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  1. It would be helpful if the transphobes could at least acknowledge that if there are men identifying as women just so they can invade spaces and be perverts, that this is a problem with men, not with transgender people.
  2. Don't forget about Ireland, what with their shared history and traditions, and their long-standing friendship with the conservative and unionist party.
  3. At least they'd be elected by people living in Scotland, for Scotland. Like what happens in normal democratic countries.
  4. That's basically a mate of mine who moved out there years back. He's fully indoctrinated and has several fire arms, just in case some low life breaks into his minted gated community and tries to steal their telly. He can pump them full of sweet freedom bullets.
  5. DPB has previous for labelling things as a 'disaster' and then being unable to say why when asked. I wouldn't even bother with this complete fantasist.
  6. This, plus the creeps on Twitter running interference with the Sturgeon is a sinister lesbo with furrin diplomats and chucks household appliances at housekeeping maids, but no one has any pictures or info and conveniently there is an injunction on it (how would anyone know that too?). Curious ability to defend Johnson with granular detail yet at the same time unable to produce any whatsoever for the predictable distraction piece.
  7. There's Michael Cole doing a wee bit on Smackdown saying how Sasha and Naomi let everyone down at Raw and they're suspended indefinitely. There'll be a tournament to decide new champions.
  8. There ye are lads, anything else you'd like me to come on to your thread and query?
  9. Are there even any vibes floating around out there as to what might happen? You'd think that by this stage he's not leaving unless he walks, unless of course this new lean machine exec structure is still figuring things out while the season properly 'ends' and player contracts are up etc. Or something, I dunno. I think I'm just with you all, astonished Hughes is still in the job.
  10. How come the Frankfurt fans didn't all get dressed up as Mexicans for a trip to Spain like the bears did?
  11. That was Mohammed Benlarej I believe. That Livi game to this day irks me, it was like peak Ayr United. Promise so much, deliver so little.
  12. I meant on benefits rather than completely out of work. As per the gov website and those min wage job numbers, you can make up the same amount on benefits as a single adult as you can in a min wage job. That's before add ons when being a single parent etc. Neither of these incomes are going very far just now. Exorbitant rents, can't get near buying a house, energy costs, food costs, transport costs etc. Why does the 'party of low tax' consistently have the highest VAT rate when they're in government? They've had years to reduce VAT, which was apparently going to be another Brexit win where they could set VAT rates with no interference. I don't know what the answer is either, perhaps more workplaces becoming a co-op where employees receive equity in the business. What the answer isn't is patronising and punching down on those with little to rub together and telling them it's all their own fault.
  13. +1 for the predictable 'jobs are the best way out of poverty'. It's demonstrably not the case now, is it. It's the best way to line rich 'wealth creators' and shareholders pockets while grinding on an insecure minimum wage job which buys you absolutely f**k all thanks to yet another financial crisis. Still though, cheap pasta and chicken.
  14. I like how McKenna's hairdo is like he is straight off of a 1990 Heart of Midlothian Topps player card
  15. Yes but it's a sea breeze which is different because the stadium is right on the wat...ah.
  16. Ah yes, those notoriously trustworthy Tories. Ffs can we just fast forward to the bit that this perma-banned sad act posts something disgusting and brings down the banhammer once again.
  17. There's yer Hopkin calling Afolabi "Afaloabi" there. Ffs you signed him for Ayr ya turd.
  18. It's weird hearing Hopkin talking about midfields and pivots and such like when his one tactic at Ayr was to get the ball launched up the park as soon and as far as possible.
  19. Just what is it about creeps and control over reproductive organs?
  20. My English grandparents were SNP members and being half-English myself and having lived in England, I do enjoy the utter stupidity of being told I'm going to be a foreigner to half of myself and I must hate half of myself purely for wanting Scotland to be a normal country.
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