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  1. Flynn - £2 TOB - £4 Toorie - £2 Markus - £5 Brown - £2 Perfection.
  2. Which former Cowdenbeath player has been on the pitch as a teammate with: Alan Shearer Graeme Le Saux Stevie Crawford David Weir
  3. Correct: John McGinn - played 60 times together Aaron Mooy - played 8 minutes with him for St Mirren v Hibs Ryan Gauld - played 16 minutes with him for the Scottish U21 against their Swiss counterparts George Boyd - played 70 minutes with him for Peterborough against Oxford
  4. I'm still enjoying it. Presume the 2 guys will make it to the end and I imagine the other 4 will get caught.
  5. Which former Cowdenbeath loanee has played at least 1 minute as a teammate with the following players: John McGinn Aaron Mooy Ryan Gauld George Boyd
  6. Feck sake. Must find a trickier game.... Hamilton: Cuthbert, Gordon, Canning, Devlin, Hendrie, Routledge, Gillespie (Longridge 63), Crawford, Mackinnon, May, Ryan. Cowdenbeath: Flynn, Brett, Armstrong, O'Brien, Adamson, Milne (McKenzie 46), *BLANK*, Miller (Coult 46), Ramsay (Stevenson 64), Linton, *BLANK*.
  7. Out of pure boredom and having no football to appreciate. Fill in the blanks and tell me the score: Brechin: Hay, Skinner, Cairney, Kevin Fotheringham, Martyn Fotheringham, Black, Jackson, Clark, Boyle, Charlie King, Templeman. Cowdenbeath: Graham, Renwick, White, Wilson, *BLANK*, *BLANK*, Mauchlen, Winter, Hilland, Brown, Gordon.
  8. Really enjoyed CGT arguing that Falkirk are a bigger team that Dunfermline :lol:
  9. Well that's the season stopped for now. Can we all agree that we should just say the league table as it is is how the season ends and we come back from this with a play off against Forfar?
  10. Was anybody else at Mince live tonight? Mortimer is just incredible. A brilliant hour flew past and all the best bits were his.
  11. Stolen from Athletico Mince live... If you fart and burp at the same time you'll take a screenshot of yourself.
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