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  1. I'll never forget that goal. Marc McKenzie with a great turn on the halfway line, rolling it Cameron who leaves it for Dempster to slot home. There was barely any room to move but the place went mental. Real shame we decided to defend for our lives in the second half as we had you guys rattled for a while.
  2. Wife got a new phone yesterday. Obviously comes with a new charger which was wrapped up like this: She charged it up last night but instead of taking the wrapping off she just pulled the ends out as it is too long apparently. This morning she asked me to give it a charge and obviously the first thing I did was bin the wrapping and extend the wire out. You'd think I'd smashed the phone screen by her reaction
  3. Family Shopper in Woodend Aberdeen had plenty yesterday when I got two. £1.99. It's beautiful.
  4. Haven't seen you at all but you're unbeaten at home so far in the league. Hardly that much of a stretch that you'd beat a team with 8 players out.
  5. How is your injury situation looking for the game against Edinburgh? In a prediction league at work and expecting a home win if the injuries are still bad...
  6. Ah Albion tweeted the 10th of February and have since amended. b*****ds
  7. Tuesday the 10th of February to answer my own question!
  8. Lots of excitement on this thread eh? When will the Albion Rovers game be rearranged for?
  9. @wheelygay has a thread up of a mistake the BBC made with the subtitles for an Apprentice episode. Basically the subtitles from a David Attenborough show have been used by mistake. Can't copy a link to the tweet here but will try and get some of the photos up.
  10. Loved that last episode. I need to get one of those confetti cannons.
  11. The recent Crime File with Paul McCartney and Bruce Forsyth had me howling with laughter. "Dib dibbidy doo - I haven't got a fucking clue"
  12. Lottie's face when her team won the task made me want to chuck my tv through my window. Smug doesn't even begin to describe it. Thomas as nice a guy as he is was pretty terrible throughout and I'm not surprised he's gone. Marianne kept getting held down by him and didn't show much throughout. Final 6 now: Lottie Dean Lewis - travel company Scarlett Pamela - beauty brand Carina One of the 2 guys to go next week and then a Lottie v Scarlett final for me.
  13. Had a night away in Edinburgh on Sunday. Got back to Aberdeen late on Monday and realised that the mobile phone chargers I thought I had packed weren't in my bag where I always put them. I presume I've left them plugged into the wall and my wife agrees that I've clearly made a huge mistake as she didn't touch them. Call the hotel who say nothing was handed in but that it could still be with housekeeping so asked me to call again yesterday. Called and they said they'd take a look. That night I go home and pick up a bag with my wife's new jacket in it and what do I find? The chargers. Of course it turns out that I must have accidentally taken them out of my bag and decided to put them in the other bag before forgetting all about this.
  14. Well Transfermarkt can get tae f**k Forgot all about that!
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