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  1. Oh we were very lucky that season. Even more so the season after v Cove. The big thing for Brechin is that they need to get some form before hitting the play offs. If they finish last and go into it still with just 1 league win all season then there's little chance. If they've picked up some points then there might be some belief in the team still. I'd hate to see Brechin drop into Highland League as I'd miss their soup too much.
  2. Just noticed that Nikolay Todorov is 2nd top scorer in the Championship this season. Mind when Liam Fox played him at centre half for us? Good times.
  3. After the shock of a win on Saturday I've no idea which Cowden team will turn up tonight I'd take a point as long as Brechin lose to Edinburgh!
  4. I had a virtual stag do for one of my mates on Saturday. Whiskey tasting and games etc over Zoom. It's been planned for weeks and I of course have mentioned it to my wife on numerous occasions. "You could go meet your sister?" (in our bubble) "you could go round to a pals and sit in the garden?" "you could go for a walk with your pal" Constantly gave her ideas and things she could do. Saturday comes round and she's nothing organised and is moaning that Saturday will just be her sitting watching TV alone as she's nothing planned. Meant I had to sit in the kitchen on an uncomfy as hell chair for hours (granted it's better for getting the next beer). Is it just a guy thing that as soon as the other half mentions plans that we immediately have our day all planned out? If she was going to be sitting on Zoom for 10 hours drinking I'd give her peace and go out. Mainly as I don't want to hear that chat.
  5. That was a wholly unexpected but fantastic 3 points on Saturday. I've been highly critical of the team/manager the last week or two but if they can maintain that level of performance in the final games then we should be safe. Imagine we sneak a win tomorrow night - Brechin away to Edinburgh so a win would probably see us 10 points clear. Crazy.
  6. Have you taken a screenshot of your camera? Does that not take more effort than clicking the big white button at the bottom?
  7. Live: Outside Buckingham Palace following Prince Philip’s death - YouTube
  8. Shame - if only he'd hung on a bit longer til he was 100 then he'd have gotten a card from the Queen.
  9. Shite result. Not going to comment on Bollan but the people behind the scenes making us able to play these games deserve better than this.
  10. Windy? That's excellent news for our brand of long ball football. Cowden to win 4-0.
  11. I have just got the worst feeling possible about how the rest of the season is going to pan out. We've 5 matches before the split: Stenny (a) Elgin (H) Albion (a) Stirling (H) Brechin (a) Where do we see us picking up points? Clearly tomorrow's match against Stenhousemuir is massive as they are the only team with nothing to play for. To me it's a must win as Brechin will probably pick up some points before the split. Does anybody see us scoring goals?
  12. The new map came out on Wednesday as well as a huge update. I use android which isn't working right so I can only use the quick chat function in game. This is possibly the worst system I've ever seen. The new map is far too big as well!
  13. I'd guess that there's a huge number of "bent coppers" who assisted him in getting to where he is.
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