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  1. I've got my work Xmas party tomorrow night. Going to try and avoid the result and get properly strapped in for a miserable, hungover Friday morning with Johnson giving DX crotch-chops to the press having secured a landslide.
  2. I only get Libdems ads at the top of my YouTube list, in the evenings. They are going very hard in my area though so wondered if they'd geolocationed me.
  3. Thought it was quite obviously a satirical masterpiece, but here we are. No hard feelings [emoji3577]
  4. Genuinely don't really know what Scottish Tories want. Like what is their want for Scotland or their local area based on? What is about Westminsters minter policies that has Scottish Tories frothing at the reproductive unit?
  5. We're a way better football team that you. It's just that you hammer throw shitfest tae f**k your way against us, always and forever. Since the 90s. Sheerin moved to us because he knew we were ballers #4evs
  6. Ah right so now those chosen academics, at an arbitrarily young age, are not going into industry because they didn't get taught practical skills while child? You're at it.
  7. [emoji23] Unsurprisingly you've nothing constructive to say about actual teaching or forms of learning. Just the usual stiffy for everything 1960s Britain.
  8. Middle and upper class kids inevitably find their way into these schools. If not by post code, then certainly by affording tutors.Your tripartite system was a construct to keep middle and upper classes apart from those below. Curious to know what practical skills you'd teach 11 and 12 year olds. Given that's the age the paths are chosen. And I was a teacher. You'd know that if you were able to read properly.
  9. "The sensible person" [emoji23] Shocked, frankly, to read a Tory basically cheerleading the elitist tripartite system that got rightly binned about 40 years ago.
  10. I agree with this and it's the same in England. Tests and exams left right and centre. Assessment for learning every single lesson, left right and centre. Why? Because league tables, school funding, and ofsted. There's a distrust of the primary schools who feed into the secondaries, so more testing happens in year 7, because data. Not a single main stream politician ever talks about education being a political football for all of modern history. In the UK, given the philosophies on education by the two main parties, I don't see how this will ever change without de-politicisation of education. There has, in Maths, been a recent drive towards problem solving and contextual questions, which is a good thing as it requires more relational rather than instrumental understanding. The problem (as always) was the execution; I had a few technically excellent pupils who were not natively English and/or had additional learning needs, and couldn't access the word-heavy new exam questions - a few months was not enough for them to adjust to this binary change following years of conditioning.
  11. I had a conversion recently with the other person saying how, 10 years ago, it may have been difficult for a female at that age, at that time, to defy the whip. And here we are.
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