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  1. The Minertaur


    I'm still enjoying the pod but I have started falling behind a bit on the episodes. As somebody who doesn't like Star Wars I can get fed up of hearing Donald chat about it for fecking ages.
  2. Or maybe she's giving 'Davie' some time to find a decent hiding spot. Who knows. Concerning that my Dad is called David
  3. Seen a lot of people discussing keys and locked doors over the last few pages. My wife is working from home today and I'm on the office. So I leave at 8 and lock the door with my key. I come home for lunch at 12:30 to find she's put her key in the door so I can't unlock it. When I finally got in and asked her why she said "it's better to be safe than sorry". The only thing I can think of is that she expects me to be mugged on my 5 minute walk to work through a hospital.
  4. So we've had 1 player test positive for Covid. Player isn't named but will be out tomorrow obviously. 1 other player has been identified as a close contact but has been negative so far.
  5. Was good to see Cox get a game yesterday as he had been struggling with a knee injury. Hopefully he's fully fit for Saturday.
  6. So defensively we look amazing. 3 games and no goals though is a slight concern although we were obviously playing teams from a higher division.
  7. It's great fun. Great in a group of mates but can be frustrating at hell playing with randoms. The number of people who play with their pals and tell them who the Impostor is just drives me mad.
  8. Sinclair Mullen, Todd, Barr, Clarke Buchanan, Miller, Herd, Taylor Hamilton, Renton I think that was the formation but I'm sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Cowdenbeath FC can today confirm some changes which impact on our Betfred Cup ties v Hearts and Inverness Caledonian Thistle. As many know, Central Park was badly hit by flooding in the storm on 11/12 August. The ground floor of the building was inundated with water which flowed in from outside from the car park area and this caused extensive and expensive damage. Work has been underway since then to remediate matters not least to allow us to host our home fixtures under the Covid social distancing requirements, starting with our match v Hearts on Saturday. This was well in hand. However, this weekend a further storm created a new problem. On Saturday morning when we entered the interior of the new stand there was further significant flooding in the downstairs areas. Water was running down some walls and coming through ceilings. Upstairs in the Boardroom water was pouring through the ceiling. This time the problem was a major roof leak. 8 rooms were scheduled to be used as dressing rooms for the Hearts game and many of these have been impacted to differing degrees. Some repair works already completed will need to be redone with floors being taken up whilst some ceilings now need replaced. The current internal building works have been partly interrupted whilst roof repairs, weather permitting, will take a few days. It was thus evident that Central Park’s dressing room facilities would, because of this new damage, not all now be ready for the game on Saturday. We therefore can now confirm, following discussions with the SPFL and Hearts and with the kind assistance of our friends at East Fife, that Saturday’s Betfred Cup tie v Hearts will now take place at the Locality Hub Bayview Stadium with a 3pm kick off. We have also been in discussions with Inverness Caledonian Thistle re the Betfred Cup tie at the Tulloch Caledonian Stadium on Tuesday 13 October. Our thanks go to Inverness Caledonian Thistle and the SPFL for their agreement to advance the kick off time to 6.30pm.
  10. Due to flooding at Central Park our match v Hearts will be played at East Fifes ground. Not that it really matters with no crowd
  11. Weird to think that the season starts tomorrow after all this time. Guarantee East Fife thump us just to remind us Cowden fans what we've been missing
  12. He's going to be fine and tell the American public that covid is no worse than a cold.
  13. Just watched the whole thing. Incredible. Trump constantly bringing up Bidens son was a despicable act and not the least bit surprising. How on Earth can anybody vote for him?
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