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  1. I think we all know how garbage we were for an hour or so, but just look what happened when we brought Moffat on: a player who is comfortable on the ball, gave the players time to get up the park to support, narrowing the chasm between midfield and attack.
  2. I'm positive our ding dongs in League 1 were much better than this.
  3. I remember Ian Porteous scoring a late back-heel winner at the railway end, maybe 1991?
  4. These really aren't the zingers you think they are, you strange person.
  5. Was it the Sun both times? I wasn't surprised to see that shit rag jumping on it. I wouldn't be surprised if that piece gives the green light to fans of other teams to give him it extra tight now as well. I hope he gets the help he clearly needs, because a mother thersa piece in the Sun is not the one.
  6. Anyway, something about a fat Ayr fan walking in to a Killie pub and square-going everyone.
  7. Maybe let's keep things away from this theme. Don't want this turning into an OF-style revelling in the vile 'preferences' of the other side to gain some kind of fucked up one-upmanship (however tenuous).
  8. The Finger was a guy who seemed to appear at the 'big games', stood behind the goals, and would conversationally (one-way of course) dismantle opposition players while often pointing his finger in their general direction. I'd say we might be going back 15 years or so since I can recall seeing him.
  9. People know who I mean when I say "The Finger"? What ever happened to him?
  10. Ha! What a ditty. I'm fully expecting that to be aired a week tomorrow. Absolute rid neck stuff.
  11. Absolutely. It's remarkably easy to go to a football game, let off steam, create an atmosphere even, without being a monumental embarrassment in the process.
  12. The big huddy tried to be a wee bit naughty from the back on McAllister right at the end and he still couldn't hit the target. Thanks for coming [emoji106]
  13. Still cannot get away with that tackle in the box [emoji23] not enough Larry David and Lloyd Christmas gifs for that.
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