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  1. We're in the play-offs now but all is not lost. We need to see how the new signings fit in but we just need to try and get a system and momentum in place for Bonnyrigg or Fraserburgh. It's mad that we're so far behind everybody when we very rarely get totally dominated in a match. I like Maurice Ross. He seems to be very driven and from my limited chat with him he seems to be aware of exactly what needs changed to try and improve things. Watch us beat Albion 3-0 on Saturday and we all get that false hope....
  2. Wordle 219 5/6 That was rough. I've only ever heard this word is a single term and I didn't even know how it was spelt
  3. As soon as you saw Navid being ignored and dominated at the flavour creation bit I said that he was getting the chop. I've watched this far too much. Surely the easy way to win that task was to just come up with a flavoured drink which has a decent pun for a name. Breach of the peach or something. Did quite like Vodify though.
  4. Sad to read on Twitter that your Chairman passed away. Such a shame as he was only in his early 50s.
  5. Wordle 213 6/6 That was bloody awful.
  6. Our 5 month old needs his finger nails cut as he scratched his face yesterday. My wife says we can do it next time he takes a nap. Before the nap we're chatting to her Mum about our wee man and I mention that I'm away to cut his nails. "oh no - never cut nails or hair on a Sunday. It's unlucky". I almost burst out laughing but when I look at my wife I can see her listening intently. Fast forward an hour and I've cut his nails anyway. Was my wife happy that I did what was needing done? "but Mum said it's unlucky!". Utter pish. Let him get finger nails like Edward Scissorhands for all I care now
  7. Currently 72nd fighting it out with East Craigie and Glenafton. Sounds about right.
  8. Best of luck to Arbroath for the rest of the season. Would be delighted for you if you managed to pull it off.
  9. Wordle 207 4/6 Literally the only word I could think of which started and ended with those letters. Was raging when it went green
  10. Lost 2-1 to Rangers B last night in a bounce match. Haven't seen the team sheet for us.
  11. Wonderful effort from Sturgeon to completely avoid answering Ross's question. Utterly pathetic as per usual.
  12. I'd love to see the full timeline of how they've handled football crowds throughout this pandemic.
  13. Tactic. Couldn't think of a word with it as the 2nd letter so moved it.
  14. Wordle 205 3/6 Got lucky with the green on the first round.
  15. And Jacob Glass returns to us after his trip to America.
  16. Fully agree. Happens every series though - somebody has a shit idea and somebody else complains about it. The complainer gets sacked for not just getting on and backing the decision. That mens team logo was an absolute joke and there was nothing interesting about the rest of their work. Girls team at least stuck to what they know. In fairness they could have called it Titanic and had a logo of an iceberg and they'd still have beaten the men.
  17. Nephew of John Barrowman. I saw him in the bounce game last week. He is a tidy enough player. First half he was a bit cautious and safe in his passes but second half he was doing driving runs with the ball and trying different things. I actually quite like the look of him. Should link up well with Liam.
  18. Just to be reviewed next week as planned.
  19. It's a disgrace isn't it. Imagine a part time club being ravaged by covid during a pandemic not managing to sort a loan.
  20. Apparently not as we can't field a team
  21. There was a trialist centre half, attacking midfielder and striker. The striker went off injured after 5 mins. Looks pacey. Attacking midfielder looked decent and I'd hope we sign him. Defender didn't get involved much. Overall it was a typical bounce match played at a slow pace. Referee was useless and denied us 2 blatant penalties. Even the Dundee bench were laughing at one of them lost to a last gap goal after McGurn played a hospital pass in the box.
  22. My brother in law got one of those Krups beer machines for the house. A couple weeks ago discussing Christmas presents I suggested we order a couple of bottles for him. I'm told by my wife and her sister that it's not a good idea. Last night. My wife turns to me and says: "is there anywhere online that would deliver the beer bottles for Will?" "it's not on Amazon so no chance it arrives before Christmas - that's why I said to order months ago" "well why didn't you order?"
  23. Hospitalisations have dropped but we just DON'T KNOW if Omicron is more severe or not.
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