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  1. McGuffie can stay at Raith on this showing.
  2. 2019 WWE PPV Prediction League

    You missed the 'Will there be a cash in?' at the bottom there mate.
  3. 2019 WWE PPV Prediction League

    Money in the Bank LATE ENTRY Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs The Usos (Kickoff). Match Result - Bryan and Rowan Tony Nese [emoji767] vs Ariya Daivari for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Match Result - Ariya Daivari Samoa Joe [emoji767] vs Rey Mysterio for the WWE United States Championship. Match Result - Samoa Joe Becky Lynch [emoji767] vs Lacey Evans for the WWE Raw Women's Championship. Match Result - Becky Roman Reigns vs Elias. Match Result - Roman Reigns Natalya vs Dana Brooke vs Naomi vs Nikki Cross vs Bayley vs Mandy Rose vs Ember Moon vs Carmella in a Money in the Bank ladder match. Match Result - Bayley The Miz vs Shane McMahon in a Steel Cage match. Match Result - The Miz Ricochet vs Sami Zayn vs Drew McIntyre vs Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor vs Ali vs Randy Orton vs Andrade in a Money in the Bank ladder match. Match Result - Drew Kofi Kingston [emoji767] vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Championship. Match Result - Kofi Kingston Becky Lynch [emoji767] vs Charlotte Flair for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship. Match Result - Becky Seth Rollins [emoji767] vs AJ Styles for the WWE Universal Championship. Match Result - Seth Rollins Will there be a cash in? - No
  4. Question Time

    Made the mistake of following that thread to Peter Sweden. Independent journalist, apparently.
  5. The normalisation of the far-right continues

    That Bannon nationalist training camp thing is sinister as f**k. Not radicalising though, nah because it's the in-flavour just now.
  6. Enjoyed the last 10 mins there! Guessing the previous 80 were the Dobbie and friends show
  7. Monday Night Raw Live

    Few musings from being at Raw the other night: EC3 beaten by Titus OfuckingNeil in first Main Event taping match. EC3 buried tae f**k. Revival def. Lucha House Party in other one. Revival were pretty over. Quite a few boos for Reigns when he came out, but plenty of cheers too. They aired a Reigns video package later on looking at his rise, his vacating the belt, then coming back. Dont know how much longer they can show stuff like that before it loses dignity. Becky was MASSIVE. Flair was alright, Lacey Evans was meh, though had an arena chanting who are ya at her, not seen taping so dont know if it was edited. The kid she mugged off in her entrance was a plant. Every detail is so contrived. Nikki Cross was well over too, wee bit confusing what her character is now, mind. The oooh Jeremy Corbyn chants whenever Corbin was around was quite funny. Triple duty for Corbin too, match vs Ric, involvement at the end, then faced Seth in the second dark main event. Quite a lot of heat for Corbs too, and in the flesh his big moves do look good. Seth was huge. Drew vs Styles in othe dark main event, DQ finish. The constant wooing from c***s from the moment I got off the tube to getting back on at the end of the night was brutal. Get it to f**k. And finally...Bray Wyatt. Holy fuckin f**k. On that big screen, lights down, with the all the professional sound and stuff, was sensational. Two young girls there with their dads sitting in front of us were looking at each other in disbelief. Plenty of nightmares for young kids (plus me [emoji23]).
  8. Tbf he did give it a bit when he set up the opener at Palmerston over Xmas but some of the chants from Ayr fans were absolutely howling.
  9. I would have thought this one is straight forward: if Dobbie presses the turbo button then Queens stay up. If not, then it could be very tight.
  10. Monday Night Raw Live

    Raw tonight at the O2 London for me. Absolutely no idea what to expect. Had hoped for Mania to be a proper watershed for the company, but things seem to have gotten worse. I'm going to be absolutely beelin if I see Roman Reigns but not AJ.
  11. Ayr seem to have riled a few opposition fans for some reason by having the sheer arrogance of turning up to the championship and having a good season. Sad.
  12. Who is this rather salty United character polluting this thread? Going to be an absolutely riddy for him if Caley (hopefully) consign his big big massive Franchise to yet another season in the Championship.
  13. Ah well. Some season really. Time for some reflection, wish the leavers well, and hopefully McCall has his targets and he gets some business done early doors.
  14. Well done Caley Thistle and good luck in the rest of the play-offs. We just couldnt quite land a serious blow on you all season, in a season that exceeded everyones expectations.
  15. Herald Article about Abusive Cybernats

    Demonstrate why you don't lack understanding then, this shouldn't be difficult for you since 'don't assume I don't know what I'm talking about'.