) for the free kick Hibs scored from. Unbelievably inept decision. Time's up for Davidson. My son refused to go today - I think me dragging him to watch that pish in Dumfries a few weeks ago was the final straw. Starting to doubt my sanity driving through for that pish every week as well.
  8. My son’s desperate for the away strip, but given how small macron’s sizes are, I’d need to get him a small. £50 for a shirt for an 8 year old is a fucking rip off, so I might have to be shit Dad and tell him he’s not getting one.
  9. Possibly, although I've absolutely no reason to doubt the person who told me this, as I know where he got the info from. Won't say any more than that! It may well not happen, but us and st mirren are definitely interested.
  10. Fallen out with Alexander supposedly. Was on the bench tonight.
  11. Supposedly us and st mirren after Stephen O'Donnell.....
  12. Fucking hope not. We'll be even more inept going forward than we already are. Davidson's formation (which isn't his favoured one supposedly, yet he continues to shoe-horn out of position players into it.......) relies on the wing backs providing the attacking width. Yet the only attacking wing-back we've had in the last 2 years has gone and been replaced by, at various times, an out and out right back, a defensive midfielder who can only pass backwards and sideways, and a headless chicken who's lost any ability he once had and now just runs into opposition players. Might as well chuck another slow, defensive has-been into the mix. Just f**k off Callum.
  13. The loan market can make a huge difference to the team if you do your due diligence and get the correct ones in - Ronan, Simms, Levitt, Hungbo for example, all had a big impact. Davidson seems to merely ask his pals at other clubs which shite youngster they want to get off their books for a season, or sign guys over 30 who used to be decent several years ago. It all just looks so lazy and half-arsed from the club.
  14. It's going to be McGowan and someone like McNulty or Mullen, isn't it? Like Radford said, I'm now at the apathy/acceptance stage that this season is going to be utter shite until Davidson gets punted. My 8 year old was still at the anger stage after that shit show in Dumfries, so that was a fun drive home!
  15. That was my thought as well. He just has to “lose trust” in Bair, then he’ll have a whole team of players he trusts and no Grieve signings left. Shame it’ll be a fucking shite team which is guaranteed relegation though.
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