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  1. Yep. (Although, seriously mate, I wouldn't be regarding knowing lots of women as a negative ). In fact the main reason I joined P&B in the first place, was because I was being deprived of any meaningful football talk that didn't involve David Beckham Arsene Wenger, or Jose Mourinho. I joined the Football Supporters Association in my 1st year but they'd always watch English games over Scottish ones. It is only because of people like myself in the Union Committee of Management that you'll find our big screens showing Scotland internationals over England ones once more. Edinburgh ain't the place for our football. Such is life in Little England Embra. That said, it could be worse. I could have gone to St Andrews...
  2. Doing Politics at Edinburgh until last year, it was quite unusual to find someone who actually followed football (well, aside from "England" "Chelsea" "Arsenal" or "Man Utd"). In fact - in a significant number of tutorials, the number of exponents of cricket, polo and lacrosse would outstrip the beautiful game. Then again it was often quite unusual to find someone who was actually from outside SE England .
  3. In defence of SCM a significant number were related to the intricasies of rulebook grammar IIRC.
  4. Successfully re-elected to the Union Board today, with frankly embarrassing majority. Happy days. On that subject - anyone else involved in student politics or your union/association administration?
  5. Certainly there are significant numbers of Far East students here at Edinburgh, though predominantly in the Science/Engineering college. Reasonable number in Medicine/Vet Med. Few in the Humanities... One noticeable thing is that they tend to all form 'friend groups' amongst themselves (i.e. - you'll see gangs of them going around together... but seldom do they seem to socialise with students of other origins). We certainly notice this as the accommodation wardens. And I'd say they're really the only group who does this: you tend to find some Americans group together, and Iberians, but nothing to be compared to Chinese/Japanese/Koreans... Is it a language thing? A 'cultural' thing? A food thing? And there's nothing quite like the sound of 20 semi-hysterical Chinese students at a 3am fire alarm...
  6. Well quite: Edinburgh Napier University. Which was after they backed down from wanting to call it Napier Edinburgh University, in what one well-recognised academic described as "among the most blatant and pathetic attempts of one organisation to clandestinely leach off the good name of another in the history of Scottish higher education". The Sudoku in "Student" (the University of Edinburgh student newspaper... which is the oldest student newspaper in the world - which I can pick up in Teviot... which is the oldest student union in the world ...) used to have a difficulty rating of Edinburgh: Easy - Napier: Hard. Yes there are some decent courses at Napier, in some niche areas... and yes a few of their degrees are worthy of comparison to the mainstream, traditional institutions. But in far too many areas the institution is an utter joke, and frankly doesn't deserve to use the name University; award degrees of the same class as other institutions; or generally ponce about like a ned in an ermine-fringed shellsuit... On the subject of textbooks: bought loads in my first year. Hardly used half of them. Buy as few as possible, IMO.
  7. Livi should pursue the SFL for compensation. After all: every postponement is solely SFL's fault... Do you think the Livi5 business plan could cope with failure to get out of Div 3 in the first season - particularly when, with a full-time squad already in place... and having signed a number of pros with recent experience of SFL/Div 1/European top-tier football... they'd have expected to do so? What if selling-off Almondvale gets bogged down or takes years? How long can subsidise losses?
  8. Cheers for the tip. However, in inimitable fashion, the valiant P&B faithful answered my query in a multitude of forms within about 10 mins. I now feel fully clued-up, and equipped to make my trek.
  9. Anyone at Stirling? I need info: http://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=115772
  10. Borys: unless you do things differently in Poland, I fear you may have got a basic concept the wrong way round .
  11. Well OK: only on one occasion has a game that wasn't started been unplayed but awarded. On a few occasions games were left unplayed (Morton v Hearts in WWI; Dykehead v Brechin; etc.) .
  12. If by "us" you mean "Livi": you should be fined 10 points for scratching, forced to compensate ES for all losses incurred, and your new board and it's financial activities kept a very close eye on. If you mean "Livi fans": I don't think anything bad toward sensible ones like yourself. You're grand... I well might: though you're jumping to conclusions about the purpose, and the next bit ... As I said b4: scratching is among the most contemptible, deplorable offences in the world of football.
  13. Yes. Why then has ES's approach been to berate the SFL, and (initially) demand £££ from them?
  14. Spot on. Leaving the "First Division club/Third Division club" stuff aside: the fixture was officially issued by the SFL Secretariat on behalf of the Management Committee, it was therefore clearly an offence for Livingston to refuse to turn-up. The SFL (whose statement was worded carefully) simply informed the public and ES that Livi had said they'd scratch. The SFL postponed nothing... Which would essentially be Livi paying-off ES to keep quiet? This should be dealt with by the SFL and if necessary SFA. Livingston broke the rules, they should be punished according to the rules. During the entire history of Scottish League football, never has a game been awarded 3-0 in the league. Only once has a game been awarded: Renton v Dundee Wanderers in 1894-95 (Renton has scratched the game to play a glamour friendly instead). In every other instance, it has been a core principle of Scottish football that every game is played - and if necessary, the offending club is fined money or points, and the victim club is given suitable compensation from the offending club.
  15. Quite. And if Livi had won the SFL SGM appeal, would Rankine them have dobbed McIntyre in? Or would he have retained him with his huge debts and his knowledge of his misdemeanour? Mmm... What McIntyre did was a disgrace. I've yet to be convinced what McMaster did was intended to be wrong, but it was inappropriate. But I don't believe our football in inherently corrupt. One for the road for LLD... "Livi are an abomination and sacrilege on the good altar of Scottish football decency".
  16. my point is: he is now calling for investigations into the SFL, and LiviLions is full of clamouring for Livi to lead a crusade to clean up the game. Up until the appeal's failure, Rankine hadn't made his info on McIntyre apparent to the media or the footballing authorities. Just a wee coincidence?
  17. If Rankine was so abhorred by McIntyre's actions, why didn't he report it to the police or SFL right away? Instead of keeping it covered up - and presumably profiting from it - for a period of years?
  18. Good point well made . And LLD... if you're response to my posts on this thread is to conclude that I've nothing "sensible to offer to the argument other than repetitive bile towards Livingston FC", perhaps that is an indication of the degree of blinkerdness you apply. I make constructive points. I don't always make constructive points - I'm laying it on a bit thick, being a bit tongue-in-cheek at times - but to suggest my contribution on here is solely repetitive bile is, frankly, utter nonsense...
  19. Don't bother jupe. LLD and his cohorts exert more spin on an issue, than a 1989 edition of Pravda.
  20. PLL, I'd hoped you were intelligent enough to realise I'm hamming it up a touch . However, I'm totally astonished by all these fans... saying SFL should stump up compensation for Wednesday's game getting a lower crowd than a weekend - or for losses made on 8th August. SFL desperately tried to get that game on!! It was Livi who scratched!! Since SFL's account is shared out among the member clubs at the end of each season, that means all our clubs paying for Livi's audacity!!
  21. TBH, fact it happened 3 days before or whatever, as opposed to 9 days, make little difference... Livi would still have wanted to appeal to SFL SGM, SFL MC would still have said "play your ties in the meantime", so therefore Livi would probably still have refused to play ES on the opening day. As someone best placed than most to comment: never make a mistake of presuming something could have been done but wasn't. In fixtures there's a reason for everything and a consequence for every change. Plus we all want fixture allocation to be totally neutral, yep? Or at least want it to be fair for all clubs (i.e. everyone getting a derby day where possible at Christmas). If so - why should the fact that you happened to play a club on game 36, and then happened to play them in a play-off, automatically preclude you from playing them in game 1...? How is that neutral for all?
  22. Oh for god's sake man, get a grip. You want a scenario where the SFL can expel a club on basis of rumours, innuendo and suspicion? Livi didn't undergo court insolvency order until mid-July FFS. Regardless, we are in the situation where we stand currently. This isn't the SFL's fault, they did not make Livingston FC go into debt and collapse (yet again). Why are Livi, again, a victim here? Entering administration is not cause for expulsion. Regardless... it would have caused even more turmoil to promote Airdrie and Cowdenbeath, and go looking for another new club with days to go before the season started, than to have let Livi remain. In fact going by their record over the demotion appeal, would McGruther and Livi 5 not have appealed the decision to expel Livi too...? Possibly in Court of Session (as threatened)? Bringing entire SFL to a standstill for weeks/months? The SFL may have made a massive cock-up of parts, but Livi were the cause and are a continuing cause. My great-grandfather and his team-mates once walked through a snow-storm to get to an SFL game when their train got stuck in a drift in Fife, since they didn't want the good name of Forfar associated with a team not turning up to a playable pitch. Livi's action disgust me. Livi in general disgust me. They continue as a rank and contemptible smear on football's reputation. Their conduct on the issue rates among the most intolerable in the history of our national game. you mean having divisions of 10 teams? Decision voted for by member clubs, 1 club 1 vote? or are you suggesting the league fixtures and cup draws are being fixed due to corruption...?
  23. Exactly. As an example, should clubs who got games postponed on Oct 3rd due to ALBA Cup SFs pursue SFL for compensation (they'll be rearranged midweek)? ES are chasing the wrong people!!
  24. No you haven't. It's entirely unfair to pursue SFL for compensation [1] as it was Livi who refused to play the fixture and [2] as it means getting 29 SFL clubs to pay for the heinous crimes of 1... ES should be lobbying for the SFL to award them compensation from Livi under term Rule 28.4.1.
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