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  1. If England wanted to pursue independence, who would they ask for permission, and who would pay their pensions?
  2. You'd think, but history has shown that there is an unbelievable volume of useful idiots to pad out their core supporters to keep returning them to power.
  3. I often find it curious that no matter what option is on the table, Scotland is absolutely fucked. Scotland much be the only country in the world where everything is a burden. It's utterly pathetic.
  4. Ryan Porteous will rightly get high praise for tonight but Jack Hendry is an utter ride.
  5. Mix the two together. red + blue = green
  6. Amazon Prime straight out the 'managing a country's finances is the same as running a household budget' analogy book of utter fail.
  7. The whole prescriptions thing is the new attack line isn't it. Prescriptions. That's what moron yoons are reduced to. Love to see it.
  8. Was it not a boy Reid who came from Blackburn? Weaver wasn't shit, he was just about the only one who looked alright in a howling team, his one-man demolition of Morton at Cappielow probably had the rest of the players thinking ach it's alright Weaver will dig us out. I do agree though on reflection the clamour for him was probably ott.
  9. I must be misremembering as I didn't think Cherrie was all that bad I did also think Paul Weaver was an absolute pler though, but probably just relative to the time.
  10. Had Ireland actually tried to play a bit, further up the park, in that second half they may have gotten something out the game. But they didn't, they tried to bring it down to a shitfest scrap, so they got what they deserved, which was nil point.
  11. MON asks Stewart what the Scotland game plan gains them, Stewart, "well we won the game". Duh MON.
  12. Not moving the ball nearly quickly enough, Ireland happy to press and press and force turn overs. I think we're missing Adams' runs to pull their defence around a bit as well.
  13. Perhaps if Thistle lose tonight then the rearranged midweek league fixture could be rerearranged for the challenge cup Saturday.
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