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  1. Pleased we weathered that battering, thought it was a matter of time before we conceded. Delighted with that 3 points though, and another clean sheet.
  2. Bit of a reductionist question maybe, but for those who remember, how does the present position measure with the demise of the last Tory gov and the rise of Blair's party to power? Was the previous Tory gov under Major a steaming cesspit of corruption and cronyism as well, that evetually reached a tipping point of acceptability in the eyes of the public?
  3. Ayr through, not Annan. Though based on today it'll still be one of the easiest ties for you.
  4. Somewhere near the Jubilee or Met line willl get you straight there too.
  5. https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/why-id-be-glad-to-see-scotland-go/ Not enough Partridge shrugs for this.
  6. My picture is poor quality but the feed seems to be staying smooth. Its like I'm watching it on a computer 15 years ago. Dunfermline closing us down really well so far. Aaaand there's my feed crashed.
  7. Really enjoying the channel putting the Premier league scores on the screen before the commentator gets a chance to say look away if you don't want to know.
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