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  1. Just a great time for me to be trying to get a Gas/elec contract just now. No websites actually allowing you to get a quote as it's cheaper to stay with your current provider. I've been at my in-laws for 9 months and now have a new home. I take it all I can do is phone around? Anybody else had a similar situation where they could sort it online?
  2. I think Cowden will have a very slow start but pick up form around October time. I'd take a top 5 finish to be honest as we lack experience. We could do with scoring a goal as well
  3. Yeah that was a great episode. Well worth the wait. I take it it's a week until the next?
  4. Maurice confirms that we'll be playing 4-3-3 this season. Attacking football. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOZv7y53xK4&t=28s
  5. Just finished the series finale. Enjoyable enough but I'd have been satisfied if they just left it there. My wife couldn't believe it when I said there is another season to come
  6. I was speaking with Cowden Cowboy a couple days ago and asked if we were ever signing a keeper. "it's all in hand" was his reply. Keep the faith guys - still plenty time.
  7. Berwick away is 29th of October. We finish the season away to Spartans and then at home to East Kilbride. I cannot believe 3 of our first 5 matches are the bloody Colt teams. We lose all them with a young team and you wonder if the confidence disappears....
  8. God there are some bloody tough fixtures there. Think I'll wait for the League Cup group stages to see what teams have started well
  9. I think people are being a bit harsh on Jamie. At L2 level he had a mistake a game in him but I think at Lowland he won't be as caught out as often. That said I'm ok he's not with us
  10. It wouldn't surprise me if she wins the finale tonight. No idea who I want to win - I was rooting for Chris at the start but Sophie has really grown on me. Dream scenario - Ardal smashes it and wins
  11. Not as far as I am aware. One was meant to be but then it was announced he had signed elsewhere.
  12. I'm fairly sure it'll be a whole new team. So what cups do we get to compete in this season? Obviously the 3 big ones but what Lowland League ones are there?
  13. Jordan Armstrong (left back or centre back) from Alloa
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